Who were the characters on One Life to Live?

Who were the characters on One Life to Live? 

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What happened to the soap opera One Life to Live? After nearly 43 years on the air, ABC canceled One Life to Live on April 14, 2011. On July 7, 2011, production company Prospect Park announced that it would continue the show as a web series after its run on ABC, but later suspended the project.

Who was the priest on One Life to Live? Storyline. Homophobia is stirred in fictional Llanview in early 1992 with new arrivals to town Reverend Andrew Carpenter (Wortham Krimmer), and Andrew’s father and retired army general Sloan Carpenter (Roy Thinnes).

Who played a doctor on One Life to Live? Tommy Lee Jones. This actor of Men in Black and The Fugitive fame spent the first half of the 1970s appearing on One Life to Live, playing Dr. Mark Toland.

What happened to Dorian on One Life to Live?

However, Joe becomes wise to Dorian’s schemes and swears her out of his life. Dorian continues to live at the Lord landed estate, Llanfair after Victor’s death, while Viki and Joe lived in the carriage house.

Where is Erika Slezak now?

Erika Slezak, who played the role of Victoria Lord, is one of the best-known actors from One Life to Live. And while she’s mostly retired from acting, she did have a small film appearance in Guest Artist, opposite Jeff Daniels, in 2020.

Is Vicky alive from life to live?

For her portrayal of Viki, she has won six Daytime Emmy Awards, the most of any daytime drama actress.

Erika Slezak
Years active 1971–present
Known for Victoria Lord
Television One Life to Live
Spouse(s) Robert Daniel Mooney ​ ​ ( m. 1968⁠–⁠1971)​ Brian Davies ​ ​ ( m. 1978)​

How old is Kristen Alderson?

31 years (May 29, 1991)
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What happened to Victoria Lord?

In 1976, Victor suffers a heart attack and dies after wife Dorian denies him medication, and in his wake Dorian wreaks havoc on the Lord family. Viki and Joe have a son, Kevin Lord Riley, who is soon kidnapped by jealous Cathy Craig Lord (then Jennifer Harmon), but is later returned.

How old is Erika Slezak?

76 years (August 5, 1946)
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How old is Victoria Lord?


Who played the Buchanans on One Life to Live?

Duke Buchanan
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Matthew Metzger (2004–06) (and infant child actors)
Duration 1992–94, 2004–06
First appearance June 29, 1992

What was the soap opera with Victoria?

Victoria Newman is a fictional character from The Young and the Restless, an American soap opera on the CBS network. Created by William J. Bell, she is currently portrayed by Amelia Heinle. Victoria was born onscreen in 1982 and was portrayed by child actress Ashley Nicole Millan for her first eight years.

What happened Victoria Rowell?

In 2015, Rowell sued CBS and Sony Pictures Television (producer of “The Young and the Restless”) over allegations of retaliation, claiming she was “impoverished and blackballed because she had chosen to speak out against the discrimination and injustice that she had endured and witnessed happen to other African

Who is Victoria Rowell husband?

Victoria Rowell/Husband

Is Victoria Rowell still married?

Rowell married artist Radcliffe Bailey in a star-studded ceremony in 2009. Victoria Rowell and her husband of four years, Radcliffe Bailey have called it quits, TMZ is reporting.

What is Victoria Rowell nationality?

Victoria Rowell / Nationality

How old is Drucilla Winters?

Drucilla Winters
Gender Female
Born July 18,1966
Died April 6, 2007
Age 40

Is Drucilla coming back to Y&R?

When the outlet asked her in 2020 whether she’d like to resurrect Dru, she put it quite simply. “She never died,” Rowell claimed. “The character[‘s fate] was left nebulous and open-ended.”

Who is Victoria Rowell mother?

Dorothy Rowell
Victoria Rowell / Mother

Does Victoria Rowell have a daughter?

Maya Fahey
Victoria Rowell / Daughter