Loose Lips 4-13-2014

scoopsanEaster is right around the corner and it’s time for a Easter egg hunts lots of candy and dressing pretty,  here’s hoping all my readers have a wonderful day with their families and friends. So what  is going on behind the scenes of your favorite daytime shows?


GENERAL HOSPITAL:  Isn’t Rick Hearst just the best!!! I  can’t believe it took 5 years to get this actor back. He lights up the screen and in my opinion is one of daytime’s best actors. It has been said by many of his peers that “Rick Hearst is an actors, actor”.  I don’t know why TPTB aren’t giving him some meaty storyline. Originally Ric and Liz were going to be together as a couple and for now it looks that way  but the big wigs at ABC not Frank or Ron have decided that the age difference is too much. HUH??? They are only 12 years apart in real life and maybe they forgot they were married years ago. And what about Ava and Morgan that age difference is OK? Not anymore, they too will go their separate ways thanks to the mouse house…….Lots of speculation on what will happen to Sonny when the truth comes out about AJ. And lets not forget Ava who killed Connie who has been covering her butt pretty good. But she is starting to panic, as she is facing a 3 front war if found out, Sonny, Carly and the law if she gets caught. So Ava does what she does best man maneuvers Sonny to her advantage messing with his meds and putting the hit on him and not in a deadly way.  PCPD brings Carlos in for questioning  will Carlos confess or will Ava get to him first?…….OK so now we have another embryo that Dr O has hidden somewhere, is this just a ploy to get out of jail or for real? I am hearing it’s the real deal but is it Dante and Lulu’s?…..Still wondering who thus Luke is, me too many names have been kicked around but it seems Bill Echart is the most likely. He did have a sister and remember he said “Sonny will pay for what he did to me and for what he did to your family (The Jeromes) ….using Tracy is just a bonus…after what she did to my sister (Jenny-hit and run) , she deserves everything she gets……The show finished taping the Nurses’s Ball and should be on our screens sooner then we expected. Many names have been kicked around as to who will perform, some that make sense while others do not.  It should be interesting…..Here are a few things to consider…What if Nina’s baby was still alive?…What if Sonny and Ava got married?…What if Dr O has kept a huge secret from Victor?…What if Heather had the real Luke somewhere?

BOLD & BEAUTIFUL: Now that Brooke and Bill are back on the road to reconciliation Don Diamont is happier than a pig in his own dodo. I’m hearing that Diamont is ecstatic that these two are back together again and even suggested a story where Brooke becomes pregnant with a change of life baby. But Lang is having none of it. What 54-year-old woman (that is her real age by the way) wants to walk around with a fake baby bump, not KKL that’s for sure. who said absolutely not!!! Guess we know who wears the pants in this show……But there is another threat a younger and more sexier Hope who has been called by TPTB the new “central character”. Move over Brooke it’s the 21st century and Hope is here to stay!!! In a recent shooting the word around the cooler is these two had some heated words about not getting the angle right and one refused to change places , saying the lighting was better for her where she was. Are we going to see a Diva-Stand-Off , and is Kimberly starting to get some air of importance now that Brad has named her his central character? The times they are a changin…..I am loving Thorsten Kaye as the new Ridge. Ronn who????? It’s no secret as it was all over the net that Lang refused to do a remake of Bridge but low and behold when Kaye became so popular someone realized they may have jumped the gun. Too little too late Kaye wanted Tom to be his leading lady and Tom loved the idea. Sometimes no matter who you are and how high up on the scale you are it’s better to just keep your mouth shut and appreciate you have a job and be happy for what you have as the years keep slipping by and daytime is serving the younger generation…….Scott and Darrin love working together but even more love playing practical jokes on people, one incident where they taped a sign to Diamont’s back saying “Brooke’s Bitch” and when Diamont found it out, it was an all out hair slapping fun fest between the three who couldn’t stop laughing…..With the return of Deacon to LA it’s too bad Brooke and Bill are together, if you remember from years ago these two were steaming, but Sean has already made it known that his character will be hooking up with  Quinn for some romping.  I’m hearing a certain writer wants Brooke to get just a bit jealous and verbally spar with Quinn and this writer usually gets their way.

YOUNG & RESTLESS: Get ready for another face coming our way. Stitch gets a wife. It is being said that it is only a 3 episode gig but we know how that goes, Stitch was only supposed to be on for a short time, but things change as do stories.  I hear TPTB want a name actress, someone who can sink her teeth in this story, but as always it depends on who they can get and how much it will cost. CBS is pretty good about giving actors what they want what,  so it should be interesting. As the back story goes on this woman she was deeply hurt by Stitch, and is vulnerable, but very tough and a good mom. That is how the casting call came out so speculating here this woman may have a child all ready in Genoa……The new hot couple on daytime…Colin and Jill, did you know when Rogers was fired by the previous regime that Walton was so upset she quit and moved to Oregon to be with her family. But Jess being the wonderful lady she is and TPTB heard the cries of her fans and she was asked to come back for a few episodes. Jess was only supposed to usher Daniel Goddard off the show. It was only meant to be a 10-episode deal. Little did she know with the changing of the guards came (JFP)  Rogers was asked to return to the show and Walton as well. TPTB said, “Don’t pack your bags just yet your coming back.”  It was only a four-week break but Jess was back on the show again. The smartest move to date on YR so far…..Adam is alive this we know for sure but who will play the role? A casting call went out for Adam Newton. Do TPTB think we are so dumb we won’t put 2 and 2 together?  Here’s how the call read: CONTRACT ROLE. LENGTH OF CONTRACT NEGOTIABLE) START DATE: EARLY TO MID MAY 2014. Caucasian Male. MID 30s to LATE 30s. A very handsome, very SEXY, very appealing, very charming LEADING MAN. Aaron is a smart businessman, loves women, and can out maneuver even the shrewdest. This character will carry major story lines. Daytime Experience required.   I have some ideas who I would like, how about you?…….Helen Slater has been cast as an OB/GYN Dr. Chiverton. There is no word yet on who she will be working with or what story line she will be involved in. She is scheduled to appear May 2nd. Her role will be for at least 5 episodes….What if Victoria or or even Sharon was with child?…What if Billy and Chelsea hook up?

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: It’s bye-bye to another character on the show and the final scenes will be sometime next month. When this actor/actress found it they were very upset but they understood because that is the way the business works. Seems the 13 week cycle kicked in and it is time to go. The story wasn’t working it seems and this person’s departure will  go hand in hand with Camilla’s exit as I am told.  Since DOOL tapes 6 weeks in advance this scene has been taped and put in the can and the person is long gone.  If you remember the renewal party just think of who was missing at that event and maybe you can figure out who it is.  Is it a veteran or a newcomer?….It’s looking more and more that it is the end of the road for Justin Gaston.  No word why but I find it very interesting that anyone who knows about Jordan’s secrets are slowly but surely being eliminated from the show. Chrishell Stause mentioned the story has all ready been rewritten and TPTB are looking to go in a different direction. Are they recasting the role? It sure sounds like it as Stause also said that there is actor TPTB had in mind but that is not happening anymore  because they couldn’t obtain him  so that’s why the story has been changed.  Well Ms Stause I say watch your back,  seems the viewers haven’t jump on your bandwagon ether…..Jade Harlow has completed filming her role as Lucas’s love interest Sheryl. Harlow tweeted that she is not a contract player and because she is not she needs to work to pay the bills,  but she did say if  DOOL  called her back she would come immediately because she loves the show and her fellow co-workers, her exit will be explosive and her scenes will be with Lucas and it all has to do with Kate and the reason she brought her to town.