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Stormy – DOOL


8-19-14stormBy Dawn

We already had one vengeful woman stomping around Salem acting like the world owes her something – now we have two of them.

The Crimson Corner – Y&R

8-3-14mariahBy CeCe

Mariah wants to put the make on…..Nick??  Not only is that cringeworthy, it’s pukeworthy.

Point, Counterpoint – DOOL


7-29-14samiBy Dawn

Everyone and their kids are weighing in on Sami’s situation and telling her to pack it in as far as her revenge plans go. But Sami is hurt and when Sami is hurt, bad things must happen.

The Crimson Corner – Y&R

7-27-14stitchBy CeCe

Stitch’s so-called horrible secret was finally revealed, and I must ask, what’s the big deal?

Lounging in LA – B&B

7-27-14brooke1By Megs

Ridge, a pilot? WHO KNEW? Deacon, still in love with Brooke? WELL, DAMN. Wyatt, still pining away for Hope? NO DUH. It’s like Brad Bell has made sure that there are only 2 characters he gives a crap about, Brooke and Hope. The rest of the cast are just fillers.

Malcolm Returns to Y&R


Shemar Moore will make a two-day guest return in September.

Lounging in LA – B&B

7-21-14summerBy Megs

Summer is hot and heavy on us, folks. Swimming, barbecuing and vacationing. We’ve seen all three of those on the show last week, too. The only thing we HAVEN’T seen is originality.

The Crimson Corner – Y&R

7-20-14stitchBy CeCe

Finally!  We got a smidge of an answer to the question about Stitch’s past!  Although I think Kelly was maybe overdramatic about telling Jack the terrible secret, and we only got a one-word answer, at least it’s a start on the road to revelation.

Hell Hath No Fury – DOOL


7-15-14samiBy Dawn

Hurricane Sami is blazing a path of destruction and revenge and all I can say is, “Ahh, there’s the REAL Sami.”

Lounging in LA – B&B

7-15-14groundhogBy Megs

Well, it’s Groundhog day over at Bold, ya’ll. Same bat time, same bat channel. Which brother will Hope end up with next, which man will beg to be with Brooke next. I’m still wondering why they still call it the Bold and Beautiful instead of The Lifestyles of the Sexaholic and Giggle Britches.