He’s Back!! Will Britt turn on her Father?

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It’s a girl!  I thought Victoria would have a girl, because of all the boy babies already on the show.  Now we just have to find out if the kid is an Abbott or a Russell.  Oh, and we have to make sure the paternity test is not tampered with.

FrancosmomGH confirms that Betsy Franco, the real-life mother of James Franco (ex-Franco), is reprising the role of Franco’s adoptive mom, also named Betsy (but who went by the name Karen). The character debuted in 2010 and popped up briefly in 2013. No word on the exact date of her return but the question is will the real James Franco pop up with her?

Genie Francis’s Christmas Recipe

GenieXmasHome & Family’s holiday and this year Genie Frances stops by with her own side dish of Brussel’s sprouts with pancetta. The special premieres this coming Monday, November 24th on Hallmark Channel at 8 pm ET/PT. Check your local listings for time.


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Are you as bad as I am right now, COUNTING the days when this whining, sniveling, hypocritical pain in the butt is off my screen? I don’t know how many times last week I rolled my eyes and wished Wyatt would just tell her he’s done, his lawyer will call her to fight for custody of the baby and just leave here there in Amsterdam to rot.

The Crimson Corner – Y&R

pillsBy: CeCe

I received this comment from Debra, in response to last week’s column:  “As someone who works with the mentally ill, this story line is very disturbing. Sharon was diagnosed as Bipolar. Yes medication and therapy does help but many people who suffer from depression, anxiety, etc. will stop taking their medication the minute they feel better or they don’t like the side effects or for any number of reasons.”

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Contract Killings – GH

By Martini Kitty

Do I mean the endless mob hits?  Nope.  I’m referring to the employment agreements for certain actors.  While those performers have not yet been terminated, they no longer have contract status.

Has Everyone Lost Their Minds? – DOOL

11-11-14jjeveBy Dawn

JJ hooks up with Eve – please tell me that didn’t really happen.

From Contracts to Recurring……


It was obvious that eventually some of the cast at General Hospital
would be let go and dropped to recurring. Was it the actors choice or TPTB?

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