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Loose Lips 4-13-2014

scoopsanEaster is right around the corner and it’s time for a Easter egg hunts lots of candy and dressing pretty,  here’s hoping all my readers have a wonderful day with their families and friends. So what  is going on behind the scenes of your favorite daytime shows?


Loose Lips 4-6-2014


Happy Spring my darlings at least it is where I am hopefully where you all are as well. Yep it’s Sunday once again and time for my weekly gossip, rumors and speculations.

Loose Lips 3-30-14



April fools Day is not far off but rest assure there is no fooling in this columns. Just lots of previews, rumors and oh those speculations. How I love to speculate.

Loose Lips 3-23-2014



Here we go again…… another week another column. What is in store for our favorite daytime dramas?  Only time and my words will tell…………….

Loose Lips 3-16-2014




It’s that happy time again when my readers come to visit and read whats going to happen in their favorite daytime shows.

Loose Lips 3-9-14





It’s the time again for your favorite day of the week, SUNDAY!! Rumors, spoilers, speculations and a whole lot more!

Loose Lips 3-2-2014



Here we go again my darlings  another week of more spoilers and  speculations.  Ever wonder what the difference is? I just want to mention for those of you hoping that AMC and OLTL will return there is nothing on the horizon that I have heard. With many of the actors from both shows working whether it be another daytime show, prime time or the big screen it just does not seem hopefully not in the slightest. 

Loose Lips 2-23-2014



Here we go again another week another bunch of rumors, previews and lots of speculation.

Loose Lips 2-16-2014




It’s that time again your favorite day of the week. Hope everyone had a fabulous Valentine’s Day with the one you love…or not.  Ether way I have lots to tell so lets get to it!

Loose Lips 2-9-2014



It’s that time again my darlings, and it’s time for February sweeps. Sometimes I even get confused when sweeps period comes so I went to Nielsen and found a complete rundown when sweeps is actually in effect. Check it out!

And if you are a Big Beatle fan as I was and still am don’t forget to tune into “The Grammys Salutes The Beatles” on CBS. Check your local listings for times.