Previews for General Hospital



For the Week of October 27th

October 27
Shawn puts the plan into action to bring Franco down; Michael shares his suspicions with Sonny; Liz Halloween2and Jake join forces;Tracy is on pins and needles hoping for Luke’s return;Nina comes across some interesting information regarding the child Ava is carrying;Franco teases Carly regarding her wedding present.

October 28
Franco celebrates the end of his life as a bachelor with Scott; Carly has a night out with the girls before her wedding;Nathan and Maxie search for loopholes;Sam and Patrick celebrate Beggars Night with the children;Spencer and Josslyn work together and both have a motive of their own;Sam gives Patrick news about Luke.

October 29
A wrench is thrown into Franco’s plot; Nina and her cohort plan a trap; Carly wants Michael to end his search for A.J.’s killer;Shawn and Jordan have another argument regarding TJ;Morgan gets the impression someone is watching the brownstone;Sonny debates  to tell Shawn to follow through with the plan.

October 30
Shawn is sidelined; Sam receives devastating news; Carly uncovers a secret that Franco has been hiding thanks to Spencer;Silas has a heart to heart with Ava;Kiki continues to lie to Michael;Sonny looses his temper when talking with Morgan.

October 31
Everyone at the wedding is surprised by Franco; Sonny makes a confession to Morgan; Nina does something unthinkable;Dante and Anna start to realize something is not right about AJ’s murder;Julian and Alexis race to find Sam;Jake and Liz continue to bond. USA, LLC