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It’s super Sunday  as the Seahawks vs the Broncos, in the 2014 Super bowl but many are calling it  the Stoner Bowl. Bryan Weinman and a few friends registered the Internet domain www.stonerbowl.org two weeks ago thinking it would be funny if the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos, the NFL teams from the two states that have legalized marijuana, made it to the big game… it paid off.  Go check it out. But for now let’s get going with our weekly column…..

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Looks like Liz is going to finally tell Nikolas she loves him, but it may be too little too late or is it? TPTB are considering putting  Liz/Nik together again but I hear they also may fiddle with a Liz/Ric past…… All hell is going to break loose when it is revealed Dante is Ben’s father but nothing on Lulu as Britt pretends that she had no idea. BS!!!! The reveal that Lulu is the mother won’t be coming for a while…… Obrecht instructs Britt to arrange quarters in Wyndemere or she will she threaten to out Ben’s true roots should Britt not come through….. Liz is putting two and two together and enlists Felix’s help to test Ben and Dante’s DNA against each other. This just may be the opening to put real life couple Thiebaud/Craig together as Britt/Morgan…….. Victor is in town trying to get Robin to bring back his sister-in-law and nephew.  When he laid down the picture of Constance Towers as Helena it locked it in for me that Donna Mills will not be playing that part but as I have speculated she will probably be Nina’s mother who I believe Nathan has been calling on the phone. ……And speaking of Victor he reveals to Robin that Jason is being kept alive the same way Helena and Stavros are. By helping to cure his family members, Robin will be able to save Jason. Victor shows her the proof that Jason’s alive. He tells Robin that if she comes with him, it will be for an indefinite amount of time and that she can’t tell her family why she’s leaving. Hence KM leaves GH…… Julian decides to help Sam and visits Silas in jail who proclaims he is innocent and Julian agrees to help Silas for Sam’s sake. Could this be Julians only good deed? I am hearing it’s the end of the road for Julian when he is murdered and once again “another” mystery will begin…….AJ has another flash to the night Connie was killed and remembers Ava was there, too.  How much will AJ remember about the night of Connie’s death, will it be enough to clear his conscious once and for all?…… Carly will be saved in the next few weeks but not before the walls come crumbling down.

BOLD & BEAUTIFUL: Can I tell you I told you so? I don’t mean to toot my horn but as reported Hunter Tylo is on her way back,  why she decided is beyond me after the way it ended when she was last on. But she is back and many fans are thrilled.  But she will only be back for just a few episodes and not on a regular basis.  Mr Bell is using Taylor to bring in Thorne’s daughter Alexandra into a  mature young lady who will be getting a love interest and this is where Darla will appear played by Schae Harrison who will be making some ghostly appearances. It may be one ghostly visit is not be enough, insiders are hearing that we may see another visit from the spirit world if Brad can talk Brooke’s former foe who thought she had changed to come back. This is only in talks for now but wouldn’t it be fantastic to see Susan Flannery back on our screens once again if only for a few episodes. ……I also told you that Ridge had been cast but it was taking awhile for TPTB to bring him on.  Now it’s clear to most everyone why Thorsten Kaye is a huge, HUGE hit. There are two facts coming out of the Thorsten Kaye version of Ridge, (1) Bridge is done for and (2) Ridge has changed because of all the things that have happened in his life. And no matter what Bill thinks or saw Ridge is not gay, at least this Ridge isn’t.  As a matter of fact we will see Ridge and Katie together in a romantic situation.  I am sure you can figure it out, but it will not be until Brooke and Bill hit the sheets and then Brooke comes to the conclusion that she is too good for Ridge. Really? ….The jury is still out whether Ridge and Katie will be a couple but sources say there is another wedding coming and it’s not who you think…..Maya/Carter/Oliver another triangle in the making for a few episodes but don’t look for it to get too heavy It’s filler, and ultimately, Oliver will try to reunite with his first love after Wyatt and Liam both disappoint the young Logan.

YOUNG & RESTLESS: I am hearing we have not seen the last of Carmine. No surprise there. It is being said that Michael gets a phone call from Ronan and goes to where Carmine is and knocks on his door, what happens after that you can only guess. What I find interesting is none of the big wigs in the justice system have even tried to hint out that Carmine may not be dead knowing that a young man was facing serious prison time (and agreed to a guilty plea) for it. Even though the GCPD may not know what’s going on, someone up there is well aware about the case against Fen especially considering he’s the son of the former D.A. IMO Paul didn’t do much to try to solve this case seems he did more when he was a PI. Even if he didn’t get the picture until it was almost too late, it still would have happened with a lot more effort than he’s put into Carmine’s murder. But then again if the Baldwin’s hadn’t always railroaded his efforts Paul would have been able to conduct a proper investigation.  Both Fen and Michael confessed to the crime and there was evidence placing them both at the scene. So I guess this is a matter of opinion…..How many weeks has Jill been handcuffed to the bed? With all this stuff about Delia’s death nobody has even noticed she is AWOL. And what about Colin why is he really back in Genoa, and Lily wants to know also….Are we ever going to have  storyline that doesn’t include a kidnapping or Summer being in danger, or a Fen drama, and someone going crazy, sources say we will see another kidnapping when  Chloe ( psycho #6,)  confronts Chelsea and it causes Chloe to take action and kidnap Conner…..  Nikki keeping a major secret from Victor and Victor lying through his teeth to everyone, will it ever end?  Nick and Victoria find out the shocking truth about Victor and all hell will break loose!!!!!

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Eileen Davidson brings her Kristen back to Salem…. JJ’s hearing gets postponed so he has to stay on his best behavior a little while longer, but that doesn’t stop him, Rory and Bev from setting up Theresa…. Brady hides out in Daniel’s apartment so he can drink without anyone bothering him but someone does…. Nicole and Daniel are close to getting information out of Dr. Chyka but Stefano orders his goons to neutralize Chyka….. EJ and Abigail have a hard time fighting their attraction to each other…. A major revelation floors Kate, Gabi and Sami…. Will gives Sonny a Valentine’s Day surprise.

22 Responses to Loose Lips 2-2-2014

  1. Chester Drawers says:

    Killing Julian would be absolutely idiotic. There is still way too much story to tell with him – Alexis, Sam, Danny, Lucas. The banking of marrow an stem cells in in the experimental stage, Even if he banks arrow/stem cells there is no guarantee they would be viable 5, 10, 15 years down the road.

    Meanwhile they shove Sabrina, Felix, KiKi, and Franco down our throats.

    Quit trying to make KiKi happen!

    • Matilda says:

      @Chester Draws, the story you talk about for Julian and his family would take some thought to write, these writers are not capable. Julian who started out as a promising character, has turned into a one dimensional cartoon. This is the GH of the present and unfortunately its future as long as Frank and Ron are running the show.

      • Sina says:

        Isn’t it sad how one dimensional Julian has gotten? He did have such promise. Then he just became this cartoon villain trying to get Sonny and threatening Morgan. Julian and Alexis were starting to pick up steam when their storyline was completely dropped for months then out of nowhere they dry humping on the couch! I totally forgot Julian even liked Alexis. Julian and Sam relationship is a complete waste. At first I was feeling his connection to Sam and wanting to get to know her but now everytime they talk I don’t feel that connection anymore. Him and Lucas….nothing although they do look alike. They can kill him in a mob war along with Olivia. I want to see Sonny flip out and Dante get mad and emotional.

  2. Matilda says:

    Robin leaving her daughter, after just coming home and promising to never leave her again, for Jason, is beyond lame. This is the best that RC can come up with? Or is it the best way to destroy her character and prop Sobby Sabrina? Just another retread story. RC has zero imagination, he mines GH history in all the worst ways.

    It looks like Julian is getting the boot instead of AJ after all the backlash and support for Sean Kanan. Too bad RC has no interest in writing for the Quartermaines.

    • LooseLips says:

      Let me just say to the readers who are upset about Kimberly leaving, that was her choice to leave. The deal was she would stay around for a year and then leave to do what she loves and this is directing. In my previous column I mentioned she would be leaving to work with the director of Greys Anatomy then go and direct her own feature film. She would return when no one knows but she will be back sometime in the summer so it goes. So please do not diss Ron or Frank thinking it was there choice to write her off. It WAS NOT, it was Kimberly’s. As for the rest it remains to be seen.

      • Julie says:

        It may not be their choice to write her off, but it is there choice as to HOW they do it. And having her leave to save Jason is RIDICULOUS. And the whole “you can’t tell anyone why you are really leaving” part is just frustratingly stupid. In this situation, it’s KMc that I am not blaming. She’s not the one who wrote this dispicable exit.

        • Matilda says:

          Exactly Julie. It is how they are writing her out. If the disgusting drivel that we were subjected to today, in the form of dialogue from a five year old, is an indication of where this is going, Ron and Frank deserve any diss leveled at them.

        • Sina says:

          I wish that was a picture of Georgie. Then I would understand.

  3. Chester Drawers says:

    I heard elsewhere that Olivia and Duke were going to be killed by Victor, with Julian getting the blame and Alexis, Sam, and Lucas teaming up to prove Julian wasn’t guilty.

  4. Dietra says:

    I’ve had it, GH is turning into the ABC version of B&B.

  5. racey says:

    I truly did not know how lame, these writers have turned out to be, you have a talented actor in William Devry and you get rid of him instead of Roger Howarth (awful franco character) and numerous others such as kiki, sabrina, brad, obrecht, silas. The character of julian is a character with a lot of story to tell, establishing a relationship with his children Sam & Lucas, budding relationship with Alexis, warring with Sonny and Duke, but instead you prop up these newbies that no long-time viewer or even newer viewer want to see. Destroying legacy characters like Robin Scorpio for this sappy, cinderella Sabrina, that just brings down the acting talent of Jason Thompson, Scrubs was a couple we enjoyed and rooted for and now the RC & FV have totally ruined and what for no wonder your actors are leaving in droves, or demanding extended vacation time in any new or revised contract I would too especially given the lame writing on this show and the lack of maintaining some recollection of GH’s long history. Kudo’s for Steve Burton, Tristan Rogers and Kimberly McCullough, Genie Francis, for the many great moments they gave GH, sorry I cannot say the same for the current regime.

  6. Dietra says:

    I used to be a Sabrina fan, but I have jumped ship, I’m in the same boat with a lot of others now, I am totally sick of her.

  7. soaps says:

    Brooke Logan is a piece of work

  8. pseudonym says:

    I am so sick of RC and FV not listening to the fans at all, and just treating the whole show like a vanity project, to keep their OLTL buddies employed. There is still so much story to tell with the Julian Jerome character, and there would certainly be enough money in the budget to keep DeVry and Kanan if he would cut the real dead weight. Kiki, Franco and Silas were an experiment that has never worked from the beginning, yet the show runner’s egos won’t allow them to just scrap the whole thing and admit it was a stupid idea from jump.

  9. TJ says:

    Don’t get why they’d just test Dante DNA and not Lulu. Glad Liz is thinking but not buying this theory. Nic needs to tell Dr. O NO NO and NO. Give her a room in the catacombs or stables.

    Robin leaving ….. don’t see the difference from 2 years ago to now …. the fans knew Robin was alive … leaving Patrick in fan limbo with his attempt to move on. Having Robin leave with the knowledge that Jason is involved keeps the fans 1) looking for a KMcC return and 2) A Jason return. Again the fans are left hanging and dangling … having knowledge of one thing while watching something else on the screen. As much as I love Scrubs, for the Robins return fell flat and never got the charm and commitment of this couple.

    • Katherine says:

      Robins return gave GH GREAT ratings. What fell flat was many like myself were expecting to see the story be about Scrubs and they turned it into the Sabrina story attaching her to Scrubs since it is obvious she can’t make it alone with FV comment about making Sabrina viable. They were so wrong. Since many watched the reveal and Scrubs reuniting from the ratings being so high,. If FV and RC think Sabrina is such a great character let her stand on her own. Stop using Robin’s story and husband and daughter for Sabrina.

  10. Sam says:

    I hope that the rumor about Julian is just that – a rumor – because it doesn’t make sense that a character with a legacy and current familial ties would be killed off now while newbies like monotone Nathan West, with no ties other than the Silas/Nina story, would stay. Of course, anything with these writers is just a setup for disappointment nowadays, so I’ll just prepare myself for more shoddy storylines.

  11. Katherine says:

    Kimberly said in a recent interview she would be willing to do both GH and her directing.How about FV and RC NOT destroy a legacy like Robin by writing her off to do research and not ruin her just so Patrick can move on. Not everyone has to be coupled. Patrick should have been in on what Robin is doing. NO WAY would Robin leave her husband and child for Jason. NO WAY! We saw her struggle to get home to them. Jason is a friend where Patrick and Emma are her family. It is so stupid. They could have made Kimberly recurring since GH is overcrowded and others need time on screen. Not interested in Patrick having a baby. I am over ALL the babies on GH. Just because an actress is pregnant in real life doesn’t mean she needs to be pregnant in reel life, unless your a pet of FV and RC which is very obvious. Too bad FV and RC don’t respect a vet like Kimberly who works and makes others look good in scenes over a newbie.

  12. Rose says:

    I agree with you Katherine….and also with the Julian J story…he is a good addition to Gh, please don’t blow it and kill him off….There is a lot of ways for GH to go….I like Roger H…but his Franco character is just terrible…put him back as Todd!!!!! and Kiki…oh my her story is awful….she was a good Starr!!!!..rethink some of your story lines a lot of us, like some reality……

  13. Janet says:

    Ruin Robins memory to what? they don’t think we will be watching this garbage. I cannot bring myself to even watch this garbage. They knew exactly how long they had Robin, and they completely wasted it. Suebrina is not who we cared about. Now we get Robins a real piece of work not bothering to care what will happen to her family, her baby.Kim wants to direct, she has told them this numerous times and FrankenRon are turning into Guza, Doing their damndest to destroy the history. of characters,. Then if that’s not enough. we get RoHo of the stupid jokes, and the faces. No thanks. Someone needs to tell FrankenRon this GH not OLTL. He gave all the contracts to OLTLers,and newbies.why? I only watch now when I go on-line read who was on that day and decide. AJ ,he remembers something how long will he be off screen while they decide who really killed Connie.? FrankenRon can write Robin out however they want. I will think of them as rats not her..They lost Tristan, ruining Anna, .The worst. More Sonny, more mobs, and more who’s the daddy? loads of imagination NOT !

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