Loose Lips 6-16-2013

40EmmysAnd the Emmy goes to…….tonight is the big night for daytime and the stars of daytime will step out for the 40tth Annual Daytime Emmy Awards live from The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California to be televised live in all time zones on HLN starting at 8PMEST/5PMPST.  Lauren Koslow from DOOL will be doing again her take on fashion for the evening. She will give her approach of who is wearing what and who looks hot from the gowns, shoes and even the jewelry. And lets not forget the men the very sexy hot men!


LukeTracyGENERAL HOSPITAL: Will Luke and Laura find their way back to one another? While many viewers are enjoying the pairing of Geary and Elliot  and would have accepted the two as a couple others wonder if the legendry Luke and Laura will find their way back to one another. Insiders say yes they will but in will take sometime as it always does in daytime. and Ron is willing to go in that direction. Apparently when Francis returned she was thrilled to be back but as time went on her storyline drifted. Geary is due for his 3 month vacation going into a storyline coma to make sense of his absence and in the meantime Laura will pair up with Lucy Coe and rejuvenate Deception. Nikolas will front the money to re-start the company. As the story goes  Geary  requested he do one last hooray with Jane Elliot before they go in the LL direction, but not before Scotty and Tracy have something to say about it. And if sources are correct we just may see Tracy and Scotty pairing up……Sam’s Daddy story is in the works and Daddy knows everything there is to know about Sam and Alexis. Could Sam’s Dad be a Jerome? Why has Alexis kept this a secret all these years? Why hasn’t Sam asked about her father? Think back when Anna asked Alexis who Sam’s father was in the police station. That was done on purpose and somebody from Anna’s past will return. It is also being rumored that Stephen Nicolas may be PatrickSilascoming on board. As Stefan or a new character, perhaps even as Sam’s Dad. Put ths rumor on hold until more is released…..Even though Silas has won the custody battle it’s not over yet. Silas stays in PC because he is one of 2 doctors who can do such a radical procedure that could save Danny’s life. But the problem is to find a suitable bone marrow donor.  Most everyone connected to Sam will step up to the plate, the Quartermaines included. But what about Franco will he help and redeem himself? Silas will realize that Rafe needs to stay where he is and tells Sam that the deal is he stay in contact with Rafe. Silas has a story of his and understand what Sam is going through because his own son died years ago….The birth of the two babies (Maxie and Brittany) are coming to a head. Dr O was the one responsible for Brittany’s pregnancy and to add more to this story the Cassadines are involved. There’s a big story set to play out after the babies are born……..Hearing a murder mystery is planned for later this summer. Ellie will go missing as she come too close to finding out Britt’s secret…… Kelly Sullivan had a meeting with Frank and the ABC legal team that negotiates and draws up the new contracts. Could she be the one leaving or maybe Ellie?….What if Carly and AJ married for convenience?..What if Lulu really gets pregnant?..What if Jason is alive?

HopeWillBOLD & BEAUTIFUL: Hunter Tylo’s end is coming soon my darlings but not before she has a few last words to say to Brooke. Will it be the final big scene for Taylor, not even. Seems since she told TPTB she is leaving in so many words and I hear words that can not be repeated she will give Brooke a piece of her mind at a birthday party held in Brooke’s honor. Seems Taylor knows more the she should and Brooke is not happy with that. Now that Brooke has miscarried her lust for Eric has turned into her lust for Bill again. We know she was using Eric it’s just mind boggling he didn’t….. Bell seems to think that a romance between Brooke and Bill is something many of us want to see and is going to play on it during the summer…….There’s been 2 lost pregnancies but is there one more around the corner? Could it be Maya or maybe Caroline? Could Rick become a father and a new Forrester enters the picture? Or is someone just having a false pregnancy, or even too stressed out to cope?….Meanwhile Hope is playing an adult’s game of “Jealousy” by using Wyatt to make Liam green and forget about Steffy and realize Hope is the one he truly loves. (gag me people) Hope gets a big sick of Liam going on and on about Steffy even though he tells her he loves her as well and decides to fight fire with fire. Wyatt, the bad boy, uses that to his advantage and uses Hope to get at Liam, his cousin we will find out, and decides that Spencer Creations could well be his own legacy as well..

AnitaDylanChelseaYOUNG & RESTLESS~~~Lauren is busted when Chloe finally puts two and two together and figures out she has been having a secret affair with Carmine. Chloe lets Lauren have it but not before Lauren reminds her of her own indiscretions. Will Chloe keep quiet and not say a word? Fen on the other hand is questioned by his father regarding his new attitude which pisses Fen off and tells Michael that he never sees the good in him only the worst. Michael frantic to keep peace with his son makes him a promise that he will save his marriage one way or another. Lauren overhears the conversation and is thrilled but next week the word that Lauren is having an affair spreads as Jill finds out and Michael comes to the realization that his fears about Fen inheriting his demons are justified…..Victoria begins to see an other side of Billy when she comes upon Chloe and Billy sharing a special moment and this only concludes in her mind that he has been lying to her all along….Sweet sweet Dylan or so everyone thinks, Chelsea and Dylan start to plan the their future when his army buddy comes to town there will be a side to Dylan we have never seen before and the real Dylan the darker Dylan finally emerges….Tyler and Abby? hmmm…What if Tyler was using Abby to get over Lily?……It is being said that Traci is keeping a big secret and that is the real reason she returns to Genoa. Could it be the paternity of Summer perhaps? Lots of questions here and I for one am very curious to see what it is….Cameron Grimes is returning as I have previously mentioned but it seems she will be around longer then one episode. I have been told it will be an arc storyline and Ms Grimes is quoted as saying she is delighted she will have a story line again. Grimes also mentioned that viewers may not recognize her since she looks very different at 23 then she did at 16. Will CG play a new character to whom Nick and Sharon gravitate because she reminds them of Cassie or how Cassie might have looked had she lived?…Who is Hilary and what does she want? Is she someone from Neil’s past? Will she be a long lost daughter? Do we really need to have this same story again (Tucker/Katherine)…. Will the character of Phyllis be recast? A rep for CBS said that the answer is a definite NO! Stafford will finish taping this month and her last air date will be at the end of July, how she leaves is unknown at this time.

JohnRomanDAYS OF OUR LIVES~~~Nicole and Brady hit the sack and then have a hard time keeping their tryst a secret from Eric…. Adrienne doesn’t see eye to eye with Justin or Marlena in regards to Sonny and Will’s relationship…. Marlena tries to figure out what happened with Bernardi’s murder by performing hypnosis on Sami…. Drake Hogestyn (John), who recently tweeted that he hadn’t been on the set since March, is now back taping…. Kristen makes a bold move of revenge and Eric is the target…. Nick is now unemployed and seeks out Vargas with an interesting offer…. Daniel catches JJ red-handed and later on, Jennifer receives bad news about her son…. Chad and Abigail make a surprising discovery and share it with EJ.

PeteColbybedALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Fans of The OnLine Network’s ‘All My Children’ were in a tizzy regarding a shocking scene, unlike anything ever seen on daytime television before, between resident bad girl Colby Chandler and hottie Pete Cortlandt. During Colby and Pete’s steaming exchange between the sheets, Pete shows off his computers knowledge to Colby, while Colby shows off some talents of her own! Fans of the series flocked to social media to voice their opinions about the racy content, following the posting of the episode. Many went to youtube to check it but when they went there a webpage came up and said “This video has been removed because its content violated YouTube’s Terms of Service. “………The return of Dimintri Marrick is going to be an interesting one. On Wednesday Marrick did a conference call with some of the reporters from certain mags and online sites. The question is how will Dimintri fit into the canvas and with who?  I can say with certainty there will be some very interesting scenes between  Ms English and Dimintri. ….Adam who?……If your wondering why Todd is still around you won’t have to wonder much longer, and you will be surprised and shocked how Mr. Manning leaves Llanview. Will it be on his own accord or in a body bag?….One of my new found moles has informed me that the cast and crew are very nervous about the shows and whether they will be sticking around. Robin Strasser all ready admitted she has been told she will not be filming for awhile. If you would like to go to Robins hot line and hear what she has to say (212)414-5300 but be prepared for a long conversation.

19 Responses to Loose Lips 6-16-2013

  1. Jair says:

    I loved some steamy blowjob this week!xD
    On web also soaps can be a bit hotter!

  2. Nat says:

    All these are horrible. GH, on some days i tune out. Don’t care about Sam daddy drama or LL reuniting because all Laura is going to become is his doormat, again. DOOL, Eric is a priest who vowed from any sexual relationship with a woman, why would he care about Brady/Nicole encounter is just crazy. Y&R, zzzzzzzzzz, and on the B&B, Liam/Hope/Wyatt is nothing but a wash/rinse/repeat storyline of Ridge/Brooke/Nick.
    The episode on AMC referred to Colby giving Petey a BJ while he recited computer jargon was offensive because PP should have issued a disclaimer about the episode. The only problem is have with AMC/OLTL is that the writers have destroyed the legacy of the show with caricature instead of balance.

  3. Marie says:

    GH is on fire these days!! Just awesome.
    On the flip side, glad I missed that episode of AMC, it sounds totally without class. Disgusting.

  4. MaryAnn says:

    On GH Getting used to Franco being back but he is nothing like he was before, not sure redeeming him is the answer. Probably would be a good time to bring Jason back even though would have to recast. Steve Burton seems comfortable on Y&R.
    On B&B too bad Steffy left town She had a much more intense chemistry with Liam they were hot together. Hope is boring with him. Maybe Liam needs someone new.
    On Y&R Summer and Jack finding out they are father and daughter should be interesting. Hope it happens soon and they don’t drag it out .

  5. Emjayeh says:

    GH, The three OLTL transplants are OK, I’m getting hooked again, so something is being done right at GH, I added it to my DVR schedule….. Y & R, The Summer Paternity is interesting, the show does have my attention, I’m waiting for Chelsea to get busted, I like super Dylan, who is Hillary? Victoria always pissed, oh yeah, I like that!…… B & B only reading what you guys are writing, still not good enough to put back on my DVR schedule.

  6. Emjayeh says:

    AMC, WOW, Enough said, OLTL not enough happening.

  7. Christine says:

    These storyline are just retreads. Can’t the writers come up with anything new? Soaps are lacking imagination and wit. It’s really sad but the shows are just boring now.

  8. Ann Marie Blon says:

    GH on fire I think not. I used to be a big Dante and Lulu, but right now I can’t get into them right now. I think Days is way better right now then GH. Plus we aren’t seeing other characters right now.

  9. Marie says:

    I doubt Eric was not aware of what Brooke was doing. The point is Eric said no but, didn’t tell Taylor. Yes, Taylor will make an ass out of herself. The final Taylor scene going amok. Of course, Brooke’s secrets will come out. They always do. I’m looking forward to when Heather Tom/Katie goes bonkers with Bill and Brooke. That will be so good. No need to fear with Hunter Tylo leaving. Heather Tom will rise and shine as I know the others involved will up the ante.

    So tptb might be changing sweet innocent guy Dylan. The present guy is just boring. Wouldn’t it be something if Dylan knows the baby is not his? That Dylan is attracted to Chelsea’s money? Will Adam have to save Chelsea and baby? Could tptb be trying to do everything to save their Steve Burton?

  10. Mark Gross says:

    I love Brooke and Bill as a couple. They
    Have the potential to be a very hot couple.
    Bill and Katie are a very boring couple. I can
    Not wait for the Monte Carlo scenes with Brooke
    And Bill.
    Go Team Brill!

    • juju says:

      There will be some scenes between Brooke and Bill at Monte Carlo ?! woohoo..you interest me here..
      I also love, enjoy Brooke and Bill and while i totally floved Heather Tom as Victoria on Y&R for years (sne was easily my favorite female character on this show for decades) i don’t much care for Katie on B&B, too often boring and self-righteous for my taste. And Brooke played by KLL was always the one character who hooked me on Bold..she is just fun to watch no matter what to me and has some great chemistry with other characters most of the time. I also enjoy Bill Spencer played DD whereas i loathed Brad on Y&R, could not stand him at all..therefore if Brooke and Bill really explore some romance i would be thrilled..good move to me.

  11. Dietra says:

    Good God, smh, can someone please buy a clue for Bell & give it to him. As much as I like Hunter Tylos “Taylor”, I can deal with her leaving as long as Bell gets rid of this STUPID and CRAPPY storyline with Hope & Liam, it’s been 2-3 yrs now, on what planet does he think ALL BB fans want to see the same old wash-rinse-repeat plots. The only reason I still watch BB is to see what Katie is going to do to Bill and her “slut from the valley” sister; and finally, a story on Y&R that I might actually be interested in,lets see how much of a dark side Mr. Dylan is going to have, because I just couldn’t get into him being this goody-goody, maybe Dylan will have a little bit of Jason Morgan in him; speaking of Jason Morgan, I would love for him to be reunited with Sam, even if he’s played by a new actor. We’ll see.

  12. MaryAnn says:

    EMJAYEH, I think Hillary is the new employee that Caine hired. Probably a new love interest for Caine since lily is interested in Tyler.Not sure if Hillary is connected to anyone already in GC.

  13. tgtsing says:

    Why don’t you guys stop wish bradley would do this or that because he not going to do it. the only thing bradley know how to do is show hind part on bb. like i mentioned before this soap is no longer bb.no one on this show is bold nor beautiful. bb will not be the same wit heather tom or any other tom. bradley plain and simply just boothed all our favorites outy. trying to his own thing with bb he just shot it down. there was a time if they mentioned bb soaps star would be on an outing i would attend. apparently bb soap are going to be at the famous farmers market in august. i don’t care. if anything they should pay to see me. i will let the those need to know how displeased i am with what bradley has done to the world greatest soap bb. it’s a shame what he did. it’s a shame once you start aging the world tries to tell you you know longer matter. this is what bradley has done with ronn, susan, hunter and many others. i can tell you this bb may as well pack it’s bags because not many will continue wanting to watch somebody’s white hind part as that’s all he seemed to do is show somebody’s bottom and called it acting. i am so pleased that for the last to years they didn’t win for favorite soap and only got one year to get it right. i do believe once taylor as i left a long time ago bb will slip more and more in the ratings. the actor bradley have now i give them a 2 and say go back to acting school. packed your bags bb as said before i still don’t see lasting through 2013 in the ratings. bb died out with the late william bell sr. this not bb anymore i recommened to bradley bell you’ve changed everything else please change the name to the bad and the ugly because of such bad writing and many of trhe actors now are comely looking people many of them kinda look like bradley as he is comely looking. i tyhink it was just down right nasty at what he done to those actors that his late father created and the many viewers that he aguired over the years simply those us to go to hell. like i said mr. mooves heard what we said about bb this i why they only gave bb a year. i say to so call bb your days are limited. your not bb.

  14. Janet says:

    Gh has turned into a big joke. I don’t care who Sams father is,and if he is a cassidene, plus Michael and his kissing cousin. I will pass. rh PLAYING THE EVIL DISGUSTING fRANCO TURNS ME OFF, SO MUCH SO I HAVE TO dvr SO I CAN ff HIM. I DON’T WANT TO SEE LAURA PUT BACK WITH THE DRUNKEN IDIOT CHILD KILLER lUKE. mAYBE HER GOING BACK TO DECEPTION WOULD BE FINE.lUCY c AND LAURA,WITH lulu MAYBE WORKING FOR HER.gREAT.

    GH I HAVE GONE BACK TO dvrING it so I can FF the kissing Cousins and her father. RH is disgusting when he slinks up to Tracy and AJ laughing and I want AJ to punch him, and have him and Tracy say he isn’t worth it, Circle the Q wagons and get rid of those two OLers. If SN is returning he will be Alexis’s brother how can he be Sams father? Monica owns the house, Alan gave it to her! throw them out starting with Sonny’s thieving son. . The one character I do like Ellie may be gone the way of the other character I liked Siophan.We get Tyler, felix, Sabrina, franco etc, etc ,etc. I don’t know if I even want to watch this drivel.

  15. Jaime says:

    I would love Stefan (Stephen Nichols) to return! I want a true shake up of the Cassadine family. Im tired of Nikolas for I find him rather staid and dull for a Cassadine and a bit hypocritical to say the least. Its time to learn Helena hid the fact that Stavros was her son via an affair and therefore not the first born son of Mikkos Cassadine rending the true heir and prince Stefan not Stavros nor Nikolas. This identity crisis which has Stefan seeing the abuse he suffered at the hands of all and the lies which led to it, seeing Nikolas realize he is NOT the true heir and thus his identity crisis becomes apparent and there is the cartoon popsicle angry at the thought he is not a prince after all. Shake them all up and allow the more intelligent Cassidine to be the Cassadine. As for Alexis whether Stefan is Sam’s father could be after all Alexis being the sister could still be a hoax and just Helena’s wrath since she knew Alexis had had a thing for Stefan years ago. We did see Alexis awfully protective of Stefan in the beginning and not thrilled when Stefan was ever interested in Katherine nor Laura. So could be and a little shake up would be very interesting. It would be more interesting if Helena returned to the mix and had to deal with the truth finally emerging and how that affects her own fortunes.

    Frankly I’d love the story. Im tired of Sonny pretending he has the right to judge all. Its tiresome and odd

  16. BETTYEJ says:

    What’s there left to say, Brad Bell is slowing killing his show!

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