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The Crimson Corner – Y&R

It’s game time!  Yep, let’s play a few fun soap games! 

Spider Monkey Rick

Lounging in LA by Megs

“Spider Monkey”. LMFAO. One of my posters called Ricky a crazed ‘spider monkey’ when he went after Ridge a few days ago and I can’t stop laughing at that very vivid and hilarious description. What we are seeing, ladies and gentlemen, is another one of Brad’s famous history rewrites.


5-19-15questionBy Dawn

Burning questions I must ask – again.

Kidnapped Jack - edit

The Crimson Corner-Y&R

By CeCe

Oh Jack, poor Jack!  How many days have you been tied to the bed without a potty break?  That’s just one of the myriad of problems in this storyline.

Maya 8

Lying in LA by Megs

As I sit here on a chilly Friday night with the grandchildren in bed and nothing really much on TV, the same thing keeps running through my mind about the latest goings on in LA. “WHAT a BUNCH of LYING CRAP.”

Tony Geary

End of an Era – GH

By Martini Kitty

So…Tony Geary is saying when his contract is up, he is out the door, and Luke Spencer will be no more.  My reaction?  Well…


Geary Announces Retirement

Hot on the heels of his eighth Daytime Emmy win, Tony Geary has announced when his contract is up with General Hospital he will not be re-signing, choosing instead to move permanently to Amsterdam where he has been making his home part-time for years.

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Frustration: I have it – GH

By Martini Kitty 

Did we ever find out what Rosalie’s secret is?  I missed a few episodes during the infamous “DV-no-R” period.   

Yeah…there’s a lot of stuff I’m still not getting on this show.  The “Rosalie’s big secret” thing is just one of many.  But before we get to some of those things, let’s talk about The News…

Secret -edit

Lounging in LA by Megs

Oh Joy. Oh Rapture. Another fight for CEO at Forrester Creations, son vs son. Two more weeks of the horrible word “secret” and Slick Rick the Icky Monkey running all over people while his guilt-ridden father and mother pat him on the head and take up for him.

The Crimson Corner – Y & R

EmmyhostIt was an interesting week, both in Genoa City and in Burbank, California, where the 42nd annual Daytime Emmy Awards were presented.