Is there a Scottish soap opera?

Is there a Scottish soap opera? High Living was the first soap opera to be produced in Scotland, and was produced by STV. The series was conceived by Henry Hay and episodes were written by Henry Hay and Jack Gerson, (who would later create The Omega Factor).

What is the most popular show in Scotland? 

Top Scottish TV Shows To Binge
  • Shetland. Shetland – This crime drama has been running from 2013 to present.
  • Outlander. Outlander – Series 5 recently dropped and is available for streaming.
  • Two Doors Down.
  • The Nest.
  • Still Game.

What is the Scottish TV show on Netflix? This epic tale adapted from Diana Gabaldon’s popular series of fantasy-romance novels focuses on the drama of two time-crossed lovers.

Is the soap opera Passions still on TV? The final episode was broadcast in August 2008. As of 2021, Passions is the last daytime television soap opera created for American network television.

What is the longest running soap opera?

Coronation Street, the quintessentially British soap opera, holds the official Guinness World Record for being the longest-running / oldest television soap opera in history. The show first premiered in 1960, and has since aired over 10,200 episodes.

Where can I watch Passions TV series?

That terrific web dramedy about a band of struggling Hollywood actors has returned for its second season and is now available via Hulu (

When did the soap opera Passions end?

August 7, 2008
Passions / Final episode date

What channel is Passions on?


What happened to the stars of Passions?

Many of them went on to join popular prime-time TV shows, and some went on to play in well received B-list movies. Many of them continued on to other popular soaps, a few completely changed industries, and some stepped away from acting. See where your favorite stars of Passions ended up below!

How many episodes are there of Passions?

Passions / Number of episodes

Is Passions soap opera on Netflix?

Passions is not available for streaming.

Why did Passions get Cancelled?

Passions was cancelled by NBC in January 2007 because of low ratings. DirecTV made a special arrangement to fund production of the soap and began airing it exclusively in the Fall of 2007, hoping that fans would be willing to subscribe to the satellite TV service or to pay an online subscription fee.

How did Passions soap opera end?

Esme shrieks that her bottle is empty and tells the bride and groom that they must finish the nuptials so she can have more. Ethan and Theresa commit their love to one another, complete the ceremony, and are finally married.

Is Tabitha from Passions still alive?

Tabitha, Timmy, Charity, Miguel, and Kay all survived.

Who did Sheridan end up with on Passions?

One of the most prominent storylines was Beth kidnapping Sheridan’s son Marty and passing him off as hers. Sheridan marries Luis’ brother Antonio Lopez-Fitzgerald (Christopher Douglas); however, she and Luis continue to see each other. After Antonio is presumed dead in a plane crash, Sheridan and Luis reunite.

Who did Miguel end up with on Passions?

On July 21, 2008, Miguel and Kay became husband and wife. After Miguel and Kay got married, the volcano, Mt. Harmony erupted in Harmony. Miguel gave Kay permission to use magic, figure it would do some good for a change.

Do Charity and Miguel end up together?

The real Charity, however, returned in January after hearing about the death of her aunt Grace. After the funeral, Charity left Harmony again. The real Charity and Miguel never made love. If they did, their combined forces of good would destroy the all evil in Harmony, including Tabitha and Endora.

What happened to Miguel on Passions?

The relationship between Miguel and Kay took another twist when Miguel fell off a fishing boat and drowned, but was rescued by a mysterious, young woman named Siren, who was actually a mermaid created by Endora Lenox, Fox’s half-sister.

Was Jesse Metcalfe on Passions?

Metcalfe played the role of Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald on the NBC soap opera Passions from the show’s debut in July 1999. It was announced in March 2004 that he would not be renewing his contract with the series, and his final airdate was in July 2004.

Is Jesse Metcalfe still with Hallmark?

Chesapeake Shores fans were shocked when Jesse Metcalfe announced in April 2021 that he was leaving the Hallmark Channel series.

Is Jesse Metcalfe really a singer?

Jesse Metcalfe isn’t just an actor, he’s also a singer songwriter.