Loose Lips 3-30-14



April fools Day is not far off but rest assure there is no fooling in this columns. Just lots of previews, rumors and oh those speculations. How I love to speculate.

GENERAL HOSPITAL:  Who is this person pretending to be Luke Spencer?  Is it the real Luke, is it someone in a mask? Would Ron go that route AGAIN?  Maybe, but I have heard and I am sure many of you have that it is Bill Echart, Luke’s cousin. But didn’t he die in Luke’s arms? But this is a soap opera and anything goes. How many people have risen from the dead on any soap opera, so it’s not out of the realm that Bill is alive. But why come back now?  We have heard the  Barrett Industries and if you remember Bill and Julia Barrett were an item back in the day. So why attack Sonny? Rumor has it that Bill hates Luke & Sonny for taking out Frank Smith. So it looks like if this has any truth to it Ron’s rewriting history again. Faux/Luke attempts to hurry Tracy in getting hitched, but Ned sees something is not kosher. He tries talking Tracy out of getting married. As the wedding proceeds flash to Heather who walks into a room where we see Luke!!! Remember my darlings this is all speculation……for now……AJ dies, well there is no surprise there since Sean Kanan has been doing interviews telling he is on his way to Bold & Beautiful, but I told you this weeks ago. This storyline only gets more of a snooze fest when Michael is distraught and Monica can’t go on after loosing her husband and her children, but wait…AJ and Emily come back just in time to give Monica the courage to go on……Nik Nik Nik, now you realize what you did to Liz? Nikolas attempts to apologize to Elizabeth but sadly she is being held hostage by DR O, and she tells Nik she is under the weather and go away. I am hearing later in this storyline Nik returns  to Liz’s house since he thinks something is fishy and DR O with gun in hand shoots. Who will be the victim, Nikolas who has been shot several times or Elizabeth?……Will Nathan join forces with Silas and Sam? A plan is devised to out Nakamura’s killer who they think is Ava. The plan is to spread the word Nakamura is alive and in hiding. Silas will pretend to be Nakamura but gets called to GH and Sam’s takes his place . But while this sting is happening Ava goes to GH to talk to Silas who realizes Ava is not the murderer.  The plan has a surprising twist the suspect: Nathan’s mother, Madeline. Nathan then has to tell the truth that Madeline is his mother and Nina is his sister and he became a cop to find the truth who drugged his sister. Silas comes back from the hospital and is shocked to learn Nathan’s connection to Nina, and Madeline’s role in her drugging.  Madeline is question why she did this to her only daughter and reveals she never wanted Nina dead only the baby!!!!!!!!

BOLD & BEAUTIFUL: As I have been saying over and over Hunter Tylo is returning. Regardless of what her people say. I said a new Ridge was cast and waiting in the wings, but I was slammed for giving this out. I said Hope was going to be in a WTD storyline between Wyatt and Liam and naysayers said NO, then Kimberly Matula did a giggly little interview just recently where she stated Brad WAS going to do the storyline but it was decided between the writers not to take Hope down that path and personally, she was glad. Tons of times I’ve posted inside information and been on the money then right after I find it out from my little birdies, Brad changes plans, RE-SHOOTS SCENES, and goes an entirely different direction. And that new direction is with KKL/Don Diamont/Thorsten Kaye  that was taken place overseas. That wasn’t planned people, Brad just packs up the crew and changes the storyline right in mid-taping because KKL was in a 50 mile bike and 4 mile run triathlon. What boggles my mind is that he can afford to take Lange, Kaye, Diamont and the entire crew but yet says he can’t afford to rehire past actors like Wagner,and tons of other fabulous actors and actresses we’ve lost on Bold…..Hunter Tylo is  back and her scenes are very dramatic with Ally where theses two lose control over Darla’s  death. But people there’s a catch, I am hearing that Brad wants “Taylor” to break down and admit she was too drunk to drive, which is in direct contradiction of what he said “Taylor” was that night in interviews back in the day, saying Taylor wasn’t drunk or drinking, that she had only had a glass or two of wine hours earlier. For some reason, Brad is wanting to paint Taylor the bad guy here and I am hearing the actress is not buying it.  But what I am hearing more and more of is that we will  get to see a bit of a reunion between Ridge and Taylor, but Tridge fans shouldn’t get their hopes up, Katie is the main squeeze FOR NOW but there will be some interesting scenes.  Sources are also saying that  Heather Tom might be taking a leave of absence for a while now and Hunter Tylo might be asked to come back again on contract….Say goodbye to Oliver, Maya and Caroline, we won’t be seeing much if any of most of them for the next few months, the spring and summer is going to focus on Hope, Ally, Wyatt and Liam. MAYBE even Steffy. Her representative is saying now that JWoods is considering coming back to the canvas for a story or two soon…….Drawn into the Brooke/Bill saga (who do end up married, btw) will be Quinn who has a nice little surprise for Bill on her own, and Brooke will find a few scary situations for her come the end of spring into early summer. Let’s just say that the new fiery Mrs Bill Spencer-to-be will have her hands full when Quinn decides that she’s the bigger bitch.

YOUNG & RESTLESS: Victoria what the hell is wrong with you? OK so your hubby cheated on you, and now you decide after one mistake it’s time to go your own way? So what does she do, goes to a nightclub and meets up with Stitch of all people. They have a few drinks actually more than just a few and they both become a bit tipsy lets say they are both bombed. One thing leads to another and realize it is time to leave but realize they are both to high to drive so they hire a car and driver to pick them up, while waiting outside Stitch kisses Vicki and she likes it! I bet you can guess what happens next. They both end up doing the wild thing in the back seat and neither one regrets what they did. Is this the start of something new or does Stitch have something else on his mind?….. Sharon’s doctor tells her she will be discharged but before that can happen she will need someone around the clock to stay with her before he allows her to leave. Distraught Sharon tells Nick what the doctor said and he volunteers for the job and off they go. You old Sharon/Nick fans it’s coming the reunion but it won’t be easy for these two. There is trouble ahead . Nikki decides to stop butting in to their relationship despite what she thinks, but Victor on the other hand has different ideas.  And let’s not forget the issue of Summer’s paternity and you know the reveal is coming with consequences for Nick and Sharon……And then we have Ian’s secret. While in jail Leslie visits and Ian tells her the secret (off-screen) hoping to get out of jail this throws Leslie for a loop but because of client/attorney confidentiality she must keep quiet if only for the safety of her loved ones……Many are speculating that faux/Cassie may just be real Cassie’s twin that were separated at birth because Faux/Cassie mentioned to Victor that she has another reason for coming to town before he got her involved with this blackmailing story. But if you keep up on interviews Camryn Grimes said in an interview that faux Cassie was not real Cassie’s twin. She also mentioned that the reveal of who faux Cassie would be disclosed slowly. So unfortunately we are in for a drawn out plot. I am hearing she is a doppelgänger. Many of us have them and I have seen a few of my friends that have them ironically. A doppelgänger for those who are unaware of what they are is a person who mirrors another and they look-alike, kinda like a twin but not blood related.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Nicole continues to tread lightly over what she did to Eric without him knowing. Luckily for Nicole Dan has not snitched on her but it looks like there is someone else in the mix who very will may tell all. Liam catches the blond bombshell getting rid of Chyka’s remaining evidence. The hostility between these two only gets worse. …..Liam is not satisfied yet and has another plan to run Daniel and Jennifer and decides to change his plan and give more attention on making the doctor look bad and worthless to Jennifer. Meanwhile Nicole soon comes to realize that it may be too little too late to save her relationship. And what does Liam know that Nicole is keeping secret? Nicole runs into Liam who tells her he recognizes her from TV. Nicole thinks it’s her past as a porn actress he is referring to and later, Eric tells her that they can not get married because of her past…… Liam is hidden behind some bushes and jumps out and scares her trying to make a conversation with her, Nicole realizes she is being stalked by Liam and freaks out……Making matters worse this stalker breaks into the Horton house and makes many feel very uncomfortable. Unbeknown to them Dan and Nicole are off to the house unaware that Liam is lurking. Will Dan be a victim of a setup?….Now that Nicole’s plans have diminished not so for others in Salem. Brady is having better luck and that comes in the form of Theresa, but it may not be all he hoped for even though she temps him with sex and also with getting high……As for the new kid in town Ben, he has fallen all over himself when it comes to Abigail……The wedding plans are in full mode and makes things intense for the two mothers. The bachelor party is a ton of fun with dancers but something happens and someone makes a mistake. Marlena is set to preside over the wedding and gets help from EJ and Sámi who help her pass the Minster exam. Finally the day has come and the two boys are walked down the aisle by their mothers. Lucas, Justin, and especially Caroline make sincere and touching speeches. All in all this wedding has a happy ending…Meanwhile somewhere in Salem Nick wants Gabi but does Gabi want Nick?……Coming soon someone will depart Salem as new residents come to Salem

24 Responses to Loose Lips 3-30-14

  1. Judy says:

    Thanks Loose Lips for the updates
    on the soaps. I like Wyatt with
    Hope. Liam just drags her down.
    She’s always happier around Wyatt.
    Liam is so boring and I think he
    needs to hook up with Ally. She’s
    as crazy as he is boring so imo they
    make a good fit.

  2. Tom Zulawski says:

    God, GH has become so boring. No one cares about these insta characters, Nina, madeline, Nathan. We have no investment in these characters so why should I watch a major storyline arc involving them. What the hell are Frank and Ron thinking?? Stop giving the audience bullshit and give us the characters we love or you will find your ratings right back where they were when you started on the show.

    • Tupacaveli says:

      Maybe that’s the goal.

    • Matilda says:

      Tom, the ratings are back where they were when they started. In January 2012 GH had 2,557,00 viewers. In march 2014, GH is averaging 2,620,000 viewers.

      Everything I’m reading about GH sounds like an even bigger disaster than what is already on screen. What a convoluted mess. Reading it gives me a headache. Bill Eckert? Who cares? Whoever cared about him? More imposters. More people coming back from the dead. And now Ron rewriting history AGAIN to facilitate some plot point. This show is out of control. The head writer is out of control and the Executive producer seems to have no ability to take control. I guess this is what happens when the PR department plants stories that these guys are geniuses and many in the soap press (NOT HERE ON THIS SITE) spend their time amplifying it.

      Killing AJ Quartermaine. Such a slap in the face to fans. Such an uneccessary, vindictive act. This whole Silas story is so uninteresting and a total waste of time. The sting operation that is described sounds so ridiculous I already know to FF through it. Pretending Nakamura is alive and Silas and Sam pretending to be him…I mean seriously?

      Someone needs to take control of this show. The rating are in the tank. Down to 2.6 million viewers for March. ABC needs to get control of this ship and right it.

      • tracy says:

        Which is too bad. I use to love GH oh well will stick with Days of our lives.

      • lashaunda says:

        This what happens when you only listen to yes men and ass kisser,you have to listen to all your audience too.just to see what’s working and what’s not working don’t tell them to watch something else if you don’t like their response .for me GH has gotten messy and boring.I was waiting to see the rise of the Q’s,How Sam was going deal with her father ,AJ&Micheal,Basically I wanted to see Families I known for decades.

        I’m not a liz fan but how do an invisible character gets boat load of family members and she has no family members on screen save for her son’s they pull out once in a while.

        • Matilda says:

          Yes, GH fans want to see their favorite GH characters and families. FV/RC knew that and thought they were smart with the VET returns. And many fans came back and stayed tuned. But a year after the 50th, many realize that it was just bait and switch. The Newbies and OLTL 3 dominate and many are just fed up.

          Add to that the ridiculously bad writing that is full of holes, contains zero depth and has dumbed down every character beyond recognition in order to advance silly plots.

          Take a look at the current ratings. GH is tanking, giving back all the gains it has made in the last year because the people who were roped in with vets have finally given up on this nonsense. You can be sure ABC is looking at this significant drop in viewership. Ratings for a daytime shows will vary week to week but GH is down 15% from it’s December numbers when Robin and her family were on. Y&R and B&B are up from December. That tells you something.

          Enough is enough. And enough of this idea that FV and RC know what they’re doing. They knew enough to bring back vets to rope in viewers but it was a dishonest ploy to bump up their numbers, thinking we would be thrilled with some scraps for the vets and subsequent trashing of their characters as they propped their newbie pets and put them front and center.

          And now you can be sure, they are jeopardizing the long range future of the show because of their agenda and their inability to write and produce an interesting, well written, well produced show. I am thoroughly disgusted and looking at the ratings, I’m not alone.

          • MattArmando says:

            Nah, you’re alone. ALL soaps have plunged in the last 2 weeks… Therefore 2 weeks ago, when ratings were normal, GH was averaging over 3.1 million viewers on a weekly basis – and has been doing so since JANUARY. Therefore, lots are watching & clearly enjoying.

      • MattArmando says:

        Look at ALL soaps last week… ALL were down. ALL of them. And before last week, GH was averaging OVER 3.0 million viewers on a WEEKLY BASIS – and has been doing that since JANUARY. The show is not losing any viewers. The show is enjoying a ratings BLISS, something the show NEVER experienced under Guza/JFP who virtually almost got GH cancelled.

        My point is– ALL shows have been down recently (i.e. last 2 weeks)… however, GH has averaged over 3 million viewers every week since last winter. The show isn’t going anywhere. ABC is VERY pleased and overjoyed with these results and these ratings. GH is doing outstanding.

        • Matilda says:

          Ratings bliss. lol! All soaps were down the week of March 10. That is correct. The week of March 17 Y&R rebounded and was up 6% to 4,942,000 viewers. B&B was up 10% to 3,885,000 viewers. GH was up only 1.5% to 2,641,000 viewers.

          But here’s the point, go back to December and Y&R averaged 4,885,000 viewers. B&B averaged 3,788,000. Compare the week of March 17 and they are about even, actually up a couple percent. GH averaged 3,067,000 viewers in December. The week of March 17, GH was down 15%, over 400,000 viewers.

          Yes shows have been down recently from some highs in January due to Polar Vortex and other factors and some Feb sweeps numbers, but GH is down significantly from that 3 million or so average and down big relative to the other soaps that you are bringing into the equation. Soaps that dwarf GH in total viewers to begin with.

          ABC is not thrilled believe me. And don’t get too excited when there is a bit of a bump for last week with the engagement party and the baby reveal. Things can change week to week. Overall trend, GH is down and in trouble.

  3. Mark says:

    I love your column so much! I’m sad about AJ on gh but that show has gotten better it was a snooze fest a few weeks back. Can’t wait for the Days gays wedding and love Wyatt and hope on b&b. Y&R is odd but I am hanging in there!!

  4. Andrew says:

    I look forward to your column every week, thanks for putting it together!

    I’m not one to quit a show over a character death but am considering taking a long break when AJ dies. If you can’t trust your storytellers to tell a good, compelling story (esp with all the talent on hand), then why watch?

    And why bother to do all the story backflips to get AJ back if you’re just going to poo on him, send him to jail, send him into a coma and kill him? So many opportunities wasted. And naturally his second death (it’s real this time cuz we’re seeing his ghost I guess) will not be about AJ, it will only be about Sonny.

    Not sure what happened to this show – just months ago it was must see. Ron did this on OLTL – could not sustain all the stories he’d set in motion. Wish he’d check his ego and admit what he does well (coming up with stories) but that his follow through sucks.

  5. lashaunda says:

    To Andrew,ITA with:
    could not sustain all the stories he’d set in motion. Wish he’d check his ego and admit what he does well (coming up with stories) but that his follow through sucks.

    the story he tell’s start out good than the story disappear for weeks at time.and when he do eventually follows through it don’t match up to the dialogue or what was shown on screen weeks earlier .than you have to get your answer from social media sites who dare to ask him how got from point A to Z.when we miss the middle of the story to get to the ending.

  6. JJ says:

    So OUTRAGED about them killing AJ a third time!!!!! Why couldn’t they at least left him in a coma for awhile. This is such a mistake and a slap in the face!!!
    No one like Bill Eckart the 1st time around! That’s why they killed him!
    I wonder who Anthony Geary feels about this? I admit it is better than another mask.
    “Monica can’t go on” Will we actually get to see Monica more often? This is just horrible that she has no one left!! Seriously! UGH!
    Thrilled to that Sarah Brown and Tamara Braun are returning to GH even if for one day! Are we really getting another Nurses Ball? Hopefully Brenda will be there!

  7. Fan27 says:

    I will tune back in to BB only if Taylor returns AND Bell doesn’t rewrite the show (again) to make Taylor look bad in hopes of propping up Brooke more. Otherwise I’ll save my DVR space during the week and on the weekends I’ll watch NCIS reruns instead of BB.

  8. MC says:

    I admit GH isn’t at its best lately but I still think that GH is the best soap on the air in spite of Carly and Franco, Nathan west and killing off AJ. I’m enjoying britt and nikolas not date and lulu, I always enjoy anna, Alexis, Patrick, Lucas and other characters as well. The show could be improved but it’s not a complete mess!

  9. bluecarrots says:

    I wish they would just get rid of Silas. He’s such a bore, nobody cares about his ComaWife, and he does nothing but drag every character around him down. He’s ruining the show. Cut him loose.

  10. natdot says:

    I don’t care about the Nina Clay storyline, period. It dumb and boring. Nik, when will you realize that Liz enjoys have two fighting over her, again.
    Another baby storyline on GH, ughhhhh to the infinite power.

  11. Buddy Lee says:

    Seems like most people commenting don’t pay close attention or understand the ratings… “GH” has been up in the ratings in the key demos that the Network and advertisers look at, Women 18-34 and Women 18-49, coming in in the number one spot, almost every week… Also, the “compared to the same week last year” numbers have increased quite significantly, with the exception of the week before last when it was a bad week for all SOAPs, and even then “GH” was up from last year… I happen to be loving “GH” every single day, as are all My Friends who began watching the show again after Jill Phelps/Bob Guza/Brian Frons were all tossed out and replaced by the current Team… Of course not everybody is going to like every s/l but that goes with the territory… I have been watching “GH” faithfully for nearly all My 50 years, even when the previous regime was killing off beloved characters left and right and almost totally wiping out the entire Quartermaine clan… I am guessing the ones saying that Ron C. is rewriting history are viewers Who started watching when Phelps and Crew only brought Vets back during sweeps and were totally rewriting their histories, such as Rick Webber and Holly Sutton??? Because since Frank V. and Ron C. came aboard they have redeemed these characters as best as possible… If You don’t like a particular s/l, don’t fast forward or turn “GH” off, just leave your television on, and use that time to get up and grab something to drink or something… I personally have about 20 Friends Who had stopped watching during the previous regime’s “reign of terror” and are now loving the show, and hooked again… That alone says a lot about the new PTB and the show!!!

    • Matilda says:

      Nothing I love more than when people accuse others of not understanding what they’re talking about and they themselves don’t know what they’re talking about. GH is currently NUMBER THREE in the key demos you refer to and it isn’t just one or two weeks. And in those key demos, the most recent week posted, WK of March 17, has GH DOWN in W 18-34 by 22,000 viewers from the same week last year and in W 18-49 it is DOWN 17,000 viewers. And that’s not the “bad” week you are referring to when all soaps were down. That was the week of March 10. The week of March 17, Y&R and B&B rebounded with increases of 6.5% and 10% in total viewers. GH basically stayed where it was and down in those “key” demos from last year.

      Looking at trends, Y&R’s December average was 4,885,000 viewers. The Wk of March 17, 4,942,000. UP 1.5%. B&B, December 3,788,000. WK of March 17, 3,885,000 viewers. UP 2.5%. GH, December, 3,067,000 viewers. WK of March 17, 2,614,000. DOWN 15%.

      Even the network isn’t bothering to try and spin GH’s ratings anymore. They haven’t put out a press release in weeks. The trend is down.

  12. Tamara says:

    I love hope and Liam and I’m hoping wyatt turns out to be a bigger creep than he already seems to be…..I have been rooting for a Hope and Liam return since Steffy dug her claws in him!!!! On another note…any new news on Michael Muhney???? Next projects perhaps?

  13. Sean says:

    Ive heard a lot of speculation about who this “luke ” really is but i have to say one that i thought really made sense was anthony Z. Heres why.. He hates sonny, he would be the kind of sleaze to hit on kiki, he wouldnt remember who britt was, he would detest being married to tracy after the way she treated him, hes gone after ELQ in the past and if the speculation is true about heather being involved what if they teamed up when she was “burying him” im not saying i want anthony back but that would make at least a little bit of sense

  14. Queerbec says:

    I have been offended by the RC team’s attitude toward the fans of GH. I am appalled that they killed off AJ even if the actor was dissatisfied with the direction of his character and was not necessarily beloved by his fellow cast members. And to have had him murdered by the most repulsive character on the show for a crime he didn’t commit is even more disrespectful to the farms. But no we’re supposed to root for Sonny despite him being a cold-blooded bastard. And we’re supposed to endure the murderous Ava and her smoldering brother. Why should the plot I place so much importance on who killed Nina. Murder is not a crime on General Hospital, In addition to being a LAZY way for uncreative, tired writers to solve an immediate problem, murder on GH is regarded with a mere la-di-da, with fewer moral implications than forgetting to take out the garbage. We have Sonny, Ava, Julien, Carlos, and probably Anna and Robert are all cold blooded murderers (and I forget who else, ie Max, Obrecht, Heather and Shawn) and maybe Madeline. And whoever is inhabiting Luke’s pathetic dissipated body. If murder and death are so meaningless to the folk who watch GH and worship such behavior, then why notgo all the way and have Michael take out the unredeemable Sonny, after he or the dimwit Olivia take out the irredeemable Ava ( too bad that RC couldn’t write a more creative character for the obviously gifted actress. ). I can’t believe that all the people who clamor for a Luke and Laura reunion out of foolish attachment to romantic notions eat up all this cold blooded murdering. They obviously share the same lack of moral qualms that inhabit all of their favorites on GH.

  15. Janet says:

    Someone tell me where does FrankenRon get these ideas they come up with ? Their reasoning bewilders me.? They want to be patted on the back for their wonderful ratings, but they won’t get their hands out of the way. They want soap to say how clever they are, But who cares. They Ron at least wants to be six grade mean girls with the sniping on twitter The inmates are running the asylum again. Since they killed AJ, and made the 51st anniversary show all Sonny’s mobs and molls. Stick a fork in it. I am done. My give a damns busted .Good luck to Sean Kanen and BB hope the ratings go through the roof for them.

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