Spencer Cassadine is headed home

SpencerNicholas Bechtel has been cast in the role of  Spencer Stefan Nikolosovich Cassadine,  the son of Nikolas Cassadine’s  and Courtney Matthews  when  his character returns to town from Italy with his grandmother, Lesley Webber (Denise Alexander), on Thursday May 16th.

Spencer was born in February 2006. He was originally believed to be the son of Jasper “Jax” Jacks, who had switched paternity tests to make Courtney think he was the father. Right after his birth, Jax tells Courtney that Nikolas is the biological father, but Courtney dies before she can tell Nikolas. Jax decides to keep the secret and raise the baby as his own. Courtney had picked the named John Michael Jacks (in honor of both their fathers). Robin Scorpio learns the truth and announces it at the baby’s christening. Nikolas renames the baby Spencer Cassadine, in honor of his half-siblings Lucky and Lulu Spencer and to demonstrate the conclusion of the Cassadine/Spencer feud. Spencer’s great-grandmother, Helena Cassadine, hires Colleen McHenry as the baby’s nanny. Colleen soon develops an unrequited crush on Nikolas, growing desperate for the two of them and Spencer to become a family. Colleen kidnaps Spencer, and Helena kidnaps him from Colleen. Nikolas and Emily Quartermaine go to Moscow and rescue him. Spencer is often left in the care of Nikolas’s staff and friends comment on his lack of parenting. In June 2011, Spencer moves to Zürich, Switzerland with his father. In December, Lulu mentions that Nikolas is in Greece. In March 2013, Laura mentions that Spencer is in Italy with his great-grandmother, Lesley.

6 Responses to Spencer Cassadine is headed home

  1. Gina says:

    So glad Tyler is back on GH. Love him on the Lying Game. It is about time they cast Spencer. I hope they show more of Spencer and Nikolas and portray him as the good father that he is especially after the way he grew up, with no Mother and a crazy Grandmother and Father. Hope TPTB make sure to write this storyline properly as rich and titled people do have staff to help take care of their children that isn’t unusual. Make sure GH that you portray Nikolas as a good father or this fan will be highly peeved!!!
    And start portraying Laura as a better Mother to him.

  2. Gina says:

    Forgot to add that Nicholas Bechtel is adorable and a great little actor. Hope to see more of him.

  3. Irene Boyd says:

    Please do not take Spence of the show I love that little boy.

  4. Cheryl Slay says:

    I would like to see the actor replaced. He is not very good, and could use some acting lessons. The character is good, he just needs a good actor to portray him.

  5. soapstix1 says:

    Nicholas Bechtel is a good reason for watching the children on GH. He excels at his part.

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