Previews for General Hospital

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For the Week of October 20th

October 20
Nina influences someone while she makes plans to get even; Silas wonders what he is going to do with Nina; A shocking guest arrives at the wedding; Shawn and Sonny continue to figure out how they will deal with Franco; Olivia has a vision about Carly’s wedding ; Michael learns  more about AJ;  Lucas is encouraged to follow his dream; Ava’s medical condition is under control.

October 21
Nathan is frantic to find Nina,  Nina puts her plan into action, Someone finds out Rosalie’s secret ; TJ continues to badger his mother , Jordan considers telling TJ the truth;  Sonny and Shawn plans to kill Franco are jeopardized;   Michael lets Kiki in on the information regarding AJ’s murder and goes to the PCPD.

October 22
Jake informs Liz that he is starting to remember hearing voices the night he was run down; Kiki tells Morgan what Michael has learned; Sam and Patrick tell Alexis their findings in Amsterdam; Tracy has a plan to get Luke back; Julian is green-eyed over Ned and Alexis Obrecht provokes Anna about Victor.

October 23
Sonny reconsiders his  strategy; Franco continues to blind side Carly; Jake has an accidental meeting; Tracy tries to get Luke back; Dante urges Olivia to be honest with Ned ; Alexis tries a different tactic to get Julian to back off.

October 24
Franco and Nina bond; Sonny has a vision; Rosalie faces questions about Ava’s whereabouts; Ned begs Tracy not to put ELQ at risk; Kiki warns Ava she is being watched.


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