What is the latest soap opera?

What is the latest soap opera? Today, only four of them remain — The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS), Days of Our Lives (NBC), General Hospital (ABC), and The Young and the Restless (CBS). Their ratings are a fraction of what they used to be, even just a few years ago, so it can feel like they’re on borrowed time.

What is next on the bold and beautiful?


Episode #1.25
The Bold and the Beautiful / Upcoming episode


Who is the new guy on General Hospital? Cody Bell made his debut on GENERAL HOSPITAL in the June 1 episode in dramatic fashion, and some soap fans might find the guy a little familiar, particularly if they’re an ABC Daytime fan.

Are there any daytime soap opera’s left? The move left just three soap operas remaining on network TV: ABC’s “General Hospital,” and CBS’s “The Young and the Restless” and “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

Who is the richest soap opera star?

1. Lauralee Bell – $200 million. Taking the top spot is a true member of soap opera royalty — Lauralee Bell is a long-serving cast member of “The Young and the Restless” as well as the daughter of the couple who created it.

What is the number 1 soap opera?

1. Guiding Light. The first entry on our list is Guiding Light, which is an American daytime TV drama that had the largest number of episodes while it ran.

What is the oldest daytime soap opera?

The longest-running current television soap is Coronation Street, which was first broadcast on ITV in 1960, with the record for the longest running soap opera in history being held by Guiding Light, which began on radio in 1937, transitioned to television in 1952, and ended in 2009.

Do soap operas have reruns?

CBS isn’t the only network facing a soaps shortage. ABC’s General Hospital has been adding classic footage from past episodes into new installments in order to make stockpiled episodes last longer, while also airing classic reruns once a week.

What is the longest running daytime soap opera?

The longest running soap opera (TV and radio) is Procter & Gamble Productions’ ‘Guiding Light‘ (CBS, USA). It began as a radio serial on January 25 1937 and was subsequently broadcast on television from 30 June 1952 until 18 September 2009.

What characters are leaving Days of Our Lives in 2021?

Actors Robert Scott Wilson (Ben) and Victoria Konefal (Ciara) will both be leaving Days of Our Lives. Soap Opera Digest is reporting the duo will be exiting the series but fans will still be able to see the pair in the upcoming second installment of Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem.

Who is leaving on Days of Our Lives in 2022?

Ben Weston & Ciara Brady

Reports of Ben Weston and Ciara Brady’s departure from Days of Our Lives made headlines in April 2022. Their storyline during season 57 of the show is full of twists and turns.

Are John and Marlena leaving the show 2022?

This Friday, January 23, John and Marlena will officially leave Salem.

Is Abe Carver leaving days?

James Reynolds, aka Abe Carver, is leaving Days of Our Lives after his character died. His departure from the soap reflects the nostalgic feeling of coming to an end of an era. The episode of Abe dying is yet to be aired; some spoilers have confirmed the death.

Why is Loni leaving Days?

The reason for Eli Grant’s departure from Days Of Our Lives revealed. She began in her role as Lani Price on the soap opera back in 2015. “As an artist, there just comes a time when you want to try to see what else you’re capable of doing,” she told the outlet of saying goodbye after seven years on the show.

Is Lonnie leaving Days of Our Lives June 2022?

After six years as Lani, the actress took her leave of Salem in the summer of 2022. And making her exit an even bigger blow to fans was the fact that just as she was exiting, so was…

Why is Loni and Eli leaving Days of Our Lives?

Lani faced life in prison but reached a plea deal with DA Melinda Trask (Laura Kai Chen). Lani was transferred to a facility in D.C. and Eli decided to move there to be close to her. The couple shared one last goodbye with their family and friends before leaving Salem on July 1st.

Is hope coming back to Days of Our Lives?

Cut to July 2022, Alfonso is set to reprise her role of Hope Williams Brady opposite former leading man Peter Reckell in the second installment of Days offshoot Beyond Salem (premiering July 11 on Peacock). But the soap legend insists her return does not contradict her previous statements.

What actor is leaving Days of Our Lives?

Kristian Alfonso isn’t Taylor Swift. The soap star claims she didn’t sing “We are never, ever, ever getting back together” when it came to her leave from Days of Our Lives. But now, there’s a twist to that story. Alfonso left Days in 2020 after a 37-year stint.

Is Detective Grant leaving days?

In the midst of the drama that took place in the latter part of the 57th season, it was revealed that Eli Grant was also scheduled to leave Days Of Our Lives. Eli, portrayed by Lamon Archey, and his exit from DAYS comes on the heels of his wife Lani Price’s murder confession.

Is Lonnie and Eli leaving days?

Prepare to say goodbye to Lani and Eli as Sal Stowers and Lamon Archey are leaving DAYS OF OUR LIVES. In their newest issue, Soap Opera Digest is reporting that the pair have opted to exit the NBC soap and Stowers will last air on Friday, July 1, with Archey’s final appearance also being that same week.

Is Eli being written out of Days of Our Lives?

“They ultimately made the decision that they couldn’t keep me on recurring status and that was that,” he added. With how his character was written off the show, Lamon said he definitely “would have done something different.”