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The WilSon Wedding and Other Happenings – DOOL


4-13-14weddingBy Dawn

Liam is out and out nuts, Hope being snarky with Aiden is making my entire year and was that WilSon wedding awesome or what? And those are just the highlights but we have some lowlights too, like everyone and their recurring character constantly worshiping the altar that is Dr. Dan.

Lethal – DOOL


3-23-14liamBy Dawn

Is there something in the water in Salem these days? It’s bad enough we have that smirking, over-confident psycho named Nick gracing us with his presence, but now we have Liam, who has become obsessed with Jennifer virtually overnight.

Master and Commander – DOOL

3-2-14nickBy Dawn

I know I find myself ranting about Nick a lot, but he’s just so rantable! I smile when I think of someone, like say, Sonny, deciding that they’ve had just about enough of his nonsense and gutting him with a big, sharp knife. So to whom do I make the check out to ensure this happens?

I Want You Gone – DOOL


2-18-14nickBy Dawn

There are some people in Salem that need to be taken out, taken down, or just taken.

Uproar – DOOL

2-2-14popupBy Dawn

Wow, lots of unexpected happenings in and around Salem this past few weeks. From what is airing, what’s coming up, to some downright stunning casting news, we’ve got our hands full around here. Honestly, who thought Nick would actually turn out to be alive? But that’s not what scares me – it’s the feeling of icy apprehension that I get every time he’s on screen.

A Series of Fortunate Events – DOOL


1-13-14ejabbykissBy Dawn

The fact that EJ and Abigail slept together? An interesting twist. But the events leading up to it? Not so much. In fact, the entire time, I couldn’t help wonder why Abigail was so pressed about things that frankly didn’t concern her. Add in the idea that EJ and Abby would even be having such a discussion and all you can do is dismiss it as silly filler to get them to the inevitable point.

Best & Worst of 2013 – DOOL

DOOLbestworstBy Dawn

It’s been a great year for our show and here’s hoping the New Year brings even more exciting stories and performances from Salem. Let’s look back at the past year and check out my selections for what was awesome and what was awful on Days.

Quick Bites – DOOL

12-23-13logoBy Dawn

It’s not going to be the biggest column in the world this week, because next week, I’ll have my annual column for the Best and Worst of Days for 2013 and I’m happy to report that the “best” category won’t be slim pickings this year like it has been in years past. We’ve had a lot of good stuff this past year and some stuff that made me want to toss the TV out the nearest window, but that is true for any soap. No one is perfect. But Days has been consistently good for quite some time now and that’s a rarity in itself.

The Awful Truth – DOOL


12-9-13nickBy Dawn

It’s that busy time of the year where Momma rakes in that overtime to pay for holiday and other expenses, so my apologies for not being timely with this column. But let’s take a look at the scene around Salem, starting with that psycho Nick, killed by Gabi and waterlogged by the trio of Kate, Sami and Gabi, who keeps popping up in their nightmares.

Stunning! – DOOL

11-18-13shockBy Dawn

Jaws were dropping all over the place at Brady and Kristen’s wedding (yes, mine too) when Marlena, thinking that she was playing a recording of Kristen with some random guy, instead broadcast the video of Kristen getting busy with Eric after she drugged him! Oh this high drama is so totally on now! I’ve been on red alert waiting for A) Kristen to get busted and B) Brady to figure out where the hell his brains ran off to.