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5-19-15questionBy Dawn

Burning questions I must ask – again.

The Crimson Corner – Y & R

EmmyhostIt was an interesting week, both in Genoa City and in Burbank, California, where the 42nd annual Daytime Emmy Awards were presented.

Not So Happy Days – DOOL

4-27-14lostBy Dawn

Am I the only one asking, “What is going on with this show?”

Joe - edit

Crimson Corner – Y&R

By CeCe

Sometimes it’s just the little things, you know?  The minor things that, when you think about them, they make you say, huh?

The Crimson Corner – Y&R


Our winner this  week in the ‘who killed Austin’ suspect sweepstakes was none other than Sharon!  Yes, the Scooby kids jumped from Sharon trying to peek in Austin’s laptop to ‘hey, she must be the killer!’  Yeah, sure.

Get It Together – DOOL

3-39-15wakeupBy Dawn

Miss a day, miss nothing. Miss more than a day, STILL miss nothing.

Lounging in LA by Megs


Look up the phrase “Jumping The Shark” and you’ll probably see a picture of Brad Bell there smiling like heck in a tux with Kelly Lang all over him kissing him like they were just having their second date. You know, like what happened at the Emmys when Brad got his “Best Writing” trophy?

The Crimson Corner – Y&R


So now we’re supposed to be suspicious of…..Stitch?  Really?  Sure maybe his sister is a whacko, maybe his mom is in denial so much she might as well be swimming in the river in Egypt, but do they think we’d believe Austin was murdered by Stitch?

The Hard Truth – DOOL

By Dawn3-8-15jennifer

I know, I know. I’ve REALLY been inconsistent with this column and for that, I apologize. The sad fact is, it’s very hard to keep up with the show while I’m on 3rd shift – which thankfully is coming to an end soon.

Giving Me Pause… -DOOL


2-8-15catBy Dawn

Call this the “what the hell?” portion of our program.