Previews for General Hospital



For the week of April 14th

Monday, April 14
Dante tells Lulu about Dr Obrecht’s cryptic proposition; Nikolas makes an offer to Elizabeth; Madeline is pressed to disclose scandalous news to Nathan; Michael demands answers from Anna.

Tuesday,  April 15
Sonny’s conscience is haunting him, while Carlos fears he could be accused of shooting AJ; Jordan starts her new job; Ava and Julian confront each other about their deeds; Ned returns to Port Charles

Wednesday, April 16
Olivia is overwhelmed by Sonny’s erratic behavior; Patrick and Sabrina learn the gender of their baby; Jordan proves her loyalty to her new boss; Anna and Dante take Carlos in for questioning.

Thursday, April 17
Sonny confides in Ava; Nathan deals with an obstacle at home; Spencer is not happy with news concerning Cameron, his competition; Lulu questions Britt about Dr Obrecht’s latest plan

Friday, April 18
Spencer tries to warn Sonny about Luke; Franco lets Carly in on a new scheme; Ava is frantic that Carlos is being held by the PCPD