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The Crimson Corner – Y & R

By CeCe

Sometimes it’s just the little things, you know?  The minor things that, when you think about them, they make you say, huh?

General Hospital Goes Live

On May 15 and 18, General Hospital will go old-school by airing live from Los Angeles. This is a continuation of the soap’s anniversary celebration this season: on April 1, TV’s longest-running daytime drama that turned 52.

“Taking such an iconic show as General Hospital live for two days is both exhilarating and risky,” said executive producer Frank Valentini. “I am enormously proud of our cast, crew and staff for all their tireless dedication and hard work that will be leading up to this daytime television event. It’s live television and absolutely anything can happen, but that is what’s fun about this, and we’re absolutely up to the challenge.”

GH fans will be encouraged to join in on the GH live conversation by using #GHlive on Twitter.

Where to watch the Emmys


PopTV4If you are not sure your provider gets POPTV you can find out if you have the POP channel (to watch the Emmys), and how to access it by going look at the bottom bar of the page and enter your zip code, then look to see who is your provider and the channel number for POP in your area.

Lounging in LA by Megs

weddingbellsSorry. No, really, I’m sorry. I waited until today, Monday, to do this column because I wanted to see just what would happen to the Deacon/Quinn wedding. That’s about all that interested me last week and watching Brooke stomp in like a horse (instead of riding one this time) to break up yet another wedding was both eye-rolling and done to death. Still, I wanted to see what happened before writing the column.

The Crimson Corner – Y&R




Someone got cuffed and stuffed for the murders of Austin and Courtney.  I’m just not convinced the cops got the right one.



Hello my darlings it’s been a while,  my girlfriend and I  are here to give you an insight to May sweeps, and to let you in on a few daytime secrets, previews, rumors and of course speculations….

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The Olden Days – GH

By Martini Kitty

So…I’m re-watching in their entirety old GH episodes…some from 1981 as Luke and Laura prepare for their wedding…others from 1993 when Luke and Laura returned, still happily married and raising their family.  And it’s like watching a completely different character.  The surly, angry, drunken Luke of the last half dozen years bears no resemblance to the Luke on my screen right now…the one thrilled to be with the woman of his dreams.

The Crimson Corner – Y&R



By: Cece

Whoops!  There he goes!  Yep, my jaw flew open at the end of Friday’s episode when Avery pushed grabby-hands Joe away and he went sailing right over the balcony railing.



Comic Relief in LA by Megs



I don’t know what was funnier last week, watching Brooke snap those wrinkled, bony fingers, seeing Maya’s pills hit the floor or the way Ridge practically called Rick a little punk. This wasn’t a soap, it was basically stand-up comedy.

Emmys Reels


The 42 Annual Daytime Emmys are right around the corner. As POP gears up to broadcast its first major awards telecast with on Sunday, April 26, Pop has released the Daytime Emmy Nominee Reels for all nominations. Below is the official reels each actor submitted that brought them this far in the competition.  Pop is giving fans exclusive access to the presentations.