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Remember when the motto for daytime dramas was “love in the afternoon?”  (The Networks used to even promote the slogan with merchandising and personal appearances.)  Over the last two decades, soaps have lost the concept of what a real romance and true love are.  Real love is not having sex with a near stranger…it isn’t changing partners every few months…it isn’t declaring your undying devotion only to abandon someone the moment they disappoint you or make a mistake or do something really stupid or even criminal.

First of all, my apologies for being terribly late.  I appreciate so many of you are understanding.  The recovery from my surgery is not going nearly as quickly as I had hoped (or had initially been led to believe.)  I am still in PT, and have not regained strength…so I have not been able to return to my position at the local Cat with slinganimal shelter (too much strain and repetitive motion) or playing my guitar (again, too much muscular strain and repetitive motion.)  I am frustrated, even though the medical personnel keep telling me “eventually” I should make a full or near-full recovery.  On the upside, there is far less pain than before the surgery, which considering several portions of bone were removed is really saying something.

I have been trying to keep up with the show, and had the notes for this column ready a while ago.  Then I somehow found a computer bug, and my keyboard completely locked.  My husband suggested pulling the info off with a usb thing, but I was afraid I would transfer the bug with it, and then we would have two locked computers.  I wish I knew what exactly had happened so I don’t repeat the process.

Lastly, I know some of you think I have “too many” difficulties.  Well, that’s called life.  As my beloved Grandmother would say, hazard sign“For some the birds sing…”  Meaning there are a select few who go through life unscathed.  The rest of us face medical problems, people in hospitals, pets dying, blizzards and hurricanes, and the occasional computer virus. Think of us as living proof real life doesn’t have to be boring.  I am glad some of you are blessed with flawless existences, however my life and those of my family members have challenges.  We learn to live with them.  If the worst thing in your life is that my column is late, I’m guessing your life is pretty good.

Given we have been without this commentary for so long, I will be posting a two-parter.  They will be equivalent in length to what would have been posted over the last several weeks, since I have been writing but been unable to post…so you haven’t lost a thing.  You just had to wait a bit.  This first part will cover the remainder of February Sweeps, and how I viewed things.  It is a bit on the negative side, I will warn you now, as I was not remotely impressed.  Part two, however, offers a more optimistic view of the show.  Now….let’s talk GH.


Nik and Em 2Traditionally daytime dramas, on major holidays, make some effort to show us people together…even if it is a couple you know is destined to fail because they’ve based their relationship on some tenuous connection instead of building a lasting bond through common interests and facing life’s trials together.

Lucky and LizThis has always been especially true for Valentine’s Day, when nearly entire shows focused on different aspects of tenderness or passion.  We would see pairs planning dinners…trysts at hotels…lighting enough candles to start a conflagration big enough to burn down the Port Charles waterfront…or sweetly settling differences…the implication was always that, at least for the moment, love would triumph.

This year?  The writers DIDN’T EVEN TRY.

ADA Roderiguez and nathanWe got strangers celebrating their love…anonymous pairs dining together to start the show.  That was followed by a bunch of new characters or temp characters we had never seen before (and who also couldn’t act but are reportedly cast members of other ABC-owned shows,) including the woman talking to Nathan (ADA Rodriguez?,) Olivia’s buddy, the buddy’s son who is supposedly a well-known chef, and some doctor named Derek.

Nekkid guys - tweeted by RCAnd some half-naked men, there solely to titillate TPTB.

But the major characters?  Awkward and painful for Alexis and Ned.  Maxie and Nathan lamenting separately.  Spinelli announcing he and his supposed perfect mate, Ellie, had called it quits.  And we had Patrick and Sam have a brief moment, but we know they’re about to have major angst as soon as Jason remembers himself.

Lucas and BradNo really happy, LONG TERM pairings.  Except, of course, for Lucas and Brad…they made a huge public declaration.  But we have barely seen them since they became a couple, so it didn’t have much impact, except to reflect TPTB’s political leanings.  I, personally, like this particular couple (in spite of realizing they are on to further an agenda,) and wish they were featured less as the token happy gay guys and more as a regular real couple facing problems and obstacles.  The actors have talent and charisma, and would be far more interesting than the continually bland Ryan Paevey inflicting Nathan West on us.  Instead Lucas and Brad remain background…peripheral characters…occasional set-dressing…perpetual baby-sitters.

kiki considers avery's futureThere were some things during sweeps that got my attention and gave me hope the show will still find its footing.  For example, I enjoyed Kiki calling Sonny out on his plans to kill Ava…and I had hoped she would fight Sonny for custody of poor Avery.  But Kiki’s resolve lasted 30 seconds.  There was Sonny with HIS daughter.  Might as well raise a leg and pee on the kid.  His property.  His, his, his.  A brief, shining moment where Sonny was face-to-face with the (presumed) daughter of the women he had intended to murder…but no apology or resolution from the Mob King. Instead Kiki folded and handed her baby sister over the cold-blooded thug.  (Which, of course, was just so Michael could enter the fray.)

Kiki remembered all the times Sonny tried to kill Ava.  All the points she made in her speech to Sonny were valid.  But there was no follow-through.  Sonny has proven over and over that children are not safe around him.  They get shot, kidnapped, nearly blown-up (often by him)…no child should be around him.  Yet in the space a few scenes, Kiki lost her determination or was somehow brow-beaten by Morgan into seeing Sonny as Mr. Wonderful.

Johnny and maxieI loved that Johnny was back in Maxie’s orbit.  The actors and the characters absolutely sparkle.  It serves to highlight just how lackluster Maxie and Nathan (and Maxie and Spinelli) are as a couple. Maxie and Johnny gently and affectionately snark at each other…Johnny tossed off, “Most of your boyfriends are cops,” and Maxie retained her fashion sense, “I’m certainly not going to carry a daytime bag in the evening,” as though he would know the difference.  The dialogue was light and funny.  Too bad the show chooses not to take advantage of what would be an amazing couple, with NATURAL (as opposed to manufactured) stumbling blocks…like the daughter of the former police commissioner taking up with a known mobster. I will admit that although I appreciated Maxie and Johnny’s scenes together, everything Nathan said about risking Georgie’s custody was correct.

Jake and LizAlong the same vein, Ric was also correct in everything that he said to Elizabeth about Jake…Jake has no known history, was leeching off of her, and has committed any number of violent, dangerous crimes.  But she is looking for any excuse to dump Ric AGAIN.  It’s disgusting.  Hey, Elizabeth.  NO ONE IS PERFECT.  People make mistakes…and if you can’t accept that, you will always be lonely and unhappy.  Perhaps if she stopped man-jumping, she might be more content.  In the last year she has been “in-love” (lust) with Ric, then Nik, then Jake, then Ric and Jake.  Just. Stop.

Julian needs to shut the hell up about Michael’s relationship to Sonny.  Michael has EVERY reason to loathe Sonny…and Julian knows nothing about it.  I loved Michael pointing out Tony’s place in Lucas’s life…and Tony’s tragic death.  I love this new strong Michael.  I hope it keeps up.  I am 100% pro—Michael.

As for Julian’s claim that he and Sonny want to “keep their sons safe,” (no mention of their daughters,) perhaps then Julian and Sonny shouldn’t be mobsters.  Julian, in particular, has no regard for anyone else’s children…which was why he approved the failed hit on Michael.  Regardless, their actions and choices have nearly gotten every single one of their children killed.

Alexis and julianAlexis, meanwhile, is still claiming the moral high ground while chasing after yet another criminal.  I will never understand this character, and I apparently am destined to never like her, either.  To me she is one of the worst hypocrites and selfish fools on the show.  Her own needs and wants trump everything else…and she never learns.  Which is why she has three children from three DIFFERENT mobsters.

I fervently wish they would stop wasting Carlos.  He is one of the few new characters who is interesting and is played by a decent actor.  Let’s see him and Sabrina rebuild their relationship…ON SCREEN.  Let’s see why they were together in the first place.  Instead he is absent for long stretches, then placed back in mobland.

There were, of course, the usual inane and illogical lines of dialogue, like this gem: “She’s been arrested. She can’t do anything from behind bars,” stated Jake about Helena…because no one ever is able to accomplish anything from jail. And she never escapes. Sure.

Sonny and CarlyAnd there was Sonny making snide comments about Jake being in jail, and Carly “knowing how to pick ‘em.”  It was a wonder Sonny didn’t choke on the words.  Regardless, I have said for years Sonny and Carly belong together…deserve each other…and have always been a perfect match.

Observations and Notes on Individual Shows

Nik…say “A behr ehnt,” not “a BARE ehnt.” Come on.  He’s supposed to be educated.  He should sound like it.

Why does Tony Geary so wholeheartedly support the complete destruction of his character.  It’s sickening.

The visiting annoying Bensonhurst character mispronounced Olivia’s last name as “Fulcanari.”

SpinelliI know some people like him, but I really loathe Spinelli, and he is so wrong for Maxie.  And now he’s become manipulative in addition to all his other annoying traits.  Also, shame on the hair and make-up department for making him look greasy.

Olivia is a little long in the tooth for another pregnancy.  Dante has to be 30ish now…which means Olivia is nearly 50.  Will the show explore the health challenges a late-in-life pregnancy can present?

I would love for Michael to decide he doesn’t care enough about Sonny anymore to bother with him one way or another.  Just ignore the criminal.

“Thanks to you…and Sonny Corinthos.”  Sabrina…I bet Michael knows Sonny’s last name.  Until recently, it was also Michael’s last name.

Now Franco has Todd’s memories of Starr…I guess, again, we’re supposed to think this wink-wink is funny.  STOP.

Derek, Sam, and Patrick 2If “Derek” is supposedly a brilliant plastic surgeon, why is he delivering his lines like he has the intellect of a blueberry.

Ned already did the whole “lie about being the father of a child that really belongs to a mobster” story with Alexis and Christina.  So…cheap redux of an old script, or a “homage” to history?  Yeah…we all know which one it is.

A Spinelli/Maxie/Nathan triangle…a guaranteed remedy for insomnia.

I am all for a Sabrina and Michael pairing…if they aren’t going to pursue anything with Rosalie.  Where IS Rosalie?  Does anyone remember her “secret?”

Julian doesn’t seem to be grieving for Ava at all.  Considering how close they were, that does not track.

Sonny and AveryAvery is Sonny’s “second chance?”  Dante…Christina…Michael…Morgan…he’s well past a “second” chance.

What was that crap Franco was spewing about little girls making their fathers better men.  When has that EVER happened.  Christina had no affect on Sonny and his criminal choices.  Why would Avery?

A singular argument makes Spinelli think Nathan and Maxie are not a perfect couple.  THERE IS NO “PERFECT” COUPLE.”  People argue.  And if they are committed, they work through it.

Where is the value in this show?  Most of the stories have no lasting impact or importance, and in two years no one will remember having watched them.  That didn’t used to be the case.

Helena and SpencerOkay…as much as I dislike Helena still being around (keeping in mind I thing the actress is wonderful,) I loved the scene of her dancing with Spencer.  She brings out an even greater dimension in Spencer (Nicolas Bechtel.)  However, as much as I adore Spencer, Nikolas needs to reign him in.  The writers have gone too far making him precocious and imperious.  A little is cute…a lot is irritating.

Luke blathering about how his emotional destruction of Lulu was “tough love and good parenting” was disgusting.  I used to be one of the biggest Luke fans…but I am long over it.  And I’m not buying any of this.

Toddd and StarrThat was not Franco saying goodbye to Kiki.  That was Roger Howarth saying goodbye to Kristen Alderson.  Even though it was out of character, I appreciated it.  I still remember watching OLTL when Starr was little.  Kristen and Roger were gold.  (He’s always been great with children.)

Microchips in the brain?  Someone has been watching Person of Interest…and why is Patrick telling EVERYONE what the results of Jake’s and Luke’s scans are.  Violation of HIPAA Laws, anyone??

The best of who Sonny is, is reflected in who he is as a father?????  Please.  Carly…are you drunk?  He is one of the worst fathers ever.  For proof see his children’s medical records.

Sonny Avery and CarlySorry, Carly.  Michael is right: Avery is not safe with Sonny.  All of Sonny’s children have been hurt directly or indirectly by Sonny and his business…or sometimes by Sonny’s nasty temper.  I am completely in Michael’s corner, and support his anger toward Sonny and Carly.  Frankly I hope he forgives them, but NEVER allows them to have a relationship with himself or with Avery.  NEVER.  Sonny and Carly are bereft of morals, and are a corrupting influence.  And has Carly forgotten that she used to believe Sonny was so dangerous that she sent Morgan away under a fake name to keep him safe?

Lulu berating Helena was like a Chihuahua nipping at a grizzly.  Or a minnow nibbling on a shark.

“You really do need to get better security,” Helena said to Nikolas after Tracy walked in.  YES.  Anyone and everyone shows up in Nik’s living room with no notice at all.  And people hide in the tunnels…and store other people under the stables.  It’s ridiculous.

Michael LeoneThe kid playing Cameron (Michael Leone) is not a good actor  It is painfully apparent even in his scenes with the other three kids (who are pretty good.)  And before anyone objects to this critique, he is an actor on this show, the same as the rest.  Just as I will praise the ones doing well, I will call out the ones who are not.  This child should not have been cast…and he should certainly be replaced.

Tired of Elizabeth playing multiple men.  She is supposedly a “good girl.”  Start writing her like one, and let her actually be loyal to ONE man for more than thirty seconds.  Preferably Ric.

Why is Julian lying in his hospital bed with no shirt?  Is the hospital unusually warm?

Luke and BobbieNone of this “Luke reveal” tracks with the shows history.  None of it.  I guess we’re just supposed to forget.  But anyone who has watched since Luke’s introduction knows what a fallacy this whole tale is.

Oh, gosh.  Luke has DID. How shocking and creative.  ***drips with sarcasm*** Contrary to other people’s opinions, I don’t even find this to be impressive work by Tony Geary.  There is a whole lot of yelling, but not a lot of subtlety.

Aaaannnndddd…of course Jake remembers he’s Jason just before brain-altering surgery.  Every cliché in the book.

Olivia and NedThere are a lot of reasons besides pregnancy that a woman goes to see a gynecologist.  I think a more logical question Julian should have asked is why would Olivia be going to an ob/gyn doctor’s appointment in a hospital instead of a clinic, and on the same floor where surgical patients are recovering.  DETAILS MATTER…and cheap contrivances annoy me.

I don’t like Nikolas even hesitating to do the right thing…especially for financial gain.  That is completely out of his clearly established character.  As for Nik fearing jail…A.) he could flee to another country and B.) no one ever goes to prison.  Hire Alexis.  Why exactly would Nikolas want to strip Emily’s family of their company?  He doesn’t need the money, and he already has power…in a number of countries.

“You had a good life, Michael.” Except for that whole being shot in the head thing.  And being kidnapped. And serving prison time after his parents tried to manipulate the justice system.  And being raped. And having to kill a hitman who was sent to murder Michael on behalf of one of Sonny’s enemies.  Should I continue?

Gosh…another excuse for Nathan to take his shirt off.  Really?

Liz, Nik, and Helena 2Helena Cassadine: Best dressed character on daytime.  Hands down.

Wait…Alexis has waffled between Julian and Ned, throwing longing looks and locking lips with Julian every time Ned turned around…but NED’S the “smarmy son of a bitch?”  Just another reason why I hate Alexis.

Winter in New York State…and Maxie scampers out with Georgie, no coat in sight.

Spencer and SonnyI enjoy Spencer’s relationship with his Uncle Sonny.  Maurice Benard has a great way with children.

“Can you believe Spinelli has been hiding this from BOTH of us?”  Ryan Paevey…STILL not an actor.

Why did Spencer invite Cameron to his party?  They aren’t friends.  By the way, that’s the second fire Cameron has “accidently” set.  I see his future on this show as an arsonist.

Carly is stressed because she didn’t get to help Jake remember…because it’s all about Carly.

FireWhat was spilled on the floor in Wyndamere that would make the fire race across the woodwork.  I’m presuming no ten year old spiked the punch with alcohol.  And why didn’t Emma or Spencer notice the fire?  Not the flames or smell?  Additionally, Spencer is always watched…and that particular room has THREE easy exits: the door to the hall, the doors to the patio, and the doors to the “secret” tunnels.  Lastly why was the fire alarm at Wyndamere only beeping in one room?

Really…what’s the deal with Spencer’s party?  These kids are TEN.  How is a dark room and dancing fun for them?  Emma and SpenerI would think Spencer would have wanted a ski party….or a skating party….or renting an entire arcade or water park…or something else normal for children.

As for all this talk of “love,” again: TEN YEAR OLD CHILDREN.  Treating these transient crushes as “true love” is the height of stupidity.  Which brings me around to how I started this column: it is apparent every day the current people in charge have no understanding of real romance or love.  Instead of a sweeping real love story, we’re given children professing their undying affection for each other…or shirtless Nathan blandly promising himself to a Maxie whose fire has been snuffed out.

End of Part 1.  I am currently transferring almost two weeks of hand-written notes to the computer, so I should have Part 2 up in the next day or two.

Until next timmartini kitty2e…

Always remember: it’s shaken, not stirred, and there should always be a twist!!



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Lounging in LA – BB /?p=11192 /?p=11192#comments Mon, 09 Mar 2015 15:53:41 +0000 /?p=11192 cocopuffs2Looks like March Madness isn’t just for basketball, is it. Over in LA, peoples is going KOO-KOO for Cocoa Puffs and it’s just getting worse! Skrunchkin Ricky is reaching new heights of horrible behavior, Boozy Brooke is banging her fists instead of someone banging her for once and everyone at Forrester Creations is walking around like Skrunchkin owns part of the company! Not to mention the fact that the writers can’t seem to come up with anything new.

Steffy2Let’s start with the total and complete destruction of Steffy. I expected to see Steffy come back, kick butt and take names, shoving Skrunchkin out of the door by the scruff of his hair like a pup that just wet the carpet. It started off that way, darn it. Then it degenerated into ‘all or nothing’ with Steffy, just like Brooke before her. Once again, the writers have taken a strong, powerful woman and ruined her character so Brooke wouldn’t look so bad. The Steffy we knew before she lost the baby wouldn’t have taken five seconds to hit town, get Dad and Bill’s voting rights and drop kicked Skrunchkin out of the office and his floozy with him. She didn’t need Liam and her just leaving town because Liam wouldn’t take her back to let Skrunchkin continue his reign of terror is SOOOO unlike Steffy. I’m disappointed. I know losing a baby did something to her inside, and it was nice to see Liam and Steffy still hugging and being friends, but STEAM fans know Ivy and Liam are about as fun to watch as trying to boil a kettle of water on the streets of Buffalo right now. Steffy, the OLD Steffy, would have done just what her namesake Queen Grandmother would have done, dump the trash. I miss powerful women. Right now, there are none. Everybody’s gone koo-koo. I expect it out of the Logans, but it looks like the entire Forrester clan has been poisoned, as well. Even Ally, who nearly blew Taylor’s head off.

AllyslaveBut NOOooooo, here’s Ally rubbing feet (EWWW) fetching ice cream (Oh no she DI-int) and playing MAID to a heifer that’s not even a Forrester by marriage yet, bowing down and letting Slick Rick the Icky Monkey order her around. IN HER GRANDMOTHER’S HOUSE. WHERE is Stephanie’s ghost smacking Rick upside the head like Darla’s floating face earlier? Since we’re even discussing that too, where the hell is Darla’s floating face telling Ally to ‘accidentally’ slip a nice bottle of castor oil into Maya and Rick’s ice cream???? Or dump a cup or two of sand in their bed when they aren’t looking then act like she knew nothing about it? Ally is SOOOOO wanting her own line that she’s letting Skrunchkin and Sleezarilla walk all over her but what I don’t get is why Eric is letting them do it? Ally is his grandchild, he loved Darla. Why can’t Darla’s floating head appear to Eric and tell him to put down the old photos he has of Brooke in sexy little teddies when she was in her early thirties and get his son under control???? The writers are SO missing the boat on this one. I think they got March Madness, too, they haven’t seemed to be able to come up with a believable, decent storyline since Kelly Lang came back. Coincidence?

BrookeDeaconNot that anyone’s enjoying the way Brooke is acting right now, due to the lack of acting talent in Kelly Lang. No offense to the old girl, but ‘drunk’ just isn’t her thing. Kelly Lang plays a great ‘pissed off’, she does a fantastic ‘angry’, but when it comes to emotional acting or something like this, she’s out of her league. She should watch some of the scenes being done about Nikki on the YnR and take a few hints. As I said last week, its painful watching a ‘drunk’ Brooke because the acting is so bad, it’s eye-rolling and the story itself done to death. Hunter Tylo and the actress that played Macy NAILED it. Again, the writers are missing a huge opportunity to mature up Brooke, have her take on several heart-tugging stories. Being a drunk isn’t one of them. Oh, I know what some Brooke fans are going to say, ‘Brad Bell is putting her at the bottom of the barrel so she can come out of this strong and not being a man-chaser anymore”. Balogny. I’ll see that when I believe it. Stomping her foot and demanding that Deacon not marry Quinn is stomach-churning and since everyone sees how popular Ridge and Caroline are, I highly doubt now a Bridge reunion is in the works anytime soon. Maybe that’s why Brooke is starting to have flashbacks of her earlier affair with Deacon that produced Hope.

CaRidgeOh, you remember Hope, don’t you??? I’m glad someone does. Brooke doesn’t. Deacon doesn’t. Liam DAMNED sure doesn’t. Wyatt is still moping around a bit but it doesn’t look like anyone on the show really cares that this young woman is suffering from a lost child over in another country by herself. Wait…Thomas is there….uh oh…..Back to March Madness in LA. Do I have to even say much about how Ridge and Caroline are behaving? Yeah, they’re a huge fan hit but really, I can’t get past the fact the Tridge years enough to enjoy Ridge and Caroline despite the fact that Thorsten Kaye and Linds are BRINGING it. Yeah, they’re hot together. Yeah, they’re cute when they play around. The chemistry is there. Being a former Tridge fan, though, I just can’t see how Taylor is now never mentioned and her kids off camera when that family unit was so powerful for years and years. I guess that’s why I can’t get into CaRidge.

Sad to say, there’s not really anyone to root for on the show. The writers have destroyed most of the history of the show, they change directions inside a week, and it’s pathetic how once again, an air hog has taken over with the show revolving around her while her son stomps over everyone. I think we’re supposed to feel sorry for Brooke now that no man wants her, we’re supposed to HATE Rick and Maya and can’t wait to see them fall, and we are supposed to be rooting for Ivy and Liam. I’ll pass. I don’t give a damned enough about CaridgepaintingIvy and Liam to root for them, Brooke is still nothing but a spineless piece of trash begging for a man who doesn’t belong to her and as far as Slick Rick the Icky Monkey goes, we all know his downfall is coming, the writers don’t have to work so hard to make people hate him. I STILL say, though, Jacob Young is BRINGING it, ya’ll. I LOVE that guy. Now for a few random thoughts about last week…

** Painting each other, really? Enough said.

** So Eric moves to the guest house and lets his Logan-side of his offspring verbally and mentally abuse his grandchild. As I said earlier, WHERE is Darla’s head when we need it, cussing him out and calling him an old fart and WHY can’t we see Stephanie’s portrait fall off the wall of the guest house on his head and knock some sense into him???

MayaSister** This kid sister of Maya’s. I’m not impressed at all. Not interested in what her background is, why she’s in LA, what dirt she has on Maya, etc. I’m just not feeling it. I’m not happy that someone with Carter’s fantastic looks and hot body isn’t in a story of his own and I hope the actor throws it down and gets one soon.

** Katie and Bill are boring me. For a man who runs a billion dollar company and wants to take over Forrester Creations, he should be front and center. Don Diamont and Thorsten Kaye are great in scenes together with Ridge and Bill both hating each other but both working on a common goal, getting Skrunchkin out of the CEO office. Why aren’t we seeing that?

Not much more in the way of random thoughts because the more I think about just how stupid Brooke looks, how horrible Rick and Maya are acting and how giggly Ridge and Caroline are, there’s really not much to enjoy on the show right now. I’m hearing that Jackie M Wood is coming back for a much longer time soon with a juicy new story and perhaps even a new guy, but at this point, there’s not really much to keep me watching except for a sense of duty. I’m certainly not enjoying anything at the moment, the writers are going way overboard, the character of Brooke is way overboard, and the takeover is dead simply because Steffy couldn’t have Liam back, she chose to leave town with her tail between her legs and that’s NOT our Steffy. I wanna see some changes before I say I love watching Bold again. I’ve had emails from several saying February was one of the biggest months in years, and many claim it’s because this drunken story of Brooke’s is fantastic. I say it was because Steffy came back and started to kick ass, but it’s starting to get boring again.

Until next week, I’m off to play with my Bold and Beautiful ball.

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The Crimson Corner Y&R /?p=11182 /?p=11182#comments Mon, 09 Mar 2015 15:10:14 +0000 /?p=11182 heart2A


Doug Davidson.  Wow.  Thanks for tearing out my heart this week. 

When Paul Williams found out that Chris had lost their baby, he quietly lost it.  He was able to function; comfort his wife, coordinate the investigation, talk to Dylan, and oh yeah, arrest Nikki Newman.  But the tears streaming down his face the entire time were heartbreaking.

PaulloosesbabyThere’s a reason Davidson won a daytime Emmy a while back.  He knows his stuff, and pulls it out with professionalism.  While I watched him this week I had to wonder where this was coming from; had he experienced personal loss in his life that allowed him to tap into those feelings and bring them out, with such devastating display?  But IMHO he’s just that good.  He doesn’t go over the top as many actors do, he doesn’t chew the proverbial scenery, he is never wooden.  He’s just an actor convincing me his character is real.  When Emmy time rolls around next year, I hope his reel contains clips from last week.   If he doesn’t win, it will only mean that some other actor also gave the performance of his life.

By contrast, I was underwhelmed by Laura Bell.  IMHO (as always here) there is no warmth in her performance.  She’s either a harpy or a victim, and neither come across that well.  The blame is also shared by the writing her character receives; I get tired very quickly of Chris’s single-minded vengeance against Phyllis, ranting about making her pay for poisoning Kelly when Chris really still wants to punish Phyllis for her ancient crimes.  Chris holds a grudge that must weigh a ton, yet she gleans little sympathy from me for her past suffering and her desire to make those responsible pay for that suffering.

PaulChristineNow her personal vendetta list includes Nikki.  She is sure her husband is being taken in by Mrs. Newman, because Chris apparently believes old flames can’t be current friends.  Every time she sees her husband and Nikki together she freaks out and accuses him of being more interested in his ex-teenage heart throb than he is in his current wife.  Really?

The writing makes Christine SO unsympathetic, and Laura Bell adds no personal sympathy to her performance that could pull Chris back from that brink.  Although the Williams marriage was inspired by Katherine Chancellor, I felt it was doomed from the start because Bell could not match Davidson in his level of performance.  Part of me thinks they should divorce and Chris leave town; part of me hates to see Katherine’s inspiration trampled.  But really, Davidson needs to be paired with someone who can match him, play off him, and have chemistry with him.  Maybe you think Bell does all this, but I don’t.

Austin’s murder continues to play like those cheesy summer camp murder movies from the 80s.  So far we know that Austin and Abby were sleeping together, Kyle was lurking in the woods and also in town prior to officially returning to GC, Fen the recovering drug addict and current college student was stupid enough to drug the punch, someone put Austin’s body into a car and tried to make it look like an accident, and when Summer asked her family members at the funeral why someone would cheat on a spouse, all they could do was rub their necks, stutter, and stare at the floor.

SummermadHunter King did a great job portraying the young wife who realized right in the middle of her husband’s funeral that he and Abby were sleeping together.  She lashed out at her aunt, her friends, and everyone else whom she realized knew about the affair and didn’t tell her.   Summer’s whole world just fell apart, and Hunter showed us the pain and fury.

I understand that new writer Chuck Pratt is trying to build a new plan for his inherited characters, and that he wants to bring groups of them together for stories.  Hence, we have all the teens running around like the the Scooby gang trying to solve a crime.  But sadly,  this story limps along on more than one front.

First, who really cared about Austin?  He was introduced as a young man so hellbent on vengeance that he kidnapped Summer’s aunt Avery, waved a loaded gun around, and ended up shooting and almost killing the chief of police.  (Although in all fairness the shooting only happened so Dylan could discover that Paul was his father.)

AustinSummermarry2The fact that not only did Summer forgive him and marry him instantly,  then the justice system pretty much let him off the hook, did not endear him to a lot of viewers.  After that, the writers just didn’t seem to know what to do with him.  He was a bartender, he was a lifeguard, he was a videographer, he was a kept man–nothing really inspiring interest or loyalty from the viewing public.  Now, after he’s gone, we are given the storyline that he was messing with Abby because he was uncomfortable around Summer.

Abby and….Austin?  We never saw a hint, inkling, or twitter post from either of them, and now we’re supposed to believe they danced the wild monkey?  There is no display of any chemistry or even mere attraction between them in the flashbacks, and now we see that Abby stabbed her niece in the back and did the dirty?  Totally unbelievable if you ask me.   Of course this instant back story is only in place to give Abby a motivation as the possible killer.

After the Valentine’s Day smooch, I was hoping Abby would be intrigued by Det. Mark Harding, the dour-faced, pet bunny-loving, Kevin-harassing hard nose cop whose biggest asset is his loyalty to his chief.  Abby is ready to move on to a mature relationship with a solid middle class guy who can teach her about real life, while she sands off his rough edges and gets him to open up to her.  Plus Chris McKenna as Harding is easy on the old eyes!

SummerKyleAnother pebble in the shoe of this story is Kyle.  Is he the killer?  When we last saw him a little over a year ago, he was older, wiser, industrious, and rising in the corporate world.  Today he looks like he should be doing his Trig homework and looking for a date to the senior prom.  Part of the allure of Kyle and Summer for me was the difference in their ages; he was smart, dedicated, and the type who would take her from a sheltered childhood to mature adulthood.  But nuKyle invokes the image of cherry cokes at the malt shop.  Nothing against the actor himself, but if the writers wanted to reunite this couple, I would have liked a different type for Kyle.  Caring if he killed Austin hinges on having an interest in the character himself, and we all know that a soap should never bring a newbie actor on and thrust him or her into a main storyline.

I also cannot see Courtney throwing her entire career away because she loves Noah, a guy who has told the world he never wants a permanent relationship.  But it was ‘hello trashcan, here’s my badge and gun’ when the cabin gang hatched a plot to cover up Austin’s murder.

KevinMariahFinally, Kevin is just too old to be a rider in the Mystery Machine.  While the rest of the group (minus Abby) is supposed to be in their 20′s, Kevin stands out like a sore thumb.  I was kind of getting into his friendship with Mariah; it was actually making me start to like her a little.  But now they’re both hanging out with the post-teens in this dumb storyline.  I want them back to exploring their own relationships, baggage, past pain, and future hopes!

Oh well, as I look to the future, I wonder how long it will take Neil to confess that he jerked the wheel of Nikki’s car, causing the crash that killed the Williams baby.  I wonder how long  until one of the Scoobies cracks under pressure and spills his or her guts all over the place.  I wonder when Kelly’s gonna blow up and how many others she will take with her.  Mostly, I wonder just what the h-e-double hockeysticks Chuck Pratt is going to do next to the citizens of Genoa City!

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The Hard Truth – DOOL /?p=11187 /?p=11187#comments Sun, 08 Mar 2015 23:48:40 +0000 /?p=11187 By Dawn3-8-15jennifer

I know, I know. I’ve REALLY been inconsistent with this column and for that, I apologize. The sad fact is, it’s very hard to keep up with the show while I’m on 3rd shift – which thankfully is coming to an end soon.

Anyway, we knew major ish was going to hit the fan when Jennifer, who devoted an unnatural amount of time trying to figure out who JJ’s new girlfriend was (I mean really, why?) walked in on her son and Eve in the sack.

I’m popping popcorn and drooling at the thought of Jennifer going all the hell in on Eve AND JJ because… well, because ewww. And because of the history between Eve and Jennifer and the fact that JJ can’t be trusted to put two matching socks on together without making a major crisis out of it (sounds like Eric, eh?) I’m waiting. Still waiting.

So as soon as Jennifer opened her mouth, I turned that mess off. Why? Because instead of screaming all the PERTINENT questions, Jennifer seemed far more concerned with how this would all affect Paige. Not her son, not that skanky Eve and her laundry list of bad things she’s done, not anything juicy we’d actually want to hear. PAIGE. It’s all about the fragile goody gumdrop who walks around with glitter and little animated bluebirds following her.

Come on.

Later on, Jennifer insists that Eve is a predator and took advantage of her darling boy. Hold on, Blondie. It’s time you faced up to the fact that your son is an idiot who is quite capable of making his own dumb decisions. The state of JJ’s relationship with Paige should not be at the top of your priority list because it sure as hell is not on the top of mine. God forbid this town grinds to a halt because Paige is unhappy.

Then Jennifer tells Eve that she’ll keep this tawdry info from Paige IF Eve gives the green light for JJ and Paige to get back together. One mom wants them together and one mom wants them apart and here we have a viewer that couldn’t care less what happens with JJ and Paige. Why is this everyone else’s problem? Whose parents get this involved in their grown kids’ love lives – if their name is not Kate?

Then we have Eric and Serena, and all they seem to talk about is some damn elephant that Serena is trying to get back as if her life depends on it. If it has some secret potion in it that will make you disappear Serena, then by all means, don’t let me stop you. Can I say it? This is seriously uninteresting.

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Another Spencer!!! /?p=11176 /?p=11176#comments Sat, 07 Mar 2015 17:43:55 +0000 /?p=11176 WallaceGH confirms ( NOT EXCLUSIVELY as mentioned)  that the role of Patricia Spencer, the long-lost sister of Luke and Bobbie, will be played by Dee Wallace (E.T.). “It’s such a brilliant choice,” enthuses Jacklyn Zeman (Bobbie). “I’m a huge fan of her as an actress and as a teacher, as well. I absolutely love the woman!”

While Wallace is a great actress it makes you wonder why Erika Slezak was not asked to play the role. The two actress look very much alike. Just sayin…………

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THE DAYTIME EMMY® AWARDS RETURN… /?p=11166 /?p=11166#comments Thu, 05 Mar 2015 16:02:09 +0000 /?p=11166 Emmyimage005The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) and Pop, a newly rebranded television network seen in more than 80 million homes (formerly TV Guide Network), today announced that the 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy® Awards will be nationally broadcast live on Sunday, April 26 at 8:00 PM, ET/5:00 PM, PT exclusively on Pop. In addition, NATAS announced that the Daytime Creative Arts Emmy® Awards gala will take place on Friday, April 24 at the Universal Hilton in Los Angeles.
Televised from the legendary Warner Bros. Studios lot on Stage 16 – the location of countless iconic Hollywood films such as “Casablanca,” “Jurassic Park” and “Ghostbusters” – the 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy® Awards show will be executive produced by Michael Levitt, one of the industry’s most acclaimed producers of live events and awards shows.

POPimage006“Our new partnership with the Pop network is an ideal platform to present our signature gala,” said Bob Mauro, President, NATAS. ��With the Warner Bros Studios as our venue, where so many great films and television shows have been made, coupled together with Michael Levitt, our executive producer, who created the ‘TV Land Awards,’ and has produced numerous live event specials including ‘The Producers Guild Awards,’ ‘The Billboard Music Awards,’ and ‘E! Live from the Red Carpet’ shows for the Golden Globes and Oscars®, this promises to be a very special telecast of the 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy® Awards.”

“As a network that celebrates talent, we are thrilled to bring the Daytime Emmy Awards back to television for the fans,” said Brad Schwartz, President of Pop. “Daytime audiences are some of the most amazing and passionate in all of television, and we are proud to honor the greatest works and achievements of daytime. Adding premium live events to our schedule is just another exciting way we are building Pop. We’re going to have a lot of fun with this.”

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Have Not Forgotten – GH /?p=11163 /?p=11163#comments Wed, 04 Mar 2015 02:32:20 +0000 /?p=11163 By Martini Kitty

Bear with me dear readers….I have not forgotten or abandoned you.  I will have a proper column up by the end of this weekend.

Thanks for your patience.



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Lounging in LA – BB /?p=11134 /?p=11134#comments Mon, 02 Mar 2015 02:00:25 +0000 /?p=11134 TVbrokenSteffy’s throwing a gauntlet, Katie’s throwing a leash and collar on Bill, Ridge is throwing a hissy fit because Daddy is throwing his weight behind Skrunchkin the Wonder Worm and Brooke is throwing down booze because there are no men standing in line now to throw her on the bed and work her like a gold mine. In the mean time, I’m wanting to throw something at the screen in disgust and disbelief.

LiamAteffykissDon’t get me wrong, I totally enjoyed watching Liam and Steffy’s interactions, Scott and Jackie play beautifully off each other. They still have tons of chemistry, and it was very clear that Liam still has some pretty deep feelings for her. We also learned that Liam was hurt more than we thought when Steffy sent him packing and begged him to marry Hope who could give him a baby. Hope who? We learned that Liam continues to be vulnerable to Steffy. Hope who? We also happily learned that Steffy and Liam will always have that connection so if Jackie M Wood decides to come back full-time, it’s a sure bet another triangle would be on. Not that I’d like it because quite frankly, I’m sick of triangles, and Ivy is just no match for Steff. Oh, she’s cocky, she’s beautiful and she’s spunky, but Ivy really isn’t in Steffy’s league and in the long run if there were a battle, I really believe Steffy would finally win. As I said, I’m kind of glad it’s not going to happen. Once Steffy, Ridge and the others kick the Skrunchkin the Wonder Worm out of the CEO office, I guess she’s gone for a while. I kind of hoped the Twitter between JWood and Heather Tom was a foreshadow of Steffy going after Bill again, because Katie going up against Steffy for Bill? NOW THERE is some chemistry.

For right now, though, Katie finally got a new sword (read ‘leash and collar’) on Bill and they are both so excited to start their lives over again. Unless they get a different story other than the Take over that looks to be as boring as Brooke’s Boozing, I don’t see Katie getting very much air tie. That’s being reserved again for the true show hog who has the right ear of Brad Bell and obviously her own pen at the writers table because I honestly can’t see how this supposed best writing team on daytime is coming up with some of the stupid lines Brooke is spewing right now or how she’s acting.

BrookedrunkEver heard the saying “So bad it hurts”???? Folks, I’m sorry, but Lang’s portrayal of a drunken Brooke in the past few weeks has been painful. More painful than a root canal done with a pair of pliers and an old pair of pinking shears. More painful than passing a kidney stone the size of a golf ball. And yes, even more painful than a guy getting his winkywanky caught in the zipper and then realizing the zipper has to come back down. Now, I know Lang has gotten drunk before because she brags about it on Twitter, so where is this crap coming from???? I can certainly see why Brooke would turn to booze, lots of us have been saying for years that Brooke simply cannot do without a man yet Brooke fans refused to believe that, saying she was just sexy, sensual and the guys all flocked to her. Well, that’s not what I saw the last twenty years, I saw Brooke going after THEM. Still, now she has nobody wanting her and it’s driving her to drink. Believable story, unbelievable acting. AND it’s been done to death. We all know where it’s headed, don’t we. Brooke supposedly comes out of this stronger, her and Ridge hook back up and take on the Patriarch/Matriarch roles left vacant by Eric and Stephanie. I sure has heck hope Brad is taking this somewhere, the alcohol stories are just too much. Here’s a few more random thoughts about last week….

** NO. no. I’m NOT going to be a CaRidge fan. Yes, the actors have chemistry, but the yuck factor is just too strong. There’s at least 30 years difference, Caroline is the niece of the original Caroline, and there’s no way Ridge would have moved on so fast from Taylor or Katie. Nah. Just not feeling this couple.

MayaRick** I am, however, feeling Rick/Maya. Not liking them, but feeling them. Jacob Young continues to blow me away every week, he’s bringing it big time. You can see how he loves Maya but we can also see that he is so totally hurt by Caroline and loved her so much, he’s using Maya for pain relief. Drives me nuts, it’s like the stupid dress thing all over the internet, is it gold/white or is it blue/black?

** Gotta say that Quinn decking Brooke wasn’t enjoyable. It really wasn’t. Brooke is pathetic and her hitting the ground was just plain uninteresting. Yeah, she was hitting on Deacon. Yeah, Deacon had a hard time resisting and was fighting his feelings, but every other time a woman who’s had to put up with Brooke trying to mount her man, Brooke hasn’t been drunk and just said or did something snotty and deserved to get clocked. This time, however, I really don’t care. I’m just tired of it. Tired of the decade-long show hog.BrookeEric

** Another thing I’m tired of is Donna. What purpose does this chick serve now? Really? Marry her and Eric off and let them go jet setting. They share a son anyway, thanks to adoption, let’s kill 2 birds with one stone.

** Kill 2 birds…hmm…..Can we like, get a murder mystery here? Maybe Eric gets accidentally shot (or attempted murder mystery) and goes into a coma then we have weeks of trying to find out who did it? He deserves shot after the crap he’s pulled with Rick. What, there’s only 3 freaking bedrooms in that huge mansion so he has to take the guest house???? Really???

** I got a sneaky suspicion like I bet many of you that there’s more to Nicole than we know right now. Maya’s too worried and there has to be a reason Nicole was introduced. Maybe the numbers aren’t as good as they seem?

Nicole2Easy to see what’s happening on the show right now…we’re being pumped up to hate Skrunchkin the Wonder Worm so we’re all going to root on the hostile takeover because Spencer and Forrester team up. Wake me when it’s over, ok? I’m tired of Forrester Creations continuing to get traded, sold, transferred, whatever, fought over, blah blah blah. The corporate crap has been done to death. The alcohol stories? Done to death. Add to that Lang’s borderline bizarre acting and it’s just not fun. Geesh, MY readers can come up with better than some of the crap in the last few weeks. Tell you what, use the comment section and (try to keep it brief, lol) put up a few ideas on what YOU think should happen or a storyline even if it’s for Brooke. They gotta be better than what’s on now.

Until next week, I’m off to play with my Bold and Beautiful ball.


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The Crimson Corner – Y&R /?p=11124 /?p=11124#comments Mon, 02 Mar 2015 00:05:05 +0000 /?p=11124 loser


Poor Jack Abbot!  Could he be any more of an underdog, a sad sack, a loser with a capital L?  Sure he’s the CEO of his family”s business, but he’s clueless, hapless, and never gonna win.

First case in point:  Jack and Kelly humped their brains out in the Underground supply closet and now he doesn’t remember a bit of it.  He was done in by a super dose of his sister’s new scent, one that apparently motivates men to think with their Johnson and not with their brain.  Yeah, I know.  Anyway, Victor stole the formula, saturated a scarf with it, and gave it to Kelly.  When Jack caught a whiff, it was libido-mambo time.  This powerful scent seems to also erase memories because Jack has adamantly denied doing Kelly.

JackrescueSecond case in point:  Jack’s arch enemy, Victor, saved Jack’s life after the collapse of Underground (which now, BTW, is really underground) by giving him CPR.  Vic hates Jack, hates Jabot, hates everything Abbott, but still saves his life–in other words, Jack owes him big time.  Then while Jack is painfully dragged out of the rubble and transported to the hospital, Victor pretty much saunters out without any aid responders seeing him, and catches a cab back to the ranch.  Jack looks weak and powerless; Victor almost walks on water.

Third case in point:  Victor does go to the hospital, a building with tons of rooms, but of course two of the richest dudes in Genoa City end up having to share a double.  Jack is then taunted and tormented by his enemy while he lies helpless in bed.

VictorpillowFinal case in point:  Victor proposes some kind of wonky truce, and Jack is on board with it.  Really, Jack?  After everything Victor has delighted in doing to you, your family, and your business, you’re gonna fall for this one?  Of course, we then witness Victor in the hospital chapel, entering the confessional booth, and telling someone that Jack has fallen for their master plan.  I was surprised that we didn’t see some hellfire smoke rising when Vic walked in.

So to recap; Jack can’t remember his tryst with Kelly that Victor orchestrated to ruin Jack and Phyllis, Jack owes Victor his life, Jack didn’t get a moment’s peace in the hospital because of Victor, and Jack has fallen for yet another Newman scheme.  Loserville has a new mayor.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love me some Jack Abbott.  He’s kindhearted, noble, tries to do the right thing, and is able to admit when he’s wrong.  In short, he’s everything a soap likes to trample on.

HilaryrevengeMay I say to Hilary, “Well-played, Mrs. Winters, well-played.”  When she realized how ruined Devon’s relationship is with Neil, She put on a convincing performance of gloating over how she accomplished her mission to trash Neil’s family, chortling that she had planned all this from the very beginning.  Neil was aghast over this news, and true to the generic soap cliche, Devon was listening at the door and heard everything.  She’s lying, of course, doing the noble thing (after being pretty despicable)  by trying to put Devon back into Neil’s good graces a little–’neither of you stood a chance against my feminine wiles, nyah ha ha!’  It was chilling to watch her bedridden victory speech.

It was laughable to see Lily storm into Hilary’s hospital room after Neil related the betrayal to his daughter.  Lily declared that Hilary better get her “slutty self” out of town because Lily could be a “buzz saw.”  Gee, Lil, you could?  Sure, you’re petty and predictable, but I think that Hilary could pretty much shred you to pieces if you tangled with her.  So good luck with that threat.

newkyleNuKyle showed up this week,  a surprising result of anti-SORAS.  The new guy, Lachlin Buchanan, is 5 years younger than Hartley Sawyer, the previous Kyle, and Lachlin matches exactly to what Kyle’s age is supposed to be.  Obviously this is so he fits into the new ‘Scooby Gang’ of Genoa City, those rule-breakin’ young ones who went to a party in the frozen woods and ended up covering up a murder.  Is Kyle in on the crime in some way?  Did he move Austin’s body from the cabin front yard?  Is he lying about everything?  Is he just a replacement for Austin, who had no ties to Genoa City, since Kyle is an Abbott with all the connections that that imparts?  Do we care?  I felt a little sorry for Austin; the old writers put some time and effort into his back story, only to have him unceremoniously killed off.  Easy come, easy go, I guess.

This is the third adult incarnation of Kyle Abbott, and each time he seems to grow younger–sign me up for some of that!  Now that Summer is definitely not his sister, will the two of them renew their relationship?  Last year, during Michael Muhney’s well-publicized departure, Hartley Sawyer’s pink slip kind of slid under everyone’s radar.  Austin seemed a quicky replacement, a one-year seat filler.  So yep, I’d say Kyle and Summer might be getting back together.  It’s another Newman-Abbott couple.  The Capulets and the Montagues certainly had nothing on these two families.

murdercarBut whether or not he does, this whole ‘murder in the woods’ story is just about the worst storyline I’ve ever seen.  Fen spikes the punch with an unknown drug?  Officer Courtney risks her career to cover up a crime?  Abby was fooling around with Austin?  Kevin advocates lies, lies, and more lies?  IMHO, the story here from what I can guess, is that the drug Fen used made everyone a little crazy, Austin and Abby foolishly locked lips, Summer clocked Austin for it, the kids dumped his body in the snow, then Kyle put the body in the car and made it all look like a car wreck.  Did I miss anything?  So now we are in for a story of how/who/when this is all revealed.  My conservative guess is two weeks–those meddling  kids can’t keep a secret to save themselves.

I am definitely with Cane this time after Lily so vociferously threw him out of the house right after their rescue from the plane crash. (And I was reminded of a recent remark from Josh Morrow.  After Nick was freed from the bear trap,  Josh insisted that writers needed to show Nick was suffering from his injuries for a few days afterwards, since no one could be running around the day after being freed from a bear trap!)  Cane. Lily, Jill, and Colin all survived the crash and returned home with little to no physical problems a day or two later, not even frostbite. Wow!

LilyphoneAnyway, Lily is furious with Devon and Hilary for hurting Neil, and more furious with her husband for not telling her the whole sordid story.  Sorry, Lily, but as Cane pointed out, if your positions had been reversed, you would have done the same thing.  So while Lily has now decided to allow Cane to return home (gee whiz, thanks!), Cane is not so sure he wants to go back to a woman who can’t understand his motivations.  Where’s the love, Lily?  And nice comment to Jill, who was trying to help; when Jill pointed out that people make mistakes, Lily took a shot at Colin.  I for one hope Cane doesn’t come home for a while, at least til Lily grows up.  Yep, I said it, I stand by it!

For a guy who wanted to keep a secret, Adam is not very good at it.  He keeps getting in the faces of every person he wants to conceal his identity from.  This last laughable moment happened when he and Sage could not find a motel room available anywhere after the fire ruined their apartment, so they are staying with the Abbotts, including Billy and Chelsea.  It’s like watching someone stick their hand further and further into a fire to see how close they can get without suffering a burn.  Does Adam really think Billy will forgive him for Celia now that Adam saved Billy from the fire?  An act of heroism doesn’t really cancel out a felony, Adam.

So as ratings sweeps week drew to a close, we saw new head writer Chuck Pratt’s influence take over.  But did we really see any improvements, or were they just changes.  Change for change’s sake is not always a good thing.

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Lounging in LA – BB /?p=11107 /?p=11107#comments Tue, 24 Feb 2015 16:38:33 +0000 /?p=11107 timewarp

Am I in a time warp??? Watching last week, I felt like I had been transported back to when Thorne and Ridge were going through this same thing. Aren’t we all getting a bit tired of the ‘battle for control of Forrester Creations’ crap by now????

How many times do we have to suffer through more stupid choices by Eric, anyway? Here this old goat was trying to be a ‘good daddy’ now by giving Rick the support he never could while the kid was growing up by being a hypocrite. He who has not been photographed saggy-butt naked out on a ledge with his wanker shrinking up should be throwing stones at Ridge and Caroline. ESPECIALLY after Eric has not only hit on but married men half his age what, 3 times???? Even adopted the son of one of them??? Eric is hardly in a position to be looking down his nose on anyone. Here he was, though, grinning and pointing at the Munchkin King saying how proud he was of him, Eric Forrester JR.

EricCome to think of it, Eric Forrester JR is acting just like his father, so I guess Eric has every right to be proud. It was STEPHANIE who ran Forrester Creations while Eric whored around all those years and it was Caroline’s designs (helped by Ridge) that brought Forrester Creations out of the trash can right after Ridge came back. If I recall correctly, Eric had been jumping on Rick because the ship was sinking and offered Ridge the job only if he’d take Brooke back. So yeah, Rick is just like his father, really. Rick conned his father, plain and simple, with those crocodile tears about how he had changed, how sorry he was for how he acted, etc. I got a thrill down my spine seeing Ridge look down on the little snot and tell him he was taking him down. BRING IT ON, I honestly think the writers have made us hate Ricky and Maya so we’ll cheer when the Spencer clan teams up with Ridge/Steffy/Thomas to kick the little punk out of his CEO chair. I hope they kick Eric out with him. Ridge should rightfully be at the help of Forrester Creations, not Rick.

RidgedeskI know, I know, many of you are already saying “But MEEEGGSSSSss, Ridge has conned people in his lifetime, too, he’s no angel”. Well, you’re right, but Ridge was groomed all of his life to run Forrester Creations and unlike the Logan’s (and Rick) he never used Forrester Creations to get laid, for revenge, or to deliberately hurt someone. Ridge may have his faults but he puts Forrester Creations ahead of everything else. THIS Ridge, Thorsten Kaye’s Ridge, has even put his own personality into Ridge and most of us are trying hard to even remember Ronn Moss’s face and TK’s Ridge has brought a sensuality and passion to the character that was missing before. I could almost buy Ridge with Caroline if it weren’t for the fact that I know Ridge is (by the show) at least 60 while Caroline is barely in her 20s. Even though the actor and actress do look good together and have some chemistry, its still a yucky pairing. I’m still betting Brooke and Ridge end up back together after Ridge gets jealous finding out Deacon and Brooke end up in bed together.

QuinnDeaconOh come on. We all know it’s going to happen. Spoilers a month ago said Brooke uses Deacon in her plans to break up Caroline and Ridge but that never happened. Now we’re seeing spoilers say that Deacon champions poor, neglected, torn up Brooke and they just end up in bed together to the chagrin of Quinn. Now, Quinn isn’t someone Brooke wants to cross. The lady has already nearly killed a couple of people, and even though I’d love to see Quinn lock Brooke up somewhere and torment her ala Morgan/Sheila style, it would mean we’d lose Quinn and that would be a tragedy for Bold. Rena is one of the best, she shouldn’t be sacrificed at the altar of Worship Katherine Kelly Lang. I’m pretty sure we all know why Deacon and Brooke have some steamy, sexy scenes together, don’t we. Now that there’s no husband to object to, KLang can now do what she wants.

SteffysmileBack to REE-ality. Now that Eric has backed Rick, it’s going to be fun watching the take-down, and I hope it takes time, it’s delicious to watch. Jacob Young has floored me with his talents and his portrayal of Rick and I’m loving it. I just wish they’d keep Jaqueline Wood on the show longer. It has been not only refreshing but playful and fun watching STEAM back in action again. Scott Clifton and JWood shine around each other, they just….fit. Ivy as we all know was a cheap substitute and even though I love her spunk and balls around Steffy, there’s really no contest, Steffy will chew her up and spit her out given the time. Too bad JWood isn’t staying long. Brad’s losing out on some great scenes to pacify his half-balding, saggy blonde. Well, here’s a few random thoughts about last week….

** I sure as hell hope that we see Stephanie’s portrait again and it falls on Eric’s lunk headed ass in the guest house. I can’t believe Eric would allow a Logan spawn to occupy the Forrester Family house. YES, I KNOW Rick is a Forrester, too, but only by deceit, seduction and adultery. Stephanie’s heirs deserve that house, not Brooke’s. I don’t argue that Rick is entitled to help run Forrester Creations, but I DO draw the line at a Logan spawn rutting around like a pig in the mansion Stephanie loved.

** Wait, ALLY melts fast just because Rick promised her a shoe line? Oh please. Someone needs to take that chick to a Chippendale club and let one of those hunks gyrate the rocks in her face so she sees what a real man looks like. Maybe a shot of bourbon???

Brookedrunk2** So Katie and Bill are officially married again and Brooke acted like a drunken fool. Big deal. I haven’t dedicated a lot of room in my column about these three because we know Katie is being STUPID taking Bill back, Bill is only taking her back because Brooke walked out on him and Brooke, well…..I’ll say only one thing about this ridiculous boozing line and no more because I don’t believe either Brooke or KLang deserves the attention. DISGUSTING. Brooke drinking over getting dumped? Really? Lang wanting her character to be as powerful as Nikki? The drunken thing has been done to death and I darn well hope this isn’t Brad’s idea of a great storyline for Brooke. Maybe this nonsense is leading to Quinn attacking Brooke?

** While I do think Rick and Maya really do love each other, we all know Rick’s in it because Caroline was caught kissing Ridge and Maya is a gold digger. I liked Maya and Rick the first time, I’m just not warming up to them yet. Rick is too……Logan.

** Did ya notice that Liam, while admitting he still loves Steffy, has made it clear he’s not going to just dump Ivy for her? As I said earlier, we all know Ivy is a substitute, but this time he sure isn’t acting like he was when he was with the other Logan spawn who also walked around like the world owed them a living. Hope who?

Well…..the overwhelming demands and votes are in. No more radical Brooke worshippers guesting my column. THERE HAS to be at least one place on the web that does not kiss butt to any actor, actress or producer and allows opinions off all kinds, pro and con. I will still hopefully find guest columnists who are pro Brooke but not so radical. Thank you to all for the support.

Until next week, I’m off to play with my bold and beautiful ball.

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