What soap opera is on NBC?

What soap opera is on NBC? Days of Our Lives is set to become a streaming exclusive, and the decision to pull it from TV is upsetting its passionate fan base. The long-running soap opera has been on NBC for almost 57 years, but from September 12, 2022, it will be broadcast exclusively on Peacock.

Is Days of Our Lives ending 2022? It had the lowest ratings of the four remaining soap operas in the 2021-2022 season. In 2021, NBC renewed the program for two years, taking it into 2023.

What soap operas are still on 2022? As longtime television viewers know, soap operas filled the networks’ daytime schedules. Today, only four of them remain — The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS), Days of Our Lives (NBC), General Hospital (ABC), and The Young and the Restless (CBS).

Is the soap opera Days of Our Lives being Cancelled? The show is not being cancelled – it will be available for streaming on Peacock in September. A popular soap opera won’t be available on NBC’s network anymore. On Wednesday, NBC announced that they have made the decision to remove “Days of our Lives” from their network and move it to stream exclusively on Peacock.

Is NBC dropping Days of Our Lives?

Days of Our Lives Makes a Historic Move to Peacock After 57 Years on NBC. The 58-time Emmy Award-winning drama is coming to Peacock September 12th. After 57 years on NBC, Day of Our Lives is officially moving to the streaming platform Peacock for fall 2022.

Is NBC Days of Our Lives going off the air?

Legendary daytime show “Days of Our Lives” is leaving broadcast for streaming. The long-running soap will depart NBC for its streaming service Peacock starting Sept. 12, it was announced Wednesday.

Will Days of Our Lives be on during the Olympics 2022?

“Days of Our Lives” will return with new episodes on Monday, Feb. 21. The temporary break is happening nationwide, and the show’s storylines will pick up right where they left off on Friday, February 4. Copyright 2022 Scripps Media, Inc.

What soap opera is Cancelled?

After facing the threat of cancellation to kick off February, the end has officially come for Neighbours. The legendary Australian soap opera ran for 37 seasons and some 9000 episodes but ends after losing its primary source of funding.

What’s happening with Days of Our Lives?

NBCUniversal Television and Streaming chairman, Mark Lazarus, announced Wednesday that the 57-year-old daytime drama (aka, soap opera) was leaving NBC for its streaming service Peacock starting Sept. 12, which would benefit both Peacock and NBC.

Is John and Marlena leaving Days?

This Friday, January 23, John and Marlena will officially leave Salem. Whether fans agree or disagree with Days of Our Lives’ controversial decision to axe the popular duo, there’s no denying the supercouple will be gone after Friday.

Is Abe Carver leaving Days?

James Reynolds, aka Abe Carver, is leaving Days of Our Lives after his character died. His departure from the soap reflects the nostalgic feeling of coming to an end of an era. The episode of Abe dying is yet to be aired; some spoilers have confirmed the death.

Are Chad and Abigail leaving Days?

On the other, they were keen to further explore Abigail and Chad’s bond. In the end, they decided to kill off Abigail. “For us and for the audience, it’s always heartbreaking for a character to die because we love these characters, and they are part of our lives and part of our family,” Ron said.

Is Abigail coming back to Days of Our Lives?

“We’ll see,” she said. “It depends on what’s going on in my life. I never say never, but I’m not coming back next year.”

Why was Abigail written off Days of Our Lives?

“You sign a contract, they buy your time, and that’s the gig. They’ve got things they need to do, too.” Unable to continue playing Abby on contract while also pursuing other opportunities, the actress offered to go to recurring status with DAYS, but that ultimately didn’t work out.

Why did Marcy leave Days of Our Lives?

Revealing how she’s had to decline other acting opportunities due to being on contract at “DAYS,” Miller notes, “There were a couple of times last year where I was offered a couple of films that I’d auditioned for and unfortunately had to turn them down after I’d worked to get them because the show couldn’t accommodate

Is Lonnie leaving Days of Our Lives?

During the Friday, July 1, episode, she made her last appearance on the program. In reference to her character leaving the series, Lani’s actress Sal Stowers spoke out about Lani’s departure from Days. She told the Dishin’ Days podcast: “I’m going to miss telling her story. I genuinely love her story.

Why did Lanie leave Days of Our Lives?

The reason for Eli Grant’s departure from Days Of Our Lives revealed. She began in her role as Lani Price on the soap opera back in 2015. “As an artist, there just comes a time when you want to try to see what else you’re capable of doing,” she told the outlet of saying goodbye after seven years on the show.

Who is leaving Days of Our Lives July 2022?

Sal Stowers

After six years as Lani, the actress took her leave of Salem in the summer of 2022.

Is Lani on Days of Our Lives married in real life?

Eli Grant and Lani Price Grant are a couple from the soap opera Days of Our Lives, portrayed by Lamon Archey and Sal Stowers. The couple is often referred to by the portmanteau Elani.

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Eli and Lani Grant
Born 1982 (Eli) November 10, 1987 (Lani)

Is Nicole and Daniel together in real life?

In an exclusive, candid interview with E! News, Nicole revealed that she and Daniel are no longer together. “A little over a month after filming, he officially broke up with me,” Nicole said. “I was heartbroken.

Is Brady Black on Days of Our Lives married in real life?

Kyle Lowder played Brady Black and Arianne Zucker played Nicole Walker. They fell in love and got married in 2002.