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Return To Limbo – OLTL


by Ted in LA

The first (?) season of the new One Life To Live comes to an explosive conclusion with four episodes surrounding the events of the Man of the Year gala – We finally meet the mysterious Carl Peterson and see one more shocking familiar face! Read on below to hear about my thoughts on the depressing news of OLTL being put on hold and the last four episodes (for now?) in detail…


Prospect Park to shelve OLTL

oltlcastProspect Park has made the decision to place One Life to Live on hiatus indefinitely until the lawsuit filed against ABC has been resolved, according to the LA Times.

To Everything There Is A Season – OLTL

by Ted in LA

ProspectParkWith the announcement that the Prospect Park shows will now air in "Seasons", once again, fans are left with another change and uncertainty. Read on below to get my take on what this means for the show and for show notes on the last four episodes!

OLTL – At last, DRAMA!

by Ted in LA

Finally after a lame week of shows last month, we’re back on track with some great episodes these past few Soap Mondays! I’m running out of great headline ideas so I’m going to start pulling lines from the two best Soap Opera based movies – Soapdish and Tootsie until I decide to stop. Read on below to hear why I think the last three weeks were a definite improvement…

Are We There Yet? – OLTL

madteaby Ted in LA

After all the dramatic news and reversals and double reversals of the past few weeks, we finally have a week with little “news” to report. This is also (due to the new airing pattern) the third column I’ve worked on in 7 days so it’s a bit of a challenge to come up with something good to talk about to get us started on the new earlier posting schedule. I think it’s time to speculate on where some of the major stories in Llanview are GOING. I think that’s everyone’s main complaint with the show right now, things aren’t getting somewhere fast enough. So click on below and see what I think and this week’s show notes for our first “Soap Monday” episode dump!

OWNing It! – OLTL

OWNby Ted in LA

No matter how late the column is, some news always manages to break just after I post it. After losing their Canadian TV home on FX, the Prospect Park soaps will now get a 10 week run on Oprah’s cable network OWN. For more about that and this week’s shows, keep reading below…

The Valley Saga – AMC

CasshospitalBy Pine Valley Mama

Finally!  Cassandra’s back with her family!  She’s in bad shape, but alive, and her parents are thrilled.  But now Jesse’s on the hook to the Russian mob.


FairmanTOLN (The OnLine Network) announced  a new live interactive radio talker “TOLN SOAPS Live with Michael Fairman,”  the world’s largest social radio network.

Labor Dispute Forces Early Hiatus for AMC & OLTL

duologoThe OnLine Network announced that the planned hiatus for AMC and OLTL would begin earlier than scheduled due to a labor issue.