The Crimson Corner – Y&R



Wait a minute, are the writers actually creating an interesting storyline?  Don’t pinch me, I don’t want to wake up!



The Crimson Corner – Y&R

AdambabyAdam continued to worm his way into the fabric of GC this week, chatting it up with Nick, holding his son Connor, getting a little closer to Chelsea, and trying to win Billy over.  Victor’s worm-ways were exposed when Dylan and Avery exposed him, and after Dylan said ‘pbbbt!’ to Vic’s cash offer to buy him out, goons mysteriously appeared to beat Dylan senseless.  And of course, the war over Jack Abbott continued.

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On the Mend – GH

By Martini Kitty & Priscilla K.

Greetings, Readers!  Thank you for being patient.  I (Martini Kitty) thought I would be able to at least get other people’s columns posted, but my first week after surgery found me less able than I expected. (Incidentally, you can credit my pain meds for any errors in proofing.)  I will be undergoing physical therapy for the next 8 weeks, so I may need to employ a few more of you marvelous volunteers. 

Lounging in LA – BB

RickygunOH HEEEELLLLL ya’ll, RICKY got a GUN!!! Somebody gonna get a cap in their back soon and I’m seriously betting it’s going to be another Who Done It mystery. Can’t blame the guy, really, Rick is watching the entire family turn against him and he knows once Daddy gets back, he’s out of the mansion and Queen Stephanie’s portrait goes back where it was. Ricky ALSO knows deep inside that he still loves Caroline and this is just to hurt her.



CBS will celebrate the 7000th episode of THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL on Friday, Jan. 23 (1:30-2:00 PM, ET; 12:30-1:00 PM, PT). This special milestone episode will break format and feature a retrospective documentary that showcases the most iconic moments and the history of the show’s creation, commentary from the cast, fashion throughout the decades, unforgettable guest stars, original screen test footage and more. 

This Can’t End Well – DOOL

1-13-15serenaBy Dawn

Is Serena here to cure more than just Eric’s woe-is-me blues?

Lounging in LA – BB



It’s a throw-down at Forrester Creations for control and instead of Ridge vs Thorne, we got Stephanie’s first-born vs Brooke’s first-born. Anyone who’s watched this show for more than 5 years knows what the drill is and why Little Ricky is throwing a fit, don’t we?

ABC Confirms Alderson’s Exit!


A GENERAL HOSPITAL spokesperson has confirmed that Kristen Alderson(Kiki) is, indeed, leaving the show. Although a reason for her exit was not provided by the show, Alderson’s real-life beau, Chad Duell (Michael), tweeted that “it was her decision.”

Crimson Corner – Y&R



It was a clash of the crazies this week, as Phyllis and Kelly competed to see who could out-play whom for Jack’s love. And it brought up a question:  Just whom does Jack love?


Short Fuse – DOOL


By Dawn

Tempers are flaring around these here Salem parts.