Previews for General Hospital


For the Week of January 26th

Monday, January 26
Franco concocts a way to call Nina from prison and learns about Nina’s new friend; Shawn updates Sonny on his theory and takes matters into his own hands; Julian and Ava come up with a new scheme;  Jordan updates Dante on Bill Eckert and his worried about Luke’s safety; Bobbie, Lulu and Lucas honor the anniversary of their Aunt Ruby’s death; Fluke runs into a suspicious Dante andbecomes  alarmed when he thinks he is being investigated.

Tuesday, January 27
Silas visits Ava and she tells him about her plan; Dante breaks into the Spencer house and Michael finds him;  Carly tries to help  Jake and goes with him to the hospital; Sonny and Julian think they know the identity of their enemy; Helena calms down a worried Fluke by telling him she has everything under control; Johnny accidentally blurts out something about Luke to Lulu.

Wednesday, January 28
Ava has surprising news for one of her inmates; Sonny and Julian receive a proposition from Franco he wants  to get to Nina; Dante is caught by Fluke at the Spencer house; Helena changes her strategy and has a new assignment for a reluctant Jake; Carly realizes that Jake has been lying;  Patrick asks if Sam found the statue;  Brad asks Lucas about something he sees in his room.

Thursday, January 29
A suspicious alliance is formed between Sonny,Julian, Franco and Ava; Brad confesses to Lucas when Sam and Patrick come over; Sam notices something on the bookcase; Carly decides to share her suspicions about Jake with Nathan and  she has the evidence to prove her theory; Luke pushes Dante into the basement ; Jake prepares for his next assignment at the party; Michael and Tracy make amends and discuss her history with Bill Eckert.

Friday, January 30
Nina realizes she is in jeopardy; Dante makes a surprising discovery in the basement;Unbeknownst to the guest a party starts that could lead to catastrophe; Worried about their loved ones, Franco, Julian, Sonny and Ava move forward with their plan;  Sam and Patrick are surprised by Carly’s actions.  Fluke lies to Lulu about Dante’s whereabouts. Helena tries to keep Nikolas from the party.