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So now we’re supposed to be suspicious of…..Stitch?  Really?  Sure maybe his sister is a whacko, maybe his mom is in denial so much she might as well be swimming in the river in Egypt, but do they think we’d believe Austin was murdered by Stitch?

Disgusted in LA by Megs




I guess you notice the column is a little late. This time, it’s intentional. I decided that since this week was a short one and the same stale crap is being shown, I might as well combine weeks because most of us are getting sick of this nonsense.

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Missing in Action (GH – Part 2)

By Martini Kitty

We’re supposed to believe that Spencer is severely burned and was near death.  But Nik’s mother, Laura, and his brother, Lucky, are no where to be found.  SHAMEFUL.  Nor are Laura and Lucky in Port Charles while Luke is in crisis.  Riiiiggghhhht.  But they aren’t the only characters missing.

The Crimson Corner – Y&R



Wow, there was a new couple on the show this week?  I think their name was…..Baldwin?  Michael and Lauren Baldwin?

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Where Is the Love? – GH

By Martini Kitty

Remember when the motto for daytime dramas was “love in the afternoon?”  (The Networks used to even promote the slogan with merchandising and personal appearances.)  Over the last two decades, soaps have lost the concept of what a real romance and true love are.  Real love is not having sex with a near stranger…it isn’t changing partners every few months…it isn’t declaring your undying devotion only to abandon someone the moment they disappoint you or make a mistake or do something really stupid or even criminal.

Lounging in LA – BB

cocopuffs2Looks like March Madness isn’t just for basketball, is it. Over in LA, peoples is going KOO-KOO for Cocoa Puffs and it’s just getting worse! Skrunchkin Ricky is reaching new heights of horrible behavior, Boozy Brooke is banging her fists instead of someone banging her for once and everyone at Forrester Creations is walking around like Skrunchkin owns part of the company! Not to mention the fact that the writers can’t seem to come up with anything new.

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Doug Davidson.  Wow.  Thanks for tearing out my heart this week. 

The Hard Truth – DOOL

By Dawn3-8-15jennifer

I know, I know. I’ve REALLY been inconsistent with this column and for that, I apologize. The sad fact is, it’s very hard to keep up with the show while I’m on 3rd shift – which thankfully is coming to an end soon.

Another Spencer!!!

WallaceGH confirms ( NOT EXCLUSIVELY as mentioned)  that the role of Patricia Spencer, the long-lost sister of Luke and Bobbie, will be played by Dee Wallace (E.T.). “It’s such a brilliant choice,” enthuses Jacklyn Zeman (Bobbie). “I’m a huge fan of her as an actress and as a teacher, as well. I absolutely love the woman!”


Emmyimage005The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) and Pop, a newly rebranded television network seen in more than 80 million homes (formerly TV Guide Network), today announced that the 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy® Awards will be nationally broadcast live on Sunday, April 26 at 8:00 PM, ET/5:00 PM, PT exclusively on Pop. In addition, NATAS announced that the Daytime Creative Arts Emmy® Awards gala will take place on Friday, April 24 at the Universal Hilton in Los Angeles.