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Have Not Forgotten – GH

By Martini Kitty

Bear with me dear readers….

Lounging in LA – BB

TVbrokenSteffy’s throwing a gauntlet, Katie’s throwing a leash and collar on Bill, Ridge is throwing a hissy fit because Daddy is throwing his weight behind Skrunchkin the Wonder Worm and Brooke is throwing down booze because there are no men standing in line now to throw her on the bed and work her like a gold mine. In the mean time, I’m wanting to throw something at the screen in disgust and disbelief.

The Crimson Corner – Y&R



Poor Jack Abbot!  Could he be any more of an underdog, a sad sack, a loser with a capital L?  Sure he’s the CEO of his family”s business, but he’s clueless, hapless, and never gonna win.

Lounging in LA – BB


Am I in a time warp??? Watching last week, I felt like I had been transported back to when Thorne and Ridge were going through this same thing. Aren’t we all getting a bit tired of the ‘battle for control of Forrester Creations’ crap by now????

The Crimson Corner – Y&R



Well, well, well, it was a busy week in Genoa City, wasn’t it?  The Newmans, Abbotts, Baldwins, Winterses, and their extended families and friends suffered a multitude of disasters!  Fires, collapsed buildings, plane crashes, trapped in the woods with some kind of deranged killer–when it rains it certainly pours.

The Eye of The Storm

Lounging in LA – BB


Well, like my guest columnist said last week, Brooke is scraping the bottom of the barrel. Pitiful to watch, but at least we got to see spitfire Steffy go after Rick and some of the best interactions yet between Liam, Wyatt and Daddy Dollah Bill.

The Crimson Corner – Y&R


Okay, it’s no secret that I hate to talk about Victor.  I know, quelle surprise, right?  Talking about him is just an exercise in futility.  We all know he’s a nasty rotten rhymes-with-dastard.  So why go down that road again?

Loose Is Back!!!



It’s been awhile my darlings thanks to the flu and other going ons in my life, but I am back if only for a moment to share my speculations, rumors and of course FACT!!!!!

Budig is Back!!!!

BudigAs part of Fan February, GENERAL HOSPITAL is going to be full of surprises, and executive producer Frank Valentini and headwriter Ron Carlivati kicked things off by taking to Twitter to announce (with no small amount of teasing for the eager fans) that Rebecca Budig would be joining the show!