What was the name of the Kinks rock opera?

What was the name of the Kinks rock opera? 

Soap Opera or The Kinks Present a Soap Opera is a 1975 concept album by the Kinks.

Soap Opera (album)

Soap Opera
Recorded August 1974 – October 1974
Studio Konk, London
Genre Glam rock
Length 37:30

How many No 1 did the Kinks have? Their hit singles included three UK number-one singles, starting in 1964 with “You Really Got Me”; plus 18 Top 40 singles in the 1960s alone and further Top 40 hits in the 1970s and 1980s.

Who was inspired by the Kinks? The Kinks have influenced the likes of The Ramones, The Clash, Van Halen, Pete Townshend (The Who), Brian May (Queen) and even The Beatles.

Did the Kinks disband? Ray Davies and Dave Davies of the Kinks perform in London. The Kinks split up in 1996, and there’s many reasons fans doubted they’d ever get together again. Bassist Peter Quaife died in 2010.

Which one of the Kinks died?

Ian Gibbons of The Kinks has passed away at the age of 67, his bandmates have confirmed. The keyboardist was praised for his “positive attitude”, following his death on Thursday (August 1) at his home. Gibbons was a member of The Kinks from 1979 to 1996.

Why was the Kinks banned from America?

We asked the American Federation of Musicians why it issued that prolonged ban but the union refused to comment. “The reason we got banned was a mixture of bad agency, bad management, bad luck, and bad behavior,” Davies explained at a book signing last year. “So we deserved everything we got.

Did the Kinks influence The Beatles?

The relationship between The Beatles and The Kinks is a peculiar one. Remarkably, the two bands only played a handful of shows together, but these meetings proved to be instrumental in the latter’s growth. Although they were never close associates, there was an undeniable mutual appreciation between the two acts.

Who came first The Beatles or the Kinks?

The MOJO 20th Anniversary cover: how You Really Got Me saved Ray Davies – read the full story inside! This intense rivalry is something that Ray Davies felt first hand in 1964 when fledgling Kinks – then with just two minor hits under their belts – supported The Beatles, already the biggest band in the world.

Are the Kinks still banned in the US?

The Kinks found themselves on the receiving end of a four-year ban from touring in the States sanctioned by the American Federation of Musicians. The banning severely hampered the band’s career across the pond as once they were allowed to tour again tastes had drastically changed.

How much are the Kinks worth?

Ray Davies Net Worth: Ray Davies is an English rock musician who was the lead singer and songwriter for the rock band The Kinks. Ray Davies has a net worth of $12 million.

Ray Davies Net Worth.

Net Worth: $12 Million
Height: 5 ft 11 in (1.822 m)
Profession: Singer, Musician, Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Songwriter
Nationality: England

Why did the Kinks fall out?

The legendary punk rock group originally split up in 1996 after tensions hit an all-time high between Ray and his brother Dave Davies. But in a new interview with Channel 4 News, The Kinks’ frontman has stated that he is “making a new Kinks album” with Dave and drummer Mick Avory.

How did the Kinks get their name?

Avory had a background in jazz drumming and had played one gig with the fledgling Rolling Stones. Around this period, the Ravens decided on a new, permanent name: the Kinks. Numerous explanations of the name’s genesis have been offered. In Jon Savage’s analysis, they “needed a gimmick, some edge to get them attention.

What are the Kinks famous for?

the Kinks, influential 1960s British Invasion group who infused their rhythm-and-blues beginnings with sharp social observation and the theatricality of the British music hall, becoming an English archetype.

What a Kinks means?

1 : a short tight twist or curl caused by a doubling or winding of something upon itself. 2a : a mental or physical peculiarity : eccentricity, quirk. b : whim. 3 : a clever unusual way of doing something.

How many of the kinks are still alive?

Dave Davies, who played guitar for the Kinks, suffered a stroke in June 2004. Despite these issues, Ray emphasised the band’s general good health. “The amazing thing is that the Kinks are the only band of that period where the only original members are still alive,” he said.

Will the Kinks tour in 2022?

Unfortunately there are no concert dates for Dave Davies of the Kinks scheduled in 2022.

Are the Kinks together?

After years of silence, Dave Davies has confirmed that The Kinks are coming out of the woodwork and getting into the recording studio together. Throughout decades of reunion pleas, The Kinks have remained a band that broke up and stayed broken up.

What are the Kinks doing today?

The Kinks continue to issue expanded 50th anniversary editions of their late ’60s and early ’70s output. In December 2020, that meant their 1970 Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One concept album. In 2018, they released an expanded edition of The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society.

Will the kinks reform?

The Kinks have reformed and are recording new material 20 years after they split, according to their frontman. Ray Davies said he and his two surviving bandmates, his brother Dave and drummer Mick Avory, have been “making a new Kinks album”. When asked about reuniting he said: “Officially we arein the pub later on.”

Are the kinks in the Hall of Fame?

The Davies brothers’ constant feuds became the stuff of legend over the years, although they were on good behavior when The Kinks were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1990.

Is Ray Davies of the Kinks still alive?

Sir Raymond Douglas Davies CBE (/ˈdeɪvɪz/ DAY-viz; born 21 June 1944) is an English singer, songwriter and musician.

Ray Davies.

Sir Ray Davies CBE
Occupation(s) Musician singer-songwriter record producer
Instrument(s) Vocals guitar harmonica keyboards
Years active 1960–present
Formerly of The Kinks