Exciting changes at Soaptown, the most complete, comprehensive and fun site for fans on the web! We're constantly upgrading to ensure you, our loyal visitors, have the best experience possible. In order to be able to keep providing you with our excellent service Soaptown's exclusive message board, The Steamroom will now become a subscriber’s only board. For just pennies a day – $32.00 for 6 months or $52.00 for 12 month you'll have unlimited access to Trixie's gossip and scoops that only she gets, her answers to all your most pressing soap questions, another exclusive feature only from Trixie and a chance to discuss the soaps with all our subscribers.

A small price to pay for the entertainment and excitement The Steamroom offers.

Directions For Joining the Steam Room
(Read carefully!!):

1) First thing you do is select your payment option (length of subscription) at the bottom of this page. You can choose from a 12 or 6 month subscription. You will then be taken to our Paypal page where you will fill in all of the necessary information.

2) As soon as you have made the payment, go to /steamroom/ and register, fill in all the information.

3) Once you register at the steamroom you will receive an e-mail stating that we have received your registration. Please note that you will need to enter a valid e-mail address before your account is activated. The administrator will review your account and if approved you will receive an e-mail at the address you specified. It will be checked and matched against the one used at Paypal. Once your email verifies your payment, your account will be activated. You will then get another e-mail letting you know that you have been approved.

4) After receiving the confirmation e-mail you will then be able to go to the Steamroom and sign in. If for some reason you don't see the threads, just sign in one more time. Sometimes you have to sign in a few times.

5) If you have any problems, or need assistance, please contact the administrator at


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