Who is the most controversial celebrity in the world?

Who is the most controversial celebrity in the world? 

If there’s one thing celebrities are good at, it’s controversy and scandal.

22 Most Controversial Celebrities of the Decade

  1. Kim Kardashian. kimkardashian.
  2. Rihanna. badgalriri.
  3. Miley Cyrus. mileycyrus.
  4. Lady Gaga.
  5. Kanye West.
  6. Justin Bieber.
  7. Taylor Swift.
  8. Kylie Jenner.

Who is the most criticized person in history? Former US President George W Bush is by far Wikipedia’s most controversial person. His page has been revised 45,866 times over the past 15 years – 63% more than the next most-edited people: Michael Jackson and Jesus (over 28,000 edits each).

Who is a controversial figure? If you describe something or someone as controversial, you mean that they are the subject of intense public argument, disagreement, or disapproval.

Is there any Filipino in Hollywood? The presence of Filipinos in Hollywood isn’t just limited to actors and actresses. There are also a few Pinoy filmmakers making their mark as well, and one of those filmmakers is Marie Jamora.

Who has Filipino blood?

She passed away in 2013 because of a brain aneurysm.
  • Vanessa Hudgens. Vanessa is an actress and a singer.
  • Olivia Rodrigo. This rising pop star is only 18, but is making waves in the music industry.
  • Nicole Scherzinger.
  • Hailee Steinfeld.
  • Dave Bautista.
  • Bella Poarch.
  • Enrique Iglesias.
  • Jacob Batalon.

Who is the most famous Filipino?

Famous Filipinos: Past and present
  • Jose Rizal. Along with Andrés Bonifacio and Apolinario Mabini (pictured above), Jose Rizal is widely considered one of the greatest heroes of the Philippines.
  • Manila Luzon.
  • Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.
  • Manny Pacquiao.
  • Josefa Llanes Escoda.
  • Lea Salonga.
  • Gloria Diaz.
  • Tim Tebow.

Who was the first Filipino actor?

Rudy Robles (born Pastor Lluviosa Robles, 29 April 1910 – 11 August 1970) was a Filipino film and television actor. He was one of the first Filipino actors to appear in Hollywood movies.

Rudy Robles
Other names Ruby Robles
Occupation Actor
Years active 1939–1956

Who is the most followed person on Instagram in Philippines?

Below is our list of the top 15 Filipina celebrities with the most Instagram followers.
  • Nadine Lustre (@nadine) 10.2 million followers.
  • Bea Alonzo (@beaalonzo) 9.4 million followers.
  • Loisa Andalio (@iamandalioloisa) 9.3 million followers.
  • Maja Salvador (@iammajasalvador) 9.2 million followers.

Who is the most followed Filipino on TikTok?

As of June 2, 2022, Niana Guerrero was the most followed TikTok account holder in the Philippines with 29.1 million followers. Niana Guerrero is a dancer and social media personality known for her dance covers. Other popular TikTok account holders were actress Andrea Brillantes and Sanya Lopez.

Who is most followed on TikTok?


Who is the No 1 Instagram followers in world?

Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano)

And even moreso if you were Cristiano Ronaldo and you recently became the first human to break 400 million followers on Instagram.

Who is the most-followed female on Instagram?

Most-followed accounts

Kylie Jenner is the most-followed woman on Instagram, with over 366 million followers. Selena Gomez is the most-followed musician and actress on Instagram, with over 342 million followers.

Who is the 2nd most-followed person on Instagram?

Highest followers on Instagram in World
SN Instagram Account Followers [In Million]
1. Instagram 544445621 [544.45 M]
2. Cristiano Ronaldo 477409509 [477.41 M]
3. Kylie Jenner 367201604 [367.2 M]
4. Lionel Messi 358425276 [358.43 M]

Who is the most-followed person in Facebook?

Cristiano Ronaldo is currently the most-followed individual on Facebook, with over 151 million followers.

Who is the most famous person on social media?

Instagram accounts with the most followers worldwide 2022. Cristiano Ronaldo has one of the most popular Instagram accounts as of June 2022. The Portuguese footballer is the most-followed person on the photo sharing app platform with 455 million followers, up from 440 million in April 2022.

Who is most followed on Snapchat?

With over 7 million subscribers, Gigi Hadid (aka Jelena Noura Hadid) is one of the top Snapchat influencers to follow. Modeling clearly runs in the family. Her mother is a former Dutch model and both her younger siblings are also models.

What is the most liked page on Facebook?

The most likes on a Facebook page is 172,823,730 and was achieved by Facebook App, as verified on 23 March 2022. Facebook App is the page with the most likes on Facebook, followed by Samsung (161,770,075) and Cristiano Ronaldo (151,019,304).

What are the top 2 most followed Facebook pages?

Most-followed Facebook pages
Rank Page name Followers (millions)
1 Facebook App 181
2 Samsung 161
3 Cristiano Ronaldo 152
4 Mr. Bean 130

Who has the most likes on Instagram?

The most liked image on Instagram is a photo of an egg, and was achieved by the Instagram account “world_record_egg” posted by the Egg Gang, with 55,746,040 likes, as of 1 February 2022.

Which is most liked photo on Facebook?

“Four more years.” The picture above, posted to Barack Obama’s Facebook profile around 11:15 p.m. Tuesday, is now Facebook’s most-liked photo of all time, with more than 3.2 million “likes” and counting.

What is the most viewed video on Facebook?

Video Number 1: Most Viewed Video On Facebook

It is a short 3-minute clip of the 2021 movie Godzilla vs. Kong. This video has grasped over 199 million views.