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The Crimson Corner – Y&R

surprise2By Cece

Well, well, we had a couple of little surprises this week, didn’t we?  Kelly and Stitch have a connection, and Courtney’s ‘friend’ Zach is really the erstwhile Detective Chavez!

LoungingNLA – BB



By: Megs

Now I ask you, where else on daytime TV can we see a mother/daughter tag team shacking up with the married men (father and son, no less!), a video being made of intimate moments by Chicken Little afraid of the Wyatt falling, and a woman who truly believes in her heart that her sister picked her up and put her on a man's jock strap like a mother putting a kid on a merry go round horseie and saying "Here, darling, GO TO TOWN!!!!" to justify betraying her own blood? LA is packed full of lunkheads, isn't it?


Return To Limbo – OLTL


by Ted in LA

The first (?) season of the new One Life To Live comes to an explosive conclusion with four episodes surrounding the events of the Man of the Year gala – We finally meet the mysterious Carl Peterson and see one more shocking familiar face! Read on below to hear about my thoughts on the depressing news of OLTL being put on hold and the last four episodes (for now?) in detail…


I Gotta Ask… – DOOL


9-15-13greatteamBy Dawn

You watch Days. You see things on Days that make you go, "Heh?" And you see things that make you get angry, cheer, throw things and dance around the living room. That's what being a soap is all about. Now the characters, on the other hand, sometimes they really get you thinking. And sometimes scenes come along that rile you up in both good ways and bad ways.

LoungingnLA – BB



By: Vincent

Before I start my first guest column on this site, I want to take the opportunity to thank the owner and editor of this site for giving me the chance to give my opinion about the show.  I had a lot of remarks to the columnist, Megs and Martini. The main problem is that they sort of dedicate their columns to certain characters or actors. Now, I don’t really mind it, but some diversity is always good, not only on our favorite soap opera but also in the weekly columns all over the internet. So let me try to introduce you to my opinion of the latest happenings in L.A.

Prospect Park to shelve OLTL

oltlcastProspect Park has made the decision to place One Life to Live on hiatus indefinitely until the lawsuit filed against ABC has been resolved, according to the LA Times.

Misguided – DOOL

9-2-13jjBy Dawn

I've officially decided that I've had just about enough of JJ's nonsense. First question: How old are you? I mean, really? Jennifer and Daniel are boring as all outside but that doesn't mean Jen has to let her son dictate which direction the relationship goes nor deny herself a life and a shot at happiness. Who is this heathen monster she gave birth to?

Got Answers? – GH

9-2-13questionBy Dawn

While GH has been on total fire the past few weeks, there are several legit questions that do pop up in my head (and in the comments section!) from time to time. Questions that really need answers. So allow me to put forth some inquiries that have me wondering…

Welcome to My Nightmare – GH

8-25-13ajmainBy Dawn

What a week of wow on GH! The revelations and reveals were flying and some characters found themselves in very bad places – most notably AJ. He has done a swan dive into the bottom of a bottle and is convinced that he has lost everything, simply because he was voted out as CEO of the family company. But as a reader made note of recently, he's still a major shareholder and can still override select decisions made by Tracy – something that the show clearly didn't read the Cliff's Notes on. What is AJ whining about again?

Up, Up and Away – DOOL

8-18-13donutsBy Dawn

Out of all the Salem happenings this past week, the one that had everyone talking (and howling with laughter) was the hilarity that was the book club meeting. Seems JJ baked his only-legal-in-some-states stash into some of the donuts, then bagged them up, intending to take them with him to get high with his friends. Then Adrienne sees the bag and decides that JJ's donuts are not as pretty so he should take the nicer looking ones – and the donuts get switched.