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Giving Me Pause… -DOOL


2-8-15catBy Dawn

Call this the “what the hell?” portion of our program.

This Can’t End Well – DOOL

1-13-15serenaBy Dawn

Is Serena here to cure more than just Eric’s woe-is-me blues?

Short Fuse – DOOL


By Dawn

Tempers are flaring around these here Salem parts.

Best & Worst 2014: DOOL


Bestworst2BBy Dawn

A look back on the dumb and delicious in Salem in 2014.

Has Everyone Lost Their Minds? – DOOL

11-11-14jjeveBy Dawn

JJ hooks up with Eve – please tell me that didn’t really happen.

Goodbyes – DOOL

10-20-14ejBy Dawn

I’m seriously in two minds about the murder of EJ Dimera, a character I have pretty much loathed through his entire run.

Like a Hurricane! – DOOL

9-29-14chadBy Dawn

Remember darling, sweet Chad? Well he seems to have fallen by the wayside.

Stay Frustrated, My Friends – DOOL


By Dawn

Kristen has always had this startling ability to not only build a better mousetrap, but build a better mouse – and there’s plenty of mice, not men, running around this town.

Stormy – DOOL


8-19-14stormBy Dawn

We already had one vengeful woman stomping around Salem acting like the world owes her something – now we have two of them.

The Crimson Corner – Y&R

8-3-14mariahBy CeCe

Mariah wants to put the make on…..Nick??  Not only is that cringeworthy, it’s pukeworthy.