Previews for General Hospital


For the Week of March 2nd

Monday, March 2
Sloane has a suggestion for Jake but there is a catc ;  Franco and Nina have an epiphany for each other one of which Nina is not happy about; Elizabeth talks to Jake about her relationship with Ric; at the custody hearing Ric gives Michael a tough grilling;Julian runs into a former enemy who tells him they should team up together “again”.

Tuesday, March 3
Carly helps Jake make a choice about Sloan’s dangerous offer; Julian informs Sonny he is back in business and also warns Michael that he will step into the custody battle if Avery is continued to be used as a pawn; a new twist in the custody hearing is brought to light; Morgan talks with Sonny and asks permission to take Avery to her mother’s memorial while Kiki tells Silas about the details of the memorial service at Ryan’s Bar in New York; Sam asks Nikolas if ever overheard Helena reveal any information that could reveal Jake’s identity.

Wednesday, March 4
Alexis questions Michael’s scheme he has planned in the courtroom, but at the end of the day Carly figures out what Michael is up to because she knows that he learned from the best ; Nikolas decides to share something with Sam; Olivia talks to Dante about her pregnancy problem; Ava’s wake gets underway.

Thursday, March 5
Franco and Nina continue with their scheme but are surprised when they unexpectedly receive a visitor; Scott and Bobbie discuss the fact that Luke has gone even darker than he was before; Maxie is caught off guard by Spinelli’s actions; The judge makes a ruling in Avery’s custody case;   Silas helps reveal a truth.

Friday, March 6
Carly tries to head off a bad situation and attempts to sway Sonny to not take extreme measures in regards to Avery; Nathan is honest with Maxie regarding their relationship; Tracy divulges to Monica what she fears about Luke and his current status;  later new information is revealed what really happened at the Spencer’s childhood home back in the day;  Morgan gets instructions from Sonny on how to proceed next; Franco and Nina decide to team up with an unlikely person.