Is celebrity dirty laundry reliable?

Is celebrity dirty laundry reliable? CDL is the Celebrity Dirty Laundry website. Their spoilers aren’t reliable, more like opinions or speculation passed off as spoilers. Most times what they post never happens. They occasionally get something right, but if you make enough predictions, the law of averages means you will get something right.

What’s next on Bold and the Beautiful? 

Episode #1.25
The Bold and the Beautiful / Upcoming episode

What is soap dirt? Soap Dirt is an entertainment news website with particular focus on reality shows and soap operas.

What’s next on General Hospital? 

Episode 231
General Hospital / Upcoming episode

Who is Nina’s daughter Willow or Nelle?

HOLLYWOOD—We knew the writers on the ABC soap “General Hospital” were heading in this direction, but on April 8, viewers got confirmation that Willow is indeed Nina Reeves daughter! Yes, that means Nelle was Willow’s twin sister and neither woman knew it.

Is Michael Corinthos leaving General Hospital?

ABC has confirmed to that Drew Garrett is leaving the role of Michael Corinthos on General Hospital. Chad Duell (“Wizards of Waverly Place,” “Suite Life on Deck”) will replace Garret beginning April 20.

Is Willow pregnant on GH?

In the June 29 episode, Willow fainted at the Metro Court pool, and Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) rushed her to the hospital. Willow finally learned the reason for her condition. According to, Willow is pregnant. Willow’s pregnancy is exciting news for her and Michael.

Is Morgan coming back to GH?

Though GH fans certainly miss him as Jason Morgan, Burton couldn’t be more thrilled about reprising his role as Harris Michaels — a DOOL character he originated in 1988 and is now reprising for Beyond Salem starting Monday. New episodes will drop each day through next Friday.

Will Lulu return to General Hospital?

But fans of the actor should know that this isn’t the end of her entertainment career. Soap Central reported in January 2022 that the star is back on set — not at “General Hospital,” but on a new project that is still in the early stages of production.

Is Trina leaving GH?

Mikayla chose to leave “GH” and Trina behind so she could focus on her college career. She began attending UCLA in the fall of 2021 and decided she wanted to enjoy the full college experience, something a role on a soap would not give her, as she explained to Soap Opera Digest.

Why does Sam on GH look different?

(CNN) Sam McCall Morgan will temporarily look a bit different on “General Hospital.” That’s because Lindsay Hartley will be stepping into the role to substitute for Kelly Monaco.

Is Valentine leaving General Hospital?

Valentin will be back on the ‘General Hospital’ canvas sometime in March 2022. Stuart initially announced he’d be filming what was then known as Meet the Mayhems back in May 2021. At the time, he told General Hospital fans that he’d be back on the canvas sooner rather than later.

Where did Sydney Mikayla go?

Sydney Mikayla, who assumed the role of Trina Robinson in 2019, has opted to leave the show to focus on academics; she’s currently in her first year at UCLA.

Why did Sydney Makayla leave?

Mikayla left Trina in more than capable hands (as she is currently portrayed by actress Tabyana Ali). In a statement to Soap Opera Digest, the two-time Emmy nominated soap star opened up about her time on “Genera Hospital” and her decision to shift her focus to the college experience.

What character did Lindsey Pearlman play on General Hospital?

General Hospital (TV Series 1963– ) – Lindsey Pearlman as Margaret ‘Maggie’ McMorris – IMDb.

Does Sydney Mikayla have siblings?

Though she is an only child, Mikayla has a dog called Champ.

Is Curtis really Trina’s dad?

The timing may not be right just now, but we’re hoping the writers will eventually circle back to these plot points and reveal that Curtis is indeed the father of Trina. Let us know in the comments if you want to see this storyline finally play out, or if it’s time to move on and chalk it up to another dropped plot.

How old is Sydney mckayla?

19 years (February 1, 2003)
Sydney Mikayla / Age

What age is Eden Mccoy?

19 years (June 10, 2003)
Eden McCoy / Age

What nationality is Eden McCoy?

Eden McCoy / Nationality

Is Jocelyn Carly’s daughter in real life?

Josslyn John Jacks is a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital. She is the daughter of Jasper Jacks and his ex-wife, Carly Corinthos.