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This Can’t End Well – DOOL

1-13-15serenaBy Dawn

Is Serena here to cure more than just Eric’s woe-is-me blues?

Short Fuse – DOOL


By Dawn

Tempers are flaring around these here Salem parts.

Best & Worst 2014: DOOL


Bestworst2BBy Dawn

A look back on the dumb and delicious in Salem in 2014.

Has Everyone Lost Their Minds? – DOOL

11-11-14jjeveBy Dawn

JJ hooks up with Eve – please tell me that didn’t really happen.

Goodbyes – DOOL

10-20-14ejBy Dawn

I’m seriously in two minds about the murder of EJ Dimera, a character I have pretty much loathed through his entire run.

Like a Hurricane! – DOOL

9-29-14chadBy Dawn

Remember darling, sweet Chad? Well he seems to have fallen by the wayside.

Stay Frustrated, My Friends – DOOL


By Dawn

Kristen has always had this startling ability to not only build a better mousetrap, but build a better mouse – and there’s plenty of mice, not men, running around this town.

Stormy – DOOL


8-19-14stormBy Dawn

We already had one vengeful woman stomping around Salem acting like the world owes her something – now we have two of them.

The Crimson Corner – Y&R

8-3-14mariahBy CeCe

Mariah wants to put the make on…..Nick??  Not only is that cringeworthy, it’s pukeworthy.

Point, Counterpoint – DOOL


7-29-14samiBy Dawn

Everyone and their kids are weighing in on Sami’s situation and telling her to pack it in as far as her revenge plans go. But Sami is hurt and when Sami is hurt, bad things must happen.