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Malcolm Returns to Y&R


Shemar Moore will make a two-day guest return in September.

Lounging in LA – B&B

7-21-14summerBy Megs

Summer is hot and heavy on us, folks. Swimming, barbecuing and vacationing. We’ve seen all three of those on the show last week, too. The only thing we HAVEN’T seen is originality.

The Crimson Corner – Y&R

7-20-14stitchBy CeCe

Finally!  We got a smidge of an answer to the question about Stitch’s past!  Although I think Kelly was maybe overdramatic about telling Jack the terrible secret, and we only got a one-word answer, at least it’s a start on the road to revelation.

Hell Hath No Fury – DOOL


7-15-14samiBy Dawn

Hurricane Sami is blazing a path of destruction and revenge and all I can say is, “Ahh, there’s the REAL Sami.”

Lounging in LA – B&B

7-15-14groundhogBy Megs

Well, it’s Groundhog day over at Bold, ya’ll. Same bat time, same bat channel. Which brother will Hope end up with next, which man will beg to be with Brooke next. I’m still wondering why they still call it the Bold and Beautiful instead of The Lifestyles of the Sexaholic and Giggle Britches.

The Crimson Corner – Y&R

7-14-14dogdaysBy CeCe

Well, the dog days of summer are here, and the writers are churning out some doggone crummy stuff for us.  I have just two questions for them.  Do they expect us to all fall in love with Austin, and can they do basic math?


Zero Shades of Gray

By Martini Kitty 

That’s one of the main problems with the flood of newbies in Port Charles.  They are two-dimensional caricatures, either saccharinely good or poisonously bad, with few people who are realistically a little bit of both.  Even returning characters have been stripped to fit in this very limited mold.

Lounging In LA – B&B

7-1-14degreeBy Megs

Short column this week, folks, I had the pleasure of watching a family member graduate from high school and we had a weekend blast as this particular family member is the first one in his line to graduate high school so we were all excited. Some of the people on the show got their honorary degrees last week, too.

Turn It Upside Down – DOOL


6-29-14ejabbyBy Dawn

What a twist. After waiting and wondering whether or not the EJabby affair would come to light, Days throws us a curve ball. And next up to bat was Eve Donovan, who smacked it straight into left field and onto the bottom of my list.

Crazy Nina

50 Shades of Cray

By Martini Kitty

You didn’t think TPTB would hire Michelle Stafford to play someone sane, did you?