What stores do celebrities shop at?

What stores do celebrities shop at? High-end stores like Kitson, Chanel and Intermix are all celeb faves. Paul Rudd, Serena Williams, Sharon Stone, Kathy Griffin, Ben Stiller, Paris Hilton, Lauren Conrad, Katherine Heigl, Jessica Alba and of course, the Kardashian/Jenner clan are just a few of the stars that have strolled these few blocks.

Do celebrities do their own shopping? While there are certainly some celebrities who choose not to go out and buy their own groceries, plenty of famous folks actually like heading to their local supermarkets to pick out their favorite foods. Take Naomi Campbell, for example.

Where do famous people go grocery shopping? One place in particular I’ve noticed a ton of celebs shopping at is an organic grocery store called “Erewhon.” “Erewhon” is basically “Nowhere” spelled backward (almost), btw. It’s basically a Whole Foods on speed.

Do celebrities go to Walmart? Stars like Beyoncé, Selena Gomez and Jessica Alba all have been seen shopping at discount retailers — and they’re not the only ones. These 45 stars have all shopped at Costco, Target or Walmart — so you might just run into one of them on your next shopping trip.

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Do celebrities go to malls?

They live among us—those people we see on the silver screen and on our home screens—winning awards or landing in the gossip pages and TMZ. Some shop at the same grocery stores, malls and boutiques, eat in the same restaurants, and even get their prescriptions filled at CVS—just like us.

Do celebs shop at Target?

Several famous actors, musicians, and reality TV stars shop at Target. Some of these celebrities shop at Target for household items, while others shop for clothes. Two famous actors even shop at Target together.