Previews for General Hospital



For the Week of December 15th

Monday, December 15
The mob presents a ultimatum to Julian and Sonny, one of Sonny’s relative is being held captive and he must accept the deal or else; Carly faces off with Franco and Nina; tests are done on Ava’s baby; Julian is informed by Carlos his possible new role with the new PC mob; Olivia is green with envy of Ned and Alexis, causing strain between the three of them.

Tuesday, December 16
The custody hearing verdict is revealed; Spencer finally tells Nikolas the truth; Nikolas receives a surprise visitor; Olivia decides to open up to Ned; Elizabeth comes clean and informs Jake that Sam is skeptical about him  meanwhile Sam shows Dante the tape that may show who might have been involved with her incident; Obrecht  divulges some classified information to Nathan

Wednesday, December 17
Patrick seeks Sam’s forgiveness; Sabrina tries to make things right with Ava; Michael makes a harsh decision and refuses to forgive Kiki, Morgan and Carly; Sonny turns to Shawn for help; Jake comes right out and asks Sam why she is suspicious of him ;Nathan makes a promise to Maxie.

Thursday, December 18
Elizabeth issues a warning to Sam as Sam confronts Elizabeth’s intentions to Jake; Jake has doubts about his actions and Patrick suggests he seek psychiatric counseling ;Julian is stunned to find out the power the crime family has over Sonny; Duke and Shawn join forces to safeguard Sonny’s territory and interests; Jordan continues to stay undercover to find out about the mob wars;  Franco urges Nina not to give up on him.

Friday, December 19
Nina’s and Franco’s fates are revealed; Kiki tries to make Morgan feel better; Maxie receives promising news; Julian tries to apologize for his actions to Sam; Shawn hassles Jordan insisting to know what the Jerome families plans are, but not realizing someone is about to flush Jordan out.