What happened to the soap Loving?

What happened to the soap Loving? On July 4, 1995, ABC officially canceled Loving due to low ratings, and its final episode aired on November 10, 1995. On November 13, 1995, the following Monday, ABC replaced Loving with its spin-off The City, which ran until March 28, 1997.

How did Loving soap opera end? Stacey, Clay, Curtis, Cabot, Isabelle, and Jeremy lost their lives, culminating in the revelation that an insane Gwyn had murdered most of her friends and family in a bid to “make their pain go away.” Gwyn then injected herself with poison before the police could take her into custody.

Who played Ava in the soap opera Loving? When Loving debuted in 1983, the part of earthy Ava Rescott, a construction worker, was played by Patty Lotz.

Who played Curtis Alden on Loving? 

Actor Role(s) Duration
Wesley Addy Cabot Alden 1983–91, 1994–95
Nancy Addison Deborah Brewster Alden 1993–95
Stan Albers Curtis Alden 1989–91
Linden Ashby Curtis Alden 1985–86

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Who played Stacey Forbes on Loving?

Loving (TV Series 1983–1995) – Lauren-Marie Taylor as Stacey Donovan Forbes, Stacey Donovan – IMDb.