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It has NOT been confirmed by Executive Producer, Frank Valentin that Billy Miller (ex-Billy YR) will being taking over the role of Jason Morgan. This has been reported by Link  Is this wishful thinking?  At the Daytime Emmys this past June Miller was question if indeed he was coming to ABC. Billy never said yes nor did he say no. And now the question is  “if not  Billy Miller then who is?”  Sources had said it was just a matter of signing the dotted line. With Jason now awake it appears TPTB needs to get their act together and bring Jason to the forefront.  This is typical of what goes on in daytime trying to keep secrets when they should be giving news hints, anything at all so we the fans will watch and not fast forward through this tiring show. GH has lost it’s edge and all we hear is that September is going to be popping, old villains are coming back yadda yadda yadda, I say “shit or get off the pot” General Hospital.


NewAdamAnd to flip over to CBS, Young & The Restless has confirmed that Justin Hartley (ex-Green Arrow on Smallville & Patrick on the popular Revenge) has taken over the role of Adam Newman previously played by Michael Muhney.  Melissa Claire Egan tweeted “Sooo excited to welcome my very talented and awesome buddy @Hartleyjustin to #YR!” of her new co-star.

No word of ether of these character air date With so many actors being flipped over from one network to the other who knows who will be next….hmmmmm. One thing is certain it’s about time these roles were cast!!!

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Right Hand…Meet the Left Hand

By Martini Kitty

I often feel like the people who write Tuesday’s episode have no clue what the Monday scribes may have penned.  In short, the right hand hasn’t the faintest notion what the left has been up to, and that’s just one of many aspects contributing to the “all-over-the-map” feeling the show has at the moment.

Stormy – DOOL


8-19-14stormBy Dawn

We already had one vengeful woman stomping around Salem acting like the world owes her something – now we have two of them.

Lounging in LA – BB


Here’s a question for you, which one will Brad run out of first, countries for these ridiculous ten second weddings or excuses for them not to be legal? It’s clear they can’t do anymore weddings in America after all of the failed Logan/Forrester fiascos, not even a voodoo doctor from a swamp somewhere would officiate for this group of idiots.

The Crimson Corner – Y&R



By CeCe

What is this being shoved down my throat? Why, it’s the romance.  Good thing I have a strong gag reflex.

LUNCH BUNCH – Highlights of the GH Fan Club Weekend Cast Q&A


John J. York (Mac) once again had the most colorful golf pants on and, once again, hosted this year’s Q&A portion of the GH Fan Club Luncheon. Though it was much shorter this year than in year’s past — about 20 minutes compared to the usual 30 and sometimes 40 — the actors who did get to speak were their usual sweet, entertaining and energetic selves. Here are some of the highlights:

Checking In – DOOL

8-14-14helloBy Dawn

Just waving hello and letting you darlings know I haven’t forgotten about you!




GH’s Jimmy Deshler, a.k.a. Rafe Jr., attended the General Hospital Fan Club Weekend and got the opportunity to say goodbye to the fans — well, for now, at least. Here’s hoping….

Levi 2


By Martini Kitty

The latest revelation is that Kangaroo Ken is really Badass On The Barbie.

Is Chad DiMera Returning?



Billy Flynn joins the cast of Days of Our Lives. It is being said that he will take over the role of Chad DiMera.  The role was vacated by Casey Deidrick  who played the part from 2009 until his exit in 2013. Flynn will be making his first appearance in Salem on September 12. Why Chad is returning to Salem is unknown at this time but Soaptown will keep you posted.