Loose Lips 9-15-13



It's the happy time again darlings to hear what's going to happen on our favorite shows. But first I have to say the lawsuit between PP and ABC is getting out of hand. The latest is…………….

that it may be the end of AMC as well and the possibly death of both shows. According to Agnes Nixon, creator of both shows, they still haven’t found their online storytelling groove. On TV story-lines can play out for months or even years but online shows have to move much faster. Sadly the fans seem to be choosing one show over the other instead of watching both. AMC has had a 25% bigger viewing audience, why you ask in my opinion if you walk up to someone on the street and you mentioned All My Children they say "Yea I know that show, but mentioned One Life To Live and they may say "Never heard of it". An now OLTL is on an indefinite hiatus. Apparently the problem is (PP's side of the story) ABC killed off characters on screen without giving Prospect Park any sort of indication that these characters that they were still writing for were going to die.

So my darlings, what do you want to happen? Bring back both shows to Prospect or cancel both shows and let them rest?


GENERAL HOSPITAL: The announcement that Robert will soon wake up has fans over the moon. Tristan Rogers will be returning and this story is gonna be a doozy .When Robert tells Anna that Robin is alive heads will start to roll. Look for Robert, Robin and a few others that rise from the dead coming in October…….Wonder who is lurking in the shadows? Well it's not Jason people that's for sure…. it's Heather Webber!! Yes she is back, she busted out of the sanatorium in order to wish Franco a Happy Birthday. She also wants what she was promised a BLT from Kellys,  she demands Franco to go get her one and then they can have their meeting…..It won't be long before Derek Wells is known as Julian Jerome. Shawn and Max "encourage" Vince to tell them who his boss is and after much persuasion he gives up the name. Shawn hurries to tell Sonny that Julian is alive but Sonny doesn't believe him. Pay attention people a simple DNA test is going to be Julian's downfall…..  Sonny isn't the only one falling into the Jerome's trap. Duke is desperate for a job and Derek/Julian gives him one! Julian is full of glee knowing Duke has just hopped in bed with his enemy. Anna learns from Dante that there’s talk going around that Julian Jerome is alive, but no one has been able to confirm this……Tequan Richmond, who plays TJ is starring in "Blue Caprice", a film based on the true events of the Beltway sniper. Rolling Stone Magazine gave it 3.5 stars!. Link……What if Silas's past had something to do with the mob?….What if Carlos was related to a past mob family?

BOLD & BEAUTIFUL: Hold on it's finally going to happen, Steffy is on her way back and not soon enough for me. But sadly it is a short return. Woods mentioned that she loves the show and loves her fans and is willing to come back from time to time when her schedule allows. What does this mean for the Liam/Hope/Wyatt triangle? Absolutely nothing. How long Steffy will be back not known but expect Steffy to go back to Paris ….Rumor has it that Liam and Hope don't make it to the alter, Hope and Wyatt do because of something Hope overhears and misunderstands, how stupid is this story?……The Brooke/Bill/Katie triangle gets more complicated when a new man comes to town and catches Brooke's eye. Really? Another man for Brooke! At least this new guy won't have any previous connection with "any" of the Logan women……Wedding bells are going to ring for Maya and Carter but Maya finds out something and it's is going to devastate and confuse her…..Quinn, Quinn, Quinn love this women! Will Quinn be the next mistress of the manor? Look for some very touching scenes when Eric talks to his dear departed Stephanie about whether or not he should move on. Will Stephanie's ghost return and help Eric decide or will it just be a figment of his imagination while talking to her photo?

YOUNG & RESTLESS: Adam Newman is on the war path and daddy dearest better watch his back! Fatherhood will give Adam a new lease on life and become the father his never was. Adam finally stands up to Victor and lets he know what a disgrace he has been as a father and a husband and wants nothing to do with him. (For now..LOL) Adam joins forces with Jack and then go after Victor. Will this be the downfall of Victor Newman that fans have been waiting for? I wouldn't hold my breath, considering Victor always and I mean always has something up his sleeve. Imagine Victor plotting and going to Chelsea and Dylan at some point to align himself to help them with Connor so Adam can not take him away. And if Dylan turns out to be Nikki's long lost son back in the day when she was abused, it would be just like Victor to try and use him to hurt Adam just as he tried to use Kyle to hurt Jack…..Shelly Altman and Jean Passanante have taken over the writing reins at Y&R from Josh Griffith. In an official announcement today from Steve Kent, Senior Executive Vice President. I sure hope they can do better because if you ask me there isn't much stability in the writing these past months. Let's just hope this doesn't turn to be the Dylan hour like she did back on GH with Sonny while our favorites sit at home waiting for a call back or in their dressing rooms, provided they still have them.

DAY OF OUR LIVES: Guy Wilson has reportedly taken over the role of Will from previous portrayer Chandler Massey, who departed in July. But because the show tapes so far in advance, viewers will see Massey in the role probably until the end of the year…. JJ continues to be up to no good when he breaks into Daniel's apartment while Daniel and Parker are away visiting Chloe…. EJ learns Chad's secret and takes advantage of it…. Eric agrees to hypnosis to help him recover memories of the night he became ill…. Sami's trial comes to a conclusion in a surprising way…. Deidre Hall (Marlena) and Matt Ashford (ex-Jack) guest star in the new season of the web series Dating in the Middle Ages…. Nick is stunned when he sees Gabi and Cameron together…. Kate and Jordan get into an argument.

21 Responses to Loose Lips 9-15-13

  1. josie says:

    OK. SO I AM PUMPED as an  " EX "  , B & B Watcher .  MY girl STEFFY is coming back ?  "  WHEN " ?  I hope that she stays for quite awhile .!!!!  CLEAR your schedule " J. M . W . "  Cause you are very much needed to " SAVE "  B & B  , from being flushed down the crapper !!!

  2. Bambi says:

    Steffy is coming back for a short visit? Well hope thats a good one! I hope they kep Liam away i hate that guy.. really he is sooo boring and confused all the time…I wish the Foresters could take the soap awwy from KKl hate that old Bitch.. Really another man for her??? Bell u need to go some one either fire him or shoot the SOB.Steffy is coming back huh? Well i watch the show for that day! I hate the show with OLD Brooke  and Bill together it gross and sickening as it is to watch Eric with younger women too in love scenes! Puke….I'd like to know how KKl can star & write her own stories for B&B??? Megs it makes me sick! Maya,caroline,rick,brooke,bill,hope,liam,can all be replaced as far as it goes…The Old B&B was the BEST! And i don't mean any of KKl stories i always changed the channel when ever she came on..Bell should just get on top of KKL and ride the bitch to death and leave the B&B alone..I think if KKL was gone the soap might even rise up from the dead and be better. Cuz as long as Incest Brooke is on the show the more fans the show is losing. KKL is too old for love scenes gag…..and she does nothing to turn on the younger fans what so ever…Bell is a disgrace to soaps.Sick & twisted SOB..Ruining a great soap for the likes of KKl is a sin!


  3. MelP526 says:

    The Prospect Park excuse for shelving OLTL is pretty pathetic. They wanted Starr, John & Todd back on their show, so all 3 were written off GH & all PP used was Todd??? There could've been the "mother of all" custody battles between John & Nat. Starr could've come storming back in to town to straighten out her little sister. Instead, there was just one story for Todd (no complaints on that one) and there was a little bit of a discussion on Cliff & his little tricks to keep Nat & John apart before she moved on to Cutter. Could you imagine John's reaction to finding out that Cutter was involved in selling drugs & he was involved with Natalie? Dumb a$$es.

    I don't watch B&B because I can't stand Brooke's voice, it's way to high pitched & squeaky for me. But, I've noticed that when TIIC want to get a show cancelled, but try to keep their jobs with the network, they start making one character the center of the show to the exclusion of everyone else on the show, no matter what the fans want (and I'm starting to think that's what's going on over at B&B). Some recent examples:

    AMC – Ryan Lavery

    ATWT – Janet Ciccone

    OLTL – The oldest Ford Brother

    • Emma Samm says:

      Mel, I think you may be on to something. Brad has been SO indifferent to his audience and has so drastically changed the show, as well as trying out stuff that belongs more on an 'adult' channel, that I have speculated for some time if he just wants to shelve it and head over to reality television with KKL having her own show.

  4. Dietra says:

    Please come back for good JMW, I miss Steffy. I would love to see Steffy come back and throw all the crap that Brooke and Hope threw at her when she was going to be with Bill right back in their faces.

  5. Thelma says:

    I imagine there is more to the story behind the lawsuit between PP and ABC. My guess is a money issue. My reasoning is that AMC 2.0 has more newbies than OLTL 2.0. I just want both shows to come back. Truthfully I love OLTL more than AMC.

  6. Robbyrob says:

    This so-called lawsuit against ABC is beyond stupid.  PP is just scapegoating its own ineptness. Yes, PP should be applauded for getting both show back.  However, GH used Starr, Todd, and John when both shows were dead in the water at the time.  Yes, GH killed off Cole and Hope BUT no bodies were found.  How this ruined OLTL storylines is quite laughable.  First of all, OLTL recast Matthew, why couldnt it recast Starr?  Bring back Cole and Hope to life too. Oh, thats right, PP didnt want to lower itself to the cliche of back from the dead stories. Maybe if it did, more eyeballs would come back…which they need. Im sure the cursing, too much young newbies doing club drugs and depressing stories like sex traffiking had nothing to do with low viewership.  While no huge ABC fan here except for the back from the dead (!) GH, i side with them over this joke of a lawsuit.  PP simply is not making enough revenue to keep the shows afloat. 




    • lulu says:

      Euh..while i agree with you about PP freaking excuse concerning the three OLTL characters being on GH and some not really major characters being killed off (Hope and Cole were not even viable the last years of OLTL..come on..come on..excuse..excuse) the sex trafficking story seem to have given some good ratings (at least better than for OLTL) to AMC..

  7. Jason says:

    They better bring both of them back, I want both of those shows to stay on! Or if anything, ABC can get rid of their plans they had for the Spew and that extra hour for the affiliates, and put AMC and OLTL back on there. 

  8. lulu says:

    I love B&B right now and i love Brooke and Bill together so i don't need a new guy for Brooke ! This guy should be for Katie ! Brad Bell LEAVE BROOKE AND BILL ALONE ! You have something good here (and MANY agree with me) don't ruin it..don't be moronic Brad..please.

  9. Natalie Schiltz says:

    Not surprised by Brook going after another man. She interested in the chase and no long term committment. Bill will get a bird eye view how Brooke operates and it would be worth it to see his head explode.

    Dylan as Nikki long lost son is just poor and lazy writing from the writers of Y&R. Dylan acts like a whiny two year old child.

    Please GH, no more dead people coming back to life. 

  10. Rie says:

    I hate when they bring important characters back for a "visit".  It always ruins the story. If Steffy is coming back for good I would be so glad but having an important character like Steffy just visiting and having no closure is not something I am looking forward too and I am a big fan of Steffy.

    Why are they bringing on a new man for Brooke?  I would love to see Katie with a new man.




  11. Carly says:

    Pleaseeeeeeee stop the Liam/Hope/Wyatt saga.  I FF through this every time.  I hate this, no one cares…it's ad nauseum by now.  And Wyatt?  Are ya' kiddin' me?  What on earth is the draw there?  Of all the actors out there, if we have to watch this dribble, they couldn't find a better guy to play the part.  I can't stand watching him.  This storyline is past BORING, immature, ridiculous, what's Hope, like 18 or something and she's making all these major decisions at Forrester, etc…it makes Eric look like an idiot.  And speaking of Eric, I guess Quinn will be the replacement for Taylor since you have to have the perpetual conflict between Brooke and someone.  And for Brooke/Bill to keep crying the blues in Katy's face, I swear if I were Katy, they'd be arrested the minute they stepped foot on the property.  For Brooke to try to justify this, she's disgusting, always has been…a real low-life.  Bill and Brooke are a matched pair, no morals, they are like gutter rats.

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