What soap star died recently?

What soap star died recently? Robyn Griggs, an actor who was known for starring on the soap operas “Another World” and “One Life to Live,” has died. She was 49. The news of Griggs’ death was confirmed in a statement on her Facebook page Saturday. “Hi everyone, With a heavy heart, I am saddened to announce Robyn’s passing,” the statement began.

Who died from the soap opera? As The World Turns star Marnie Schulenburg has died, aged 37, from stage four metastatic breast cancer, says her representative Kyle Luker.

What soap star just died at 37? Actress Marnie Schulenburg has died after stage 4 metastatic breast cancer complications. She was 37. Schulenburg was most famously known for her roles on the soap opera “As the World Turns” and on the reboot of “One Life to Live.”

Who died recently in Emmerdale? Actor Sam Gannon who played Kev in Emmerdale dies suddenly in California. An actor who appeared in Emmerdale has died suddenly while in the United States. Sam Gannon, 31, who played Kev in the Yorkshire soap in 2019, was staying with family in Willows, California, when he died.

Has someone died in Emmerdale?

Former Emmerdale actor Sam Gannon has died while travelling in the United States, his family has said. Mr Gannon, 31, who played Kev in the soap in 2019, died suddenly while visiting relatives in California. His family has launched a crowdfunding page to bring his body back home to Selby, North Yorkshire.

Who dies in Emmerdale This Week 2022?

Actor Andy Devine has died at the age of 79. His death has only now been made public, after he passed away on January 27, 2022.

Which Emmerdale actor died recently 2021?

British actor Sam Gannon – who appeared in TV soap Emmerdale – has died suddenly while travelling in the U.S., his family has announced. Gannon, aged 31, was visiting relatives in California when he passed away, his family revealed.

Who was murdered in Emmerdale?

Nadine Butler

Not much is known about Nadine – and she’s never appeared on screen – but she was Meena’s best friend in the past and what turned out to be her first murder victim. Meena first mentioned her friend Nadine to Diane Sugden, but said her pal had killed herself.

What EastEnders star has died?

Mona Hammond, best known for playing the matriarch of the Jackson clan, Blossom Jackson, in the BBC soap EastEnders, has died aged 91.

How old is Mona Hammond?

91 years (1931–2022)
Mona Hammond / Age at death

What happened to Mark in EastEnders?

In April 2004, Martin receives a telephone call from Mark’s nurse, informing him that Mark has died from an AIDS-related form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. His body is returned to Walford and he is given a heart-felt send-off by the residents.

Has Melanie Clark Pullen died?

March 29, 2022
Melanie Clark Pullen / Date of death

How old is Melanie Clark Pullen?

46 years (1975–2022)
Melanie Clark Pullen / Age at death

Is June Brown still alive?

June Brown / Date of death

What happened to Mary in EastEnders?

EastEnders star Melanie Clark Pullen, who played Mary Flaherty, has died of cancer aged 46. The mum of three was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2019.

What happened to Annie in EastEnders?

To get back at him, she sells her health-club shares to Grant instead of him, but it is a hollow victory and in June 1999 she leaves Walford. She currently lives with her father in New Zealand, where his import/export business is based.

What happened to Ruth in EastEnders?

Ruth’s exit storyline surrounded the break-up of her marriage to Mark Fowler (Todd Carty). In the storyline, Ruth had an affair with Mark’s cousin Conor Flaherty (Sean Gleeson), which left her pregnant. The character departed in February 1999 to be a single mother, with Paterson saying she was relieved to be leaving.

Did Ian Beale marry Mel?

Melanie “Mel” Owen (also Healy and Beale) is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Tamzin Outhwaite.

Mel Owen.

In-universe information
Sisters Katie Healy
Husband Ian Beale (1999–2001) Steve Owen (2001–2002) Ray Kelly (offscreen, void; 2019, void)
Sons Hunter Owen

Who is leaving EastEnders 2022?

When is Mick Carter leaving? Christmas 2022. This is the big one. Pub landlord Mick Carter will depart Albert Square later this year after actor Danny Dyer quit the soap after eight years, having debuted in late 2013.

Who shot Ian Beale?

Storylines. John is a professional hitman, hired by Cindy Beale to kill her husband Ian. He shoots Ian on 7 October 1996, but fails to kill him, leaving him wounded in hospital. Ian fails to identify his assailant, but Valecue is later arrested for another failed shooting.

Why did Sharon poison Ian Beale?

This is the reason Sharon has been poisoning Ian on EastEnders: revenge for Denny’s death. By poisoning Ian, she is hoping to get away with murder but make Ian pay the ultimate price for taking her son’s life.