WilsonDays of our Lives fans can look forward to watching soap favorite, Marie Wilson, in upcoming episodes this fall. In an exciting story arc set to kick off this Halloween, Marie plays the character of Bree, an old acquaintance of Hope’s who turns out to be someone from Aiden’s dark past. She will be sharing the screen with Kristian Alfonso and Daniel Cosgrove in some thrilling upcoming scenes. Stay tuned to see how she shakes things up for this Salem couple.

GH’s Roger Howarth to recur on “The Flash”




Howarth (Franco) will play reporter Mason Bridge on the CW superhero show.

Goodbyes – DOOL

10-20-14ejBy Dawn

I’m seriously in two minds about the murder of EJ Dimera, a character I have pretty much loathed through his entire run.

The Crimson Corner – Y&R

ornotBy: Cece

Seven little words, that’s all they are missing.  The wedding slammed to a halt before the minister could say, “I now pronounce you husband and wife,” and now Sharon doesn’t want to go through with it.  {sigh}

Lounging in LA – BB


So who’s going to be the Captain of the Forrester ship? Will it be Slick Ricky the Icky Monkey who has a history of betraying FC, Spoiled and Pampered Widge the Whiner who doesn’t play well with others, or someone else? This battle between brothers…well, HALF brothers, is actually pretty interesting even if it is kind of goofy.

The Wizard

The Great and Powerful Oz

By Martini Kitty

Yes, the Villains on this show are all-knowing, all-seeing, and all-powerful. But the writing is all flash and smoke with no actual substance or power…just like the Wizard.

I visited Genoa City!

GenoaSo I was finishing up my interview with Sean Carrigan, when I casually asked him, “the next time I’m in town, maybe I could meet you at the studio for a tour?” I said this kind of half-jokingly, because I’ve heard that CBS usually doesn’t allow people to come in for a look-see. But Sean had been so nice to my daughter and me during our afternoon together, that I thought I’d give it a shot. I really didn’t expect his reply: “What about tomorrow? Are you busy?” It took me all of a half-second to say yes!

Lounging In LA – BB

tree-seasonsSeasons are changing, folks. So is the direction of the show, obviously. I’m wondering if it has to do with the lead actress prissing off to Italy and Brad having to scramble to come up with different stories? Anyone who’s watched the show more than 5 years knows the deal.

Crimson Corner – Y&R


We get so much drama, sorry, conniving, plotting, backstabbing, and viciousness on our show, would it have been too much to give us one day filled with silliness, laughter, and rowdy fun?  Nick’s bachelor party and Sharon’s wedding shower were opportunities missed. 

Walk-On Role on General Hospital


One lucky winner will enjoy a nonspeaking walk-on role on one of the longest-running scripted dramas on television, General Hospital! Donated By: Disney | ABC Television Group.

Bids are still be accepted there are 13 days  left (Thu, 23 Oct 2014 3:02:00 PM EDT)