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A Christmas Surprise For My Readers!!!!



Just wanted to extend my holiday wishes to all my readers who have stuck by me and Soaptown. We thank you for your support. Here’s a few Christmas diddys from me to you.


Loose Lips 12-29-2014



It’s the end of 2013 and new beginnings for 2014,  time for new spoilers, speculations and oh those rumors!

Loose Lips Updated 4-28-2013

scoopsanThe big news this week is the launch of All My Children and One Life to Live on Hulu, Hulu Plus, ITunes or if you are in Canada FX, which I would love to see here in the states. Most cable companies, Dish and Direct TV have FX so why not here. Maybe we should start a petition to bring it to the US FX station?  Let’s get on with this weeks commentary and keep our fingers crossed that FX will hear our voices.