Previews for General Hospital


For the Week of April 27th

Monday, April 27
Sabrina and Michael become closer; Kiki and Morgan come home to Silas’s apartment to find an unexpected visitor; Nathan questions Nina’s actions. Meanwhile, after talking with Obrecht, Franco still has reservations about Nina’s exploits.

Tuesday, April 28
Carly and Sonny present Michael with an offer; Ned updates Michael on the status of ELQ;  In the interim, Rosalie also tells Nikolas about the latest ELQ transactions; Olivia has labor pains; Lulu asks Nikolas for a favor; Sabrina lets Felix know what  happened between her and Michael; Olivia experience some sharp labor pains and goes to the hospital.

Wednesday, April 29
Carly has a revelation about someone, and confronts this person about the truth; Ric divulges a secret to Molly; Sam hears a private conversation; Hayden asks Ric for more money, and she later has a warning for Nikolas;  Sam offers Jake and Hayden tickets to the Nurses Ball; Lulu arranges living accommodations for Valerie at Wyndermere; Ned and Dante stay by Olivia’s bed side; Sam overhears a private conversation.

Thursday, April 30
Ric tells Elizabeth that he has a surprise for her at the Nurses Ball ; Elizabeth and Jake have a close moment and long for one another; Brad receives a surprise visitor; Carly convinces a particular person to own up to their schemes;  Sam tells Patrick about the news she overheard, and is conflicted if she should share it; Spencer announces that his is not going to the Nurses Ball;  Brad is shocked to say the least by an unexpected visitor.

Friday, May 1
Red carpet arrivals begin at the Nurses Ball; two proposal takes place; Spencer gets a talking to; Duke and Anna dream of being together;  Nathan arrives with a surprise date; At the end of the day, a big reveal happens that will change everything, and Jake’s true identity is discovered.