Previews for General Hospital


For the Week of May 25th

Monday, May 25
REPEAT….First Aired: Apr. 01, 2015 –  In honor of “General Hospital’s” 52nd anniversary, the past and future will collide. Various scenes from the original episode from 1963; questions are answered; the truth about Luke is revealed.

Tuesday, May 26
Shawn has to make a difficult decision that tests his loyalty to both the mob, TJ and Jordan; Sloane must give Jake news; Nina has doubts about her recent  situation;  Obrecht helps Franco come to a decision in regards to Nina.

Wednesday, May 27
Jake gives Elizabeth an update on his work status and what this means for their future and also has a discussion with Sonny about his latest line of work;Nina and Franco get into a big argument about her current state of affairs; Shawn tells TJ he needs to tell him something important;  Lulu and Nikolas console each other over the latest turn of events; Valerie decides to apply for a job at the PCPD.

Thursday, May 28
Sonny gets into a confrontation with a stranger; Anna’s actions haunt her even though Sloan is there to comfort her; Brad and Lucas talk about wedding plans while Brad is very mysterious about his family’s involvement; Mayor Lomax gives Nikolas an earful about Sloane;  Lulu learns about Valerie’s job application.

Friday, May 29
Sloane decides to make a confession to Anna about his participation with Mayor Lomax; Michael comes up with a strategy and hopes Rosalie is the key to getting the ELQ shares back where they belong; Franco updates Nathan on Nina’s latest exploits; Ric has a new scheme and partner in crime.