Previews for General Hospital


For the Week of March 30th

Monday, March 30
Tracy and Bobbie are faced with a surprise; Carly has an encounter with a nemesis; Nina and Franco work together to threaten Olivia.

Tuesday, March 31
Sam comes to a decision regarding Patrick’s offer; Ric’s plan begins to work to his advantage; Carly is taken aback by Olivia’s actions.

Wednesday, April 1
Scenes from the original episode from 1963; questions are entered; the truth about Luke is revealed with his long-lost sister Patricia shedding light on the subject.

Thursday, April 2
Jake dreams about Sam; Elizabeth talks to Patrick about her dilemma; Ric tells Sam about Jake’s situation; the Spencer family face hard decisions when it comes to Luke’s future.

Friday, April 3
Cameron asks Ric for his help; Ric claims a small victory after Elizabeth lets herself be vulnerable with him; Nikolas is surprised by what Elizabeth tells him; Spencer works on a scheme to keep Emma as his own; Shawn and Julian have an argument.